Penelope Smith Comes to Dinner!

Penlope (l) and Leta (r) in front of one of Susan Hertel's paintings

Penelope (l) and Leta (r) in front of one of Susan Hertel's paintings

Yesterday was a great day. In many respects. Not the least of which was the fact that Penelope Smith, the preeminent forerunner of animal communication in our country, came to dinner! At my house! In Cerrillos, New Mexico!

There is a story here. But first you should know that Penelope is one of my teachers; I studied with her many years ago to learn how to become an instructor of animal communication. I learned then that she is unique in all the world and an incredible leader and figurehead in this profession. Ever since that time I have maintained a listing in her directory of animal communicators around the world and am a regular subscriber to her quarterly journal.

Second . . . and this is the most amazing part: Penelope stayed here, at what is now my home, and walked this land, 18 years ago. Here’s the first part of the story, in brief.

In the early 90’s Penelope taught a class in animal communication in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was attended by a renowned artist named Susan Hertel.  Susan invited Penelope to stay with her at her newly-built pueblo home in Cerrillos, just south of Santa Fe. They became great friends and spiritually bonded.

Counterpoint: In 1987, just before my first trip to Santa Fe, NM, I saw a small print of horses in a snowstorm on the bedroom wall of a friend. I was spellbound and asked who the artist was . . . . Susan Hertel of course. So when I got to Santa Fe I sought out the gallery that represented Susan and went and gazed in awe at her work. I did that every time I visited Santa Fe in the following decade. Susan painted horses, on a life-size scale, as her most primary subject, and, being nothing if not a horse devotee and lover, these paintings left me speechless. Besides which, I had always wanted to paint and wished I could be like, and could paint like, Susan. And I always felt like I knew her.

How I ended up buying Susan’s property is the next part of the story, but the lovely thing right now is how Penelope ended up here last night, for dinner, and for a re-walk of Susan’s sacred land. It was fabulous. We all loved it. And I feel the land and myself are all the more blessed because of it.

Glory be to those powers that be that somehow bring together all the magical synchronicities of life! (Also called “coincidences” — NOT!   Read: “CO-incidences” —- don’t you think that word really means things that are supposed to happen together, not that happen by accident? I sure do!

Ciao Bella . . . to a beautiful day!


For the NEXT part of the story — the amazing way I ended up here:

Miracles Really DO Happen — at least they do to me . . .


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  1. 1

    Kirk Delman said,

    Dear Leta,
    I read your blog about Susan, her/your home, painting and love of art. I thought that you might be interested in knowing that tonight there is an opening of Sue’s work (renderings in gouache for murals that she did while working for Millard Sheets) here in Claremont. The gallery sadly doesn’t have anything up on the web but I would be happy to have them send you images of the work (I took them for Kevin O’Connor, son of Denis O’Connor) who is selling them. Some are quite beautiful. I have no idea what they are selling for but will know in a couple of hours.

    I work for the Williamson Gallery at Scripps and if there is anything I can do, just let me know. My cell is 909 938 3709.

    We all loved Sue and it is nice to know that her home found the right person.
    Kirk Delman

    • 2

      Dear Kirk,

      I was thrilled to get your comment and would be honored to see the photographs you speak of. How I wish I too could have known Susan and enjoyed the person everyone speaks so highly of. I feel truly blessed to be in her space, to have two of her original paintings in my house, and to be a close friend of her daughter’s. Thank you so much for getting in touch — I hope the opening last night went well! Leta

  2. 3

    melodie hollander said,

    Hi Leta.

    It seems I accidentally addressed my email to “Penelope” instead of to you. Sorry about the mix up. Anyway, I’d love to email you a photo of my heavenly Susan Hertel painting. It’s quite exceptional, but then we’re all biased!

    Kind regards,

  3. 5

    mickey said,

    Dear Leta, I was just going through my books and ran across my copy of Susan Hertel book of her paintings given to me by my sister in 1998. I decided to google her and ran across your blog and emotion welled up form all those years ago when a friend of mine,living in Santa Fe at the time introduced me to her work, it was love at first site. I live in Idaho on the Snake River and all the time passing my neighbors pastures I still dream of doing my Susan Hertel paintings. I have my own small magical synchronity story about how I rediscovered Susan.Even though I don’t know you and I’ve never blogged in my life,your story really floored me and I’m sure that you are the person to be living in that wonderful,magical place.

    • 6

      Hi Mickey – Wow! Thank you for your post. I would dearly LOVE to hear your magical, synchronistic story about you and Susan. If you decide not to blog about it yourself, send it to me at my email: worthington @ herbsandanimals com (without all the spaces, of course), and I will put it up in a blog here on my site. I’ve had several contacts from people who found the blog entries through Googling Susan’s name, and those of us who are fans of hers are certainly a devoted group. All who met her adored her, and I am just sorry I was never privileged enough to be in that group. But yes, living in her home is very, very special, and I feel her energy around me pretty much all the time. Thanks again for posting! Leta

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