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Out of the Mouths of Horses – Wise Words for Us All

Copper's Current Herd Mates, Gabriel (l) and Bella (r)

Copper's Herd Mates, Gabriel (l) and Bella (r)

So. After my last post,  let’s go back to Copper to see if he has pondered long enough to come up with a comment for the blog:

“Copper, what would you like to say to everyone? Are you ready? Have you had enough time to ponder this question?”

“Yup. Like I already told you: I’m old and I’m wise and I love and appreciate my peers,” Copper replied, swinging his head around to look at his herd mates on the word ‘peers.’ “Everyone should be like this.”

“Can you say a little more about what you mean?”

“I mean, everyone should appreciate their fellow beings, pay attention to them, follow them, stay with them, be a part of them. This would alleviate much of the suffering in the world.”

“How so?”

“Because when you focus on someone else you don’t feel so much of all the things that are wrong with yourself.”

“Do you mean like aches and pains?”

“And worries. Worries is the important part. You know.”

“I do. I get your drift. And yours are wise words indeed, and I will gladly pass them on for all to consider. I hope you know you are just about the most highly revered and respected being on this property. Do you know that?”

“Who’s more?”

“No one. I mean, everyone is important in their own way, but I guess I should say you are THE most revered and respected, and it does indeed have much to do with your seniority and life experience. You have always showed great integrity in all your dealings, and yet have never been afraid to show your fears and weaknesses.”

Shuffling his feet and feeling a bit shy from the compliment, “Gee.”

“We all love you very, very much, and thank you for passing on your thoughts to others. And thank you for being you.”


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“What’s a Blog???”

Copper at 30. I know . . . unbelievable. He looks like he's 3.

Copper at 30. I know . . . unbelievable. He looks like he's 3.

This morning I went out to the barn and asked Copper what he would like to say to everybody in my blog. He’s been waiting to record his thoughts and philosophies on life for a long time now, and I’m the only person he has to dictate them to, but I’m often not available for that particular task so he just has to wait patiently. Which he does.

Copper is my 31-year-old Quarter Horse. He was kind of a hand-me-down many years ago from a neighbor who had no more use for him. He’s the oldest and wisest among us on this little homestead, and he could teach those equine Parelli students a thing or two. He’ll walk over anything, stand anywhere, talk to anybody, and he always minds. He is the only horse here who is allowed to roam totally free, no fences and no strings attached, because he knows a good thing when he’s got it and why would he ever want to go anywhere? He gets to eat three times a day, plus he has many fans who like to visit and shower him with attention and carrots. And oh. He kisses. On the lips.

So back to the question: “Copper, what would you like to say to everybody in my blog?”

Pause …………….

“What’s a blog??????” he asked.

I described a blog as best I could, and he told me he would ponder this question and get back to me on it.

Stay tuned.

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Let it Snow!

Bed Buddy

Bed Buddy

Whether to hope it keeps up or stops, that is the question. After all, it IS March 28th yet we seem to be getting a winter’s worth of the white stuff as we speak. It was first announced by my bed buddy, Tucker (aka a “cheeweenie,” or, for those who may never have come across that term before: a chihuahua/dachscund mix). Anyway, Tucker hopped off the bed to head out the doggie door for his morning constitutional and came roaring back about 10 seconds later screaming for me to get up and look outside. “Mom! Mom! It’s snowing!” he yelled, as he raced back out and started bounding through snow deeper than he is tall. Even though Tucker tends toward cold, and wears a jacket most winter days, snow is his favorite thing in the world, and when he’s in it he’s so pumped he doesn’t need anything else to keep him warm.

And so the day went. No deep conversations. Just lots of yelling about the snow. Horses slipping and sliding. Me slipping and sliding too. It’s lovely. It’s fabulous. And, being desert rats (or desert cheeweenies), we need the moisture to get the spring really popping! So yay!

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