Do Dogs Dream?

Dreaming? Or Not Dreaming?

Dreaming? Or Not Dreaming?

I remember clearly talking to a small shaggy Toto-type dog a few years ago and his telling me that he loved to sleep because when he was asleep he always dreamed he was flying. Actually I don’t think he said he dreamed he was flying; I think he said he was flying. And he proceeded to describe and show me what it looked like and where he went and how he felt. What he showed me was . . . well . . . out of this world. This little guy was soaring all over the place with his ears flapping in the wind, grinning ear to ear, ………………having the time of his life!

Personally, it is always a big deal for me when I dream I’m flying — especially if I become “lucid” during the dream (or “conscious” some people call it) without waking up and can more or less take control and enjoy the flight. The dog I talked to was obviously lucid all the time whilst flying, and he loved every minute of it. How I envy him!

Flying in a dream and being conscious of it is kind of like having a dream come true in “real” life. Both are euphoric experiences. If we could just figure out the catalyst for both we’d be on Cloud Nine all the time, both literally and figuratively. We could create any reality we wanted and have any dream we desired come true.

How does that work?

One of my heroes, and favorite writers, John David Mann makes a great point:

“Your dreams are not some­thing that exist independent of you; they are an extension of you. Your dreams are the expression of who you are today, minus the limitations (real or imagined) of your current reality.”

Hmmm . . . that would seem to indicate that maybe the only thing holding us back from achieving our dreams is our own feelings about our shortcomings, right? Right . . . I think.

To get a handle on this and on how we create our own reality, studying quantum physics might help. OR, much easier, reviewing the more simplistic distillations of same that are coming out of many different sources these days. One of my favorites is the Abraham-Hicks material which is mostly based on what’s called the “Law of Attraction.”

Simply stated (my words here), what we focus on is what we get. So if you spend most of your time in your head focusing on 1. negative stuff, or 2. regretting what you don’t have, or 3. pining for something you want, all you’re going to attract is more of number 1, 2, or 3. Period. Check it out and read up on it. And start practicing switching brain channels from tragic dramas to romantic comedies when you find yourself over-burdened by negativity.

Now all dogs are not foot-loose and fancy free. As we well know, many of them have had a hard time in life and so carry a lot of emotional baggage and fears around with them. I don’t know what they dream of. I’ll have to take a poll some day. I imagine they have nightmares sometimes, just like we do. But many other dogs are free spirits and, it is comforting to learn from our shaggy little friend, possess the great talent of dreaming dreamy things — like flying, if they want.

What could be more uplifting than that?

So dream on . . . and may all your dreams come true!


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