Talking to Departed Spirits

Horse Angels

Horse Angels

Many people wonder if contacting beings who have died is possible. And there is no simple answer to this question. Each person’s beliefs about the soul and what happens when we die dictate the breadth of his or her experiences in this realm.

I personally believe our soul and spirit live on when we die, and that it is quite possible for the living to contact the spirit world. But I would never argue this point with someone who does not feel the same, and I believe that whatever they hold to be true is so for them.

In my practice, over the past 2-3 years, I have been increasingly asked to talk to animals who have passed over. I always had a certain number of these requests, but they have definitely increased. At first I resisted and wondered why so many of them were coming my way. After all, it’s a pretty heavy topic. But I believe that whatever may be presented to us in life, we have attracted in some way and need to look at. That’s really hard to accept when what is facing you is something ugly or difficult, but I still believe it’s true.

So I pondered, what was it about these cases that I needed to learn something from? It certainly wasn’t whether or not I believed the spirit lived on. That has been set for me for many years and is a comforting anchor in my belief system. Maybe it was to reflect back to me some form of grief I had buried that my clients could help me unearth in order to feel and clear.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was to expand my own concept of what happens when we die. For me, as for many of us, this has been a fascinating question most of my life. In fact, when I was five I buried my goldfish in a matchbox when he died, and then proceeded to dig him up and examine him every day to see what was happening to him. So, as you can see, the spirit world has been on my mind just about my whole life.

After adjusting to the new onslaught of these cases, I finally overcame the heaviness they can leave on one, and became more and more able to manage each one clearly and compassionately without taking on the energy of the attendant grief to my detriment.

And I learned more and more from the animals about what was going on “over there.” And I’m still learning and slowly piecing together a version of the afterlife that really works for me.

I guess I did after all attract what I needed to learn. And, voila, it is an ongoing lesson about the spirit world that is fulfilling my lifelong query.

My policy now is to do one session with the departed, a week or two after they pass (so they can “settle in” and begin making their transition before we talk), and the primary goal is to make sure they have not become “trapped,” understand that they have left their physical body, and that they are making good headway in their ascension. Souls can indeed become “trapped” or not understand they have left the physical realm, and in such cases we can gently help them gain understanding and begin moving on. And I will write about that in another blog post.

But for now, I would just say that — if you believe in it — holding caring and loving conversations with the departed has its place, and it certainly helps in the grieving process for those left behind. So if you’re grieving the loss of an animal and feel contacting him would help, find a trustworthy animal communicator who does this work and allow yourself and your animal to have one last loving conversation.

And if you are reading this and experiencing fresh grief from a loss, please know my heart is with you.

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    petchatter said,

    Hi Leta,

    What about lost animals? How can you tell whether they are alive or have transitioned? Is there a difference in their energy or is it something intangible?

    Debbra in PA

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