Forget the Baby Food!

Frida Kahlo with Her Uni-Brow

Frida Kahlo with Her Uni-Brow

Do you remember Frida Kahlo? She was that amazing Mexican painter and idependent spirit in the mid-1900’s? She was famous for her unique “uni-brow,” the effect created by her thick eyebrows that grew so close together they looked like one long line of hair.

Anyway, puppy  “Monica” is now “Frida.” Yes, I fell for her hook, line, and sinker and brought her home just yesterday to join my rowdy crew. She has an intrepid, independent spirit like her namesake, plus her little face is very dark and could be

The New "Frida," Formerly "Monica"

The New "Frida," Formerly "Monica"

one whole eyebrow in and of itself. The name “Frida” jumped to mind once I met her and tuned into her personality. Don’t you kind of see a resemblance here? Well, if you don’t I guess I can sorta understand why. The point IS, she has that go-get-em’ness that I knew would make her fit in perfectly with my three big dogs and Tucker!

Frida is so independent she slept through the night in her playpen without making a peep, and she is quite able to entertain herself therein if left to her own devices. She is a mere 7 weeks old and weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. Like any baby, she sleeps a whole, whole lot, and so it only takes 5 or 10 minutes of boisterous play after a nap to get her ready for the next one.

My only concern thus far has been her lack of desire to eat much. She has lapped a little warm milk and eaten a few tiny soaked pieces of puppy kibble just because Tucker was eating some dry right next to her and making a nice crunchy sound. But even then, she mainly played with her food, jumping at it like it was prey. Though she has seemed no worse off for the weaning and sudden switch to a  new home, I knew she had to eat a little more soon.

This evening at feeding time for the troops I therefore placed her, with her miniscule bowl of milk-soaked puppy tidbits about a foot away from Tucker, who was finishing up his meal of big, mighty, grown-up dog Flint River Ranch kibble, soaked in a little hot water and mixed with some delicious adult canned dog food. He finished up, leaving a couple of hefty tablespoons behind, and Frida practically dove into it! She immersed herself and ate most of it, even though getting through the large pieces of kibble took her about a minute each.

Needless to say, she’s back at work now, growing hard while asleep in front of the wood-burning fireplace in her playpen.   . . . but this time she has a nice round, full belly and Mama feels much better.

As I said, she’s going to fit in. And maybe having that kind of spirit in the house will help me learn to paint like her namesake!


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