How to Have a Soul-to-Soul Conversation With Your Periscope

May I please speak to your soul?

"May I please speak to your soul?"

Yesterday I talked about getting permission from your subject before moving psychically into his or her space for an animal communication exercise I was suggesting you try. This is always important, no matter what you are doing in the psychic realm. In an animal communication session it’s easy, because you’re simply dialoguing with the animal so can out-and-out ask him if he’ll talk to you. You’ll know if the answer is ‘no’ — you’ll just get stonewalled (rarely happens — animals love to talk to us).

But with an exercise like yesterday’s, Becoming an Animal, you are doing something very different. Rather than talking to him, you are moving psychically inside his body so you can experience things like he does. You are merging with him temporarily, and that’s pretty intimate stuff. So getting permission beforehand for that or similar psychic-type activities is a must.

Here’s one of the easiest ways I know.

Picture a periscope on top of your head. Extend it way up into the heavens. Now picture a periscope on top of the animal’s head and extend his up into the heavens too. So your periscope and his periscope are way up there, on a higher plane if you will, sort of looking at each other across whatever distance pops into your visualization. How far apart you are doesn’t matter. It can be miles. This always works.

Next step:  Look out through the lens of your periscope at your friend’s periscope (or it can even be a non-friend) and just ask: “Can my soul please speak to your soul?” You can put that any way you want, but simple is fine. You should immediately be able to “see” or feel in some way whether the answer is yes or no. Sometimes it feels like you’re not getting a clear answer; that is a ‘maybe’ and what happens when you start talking will probably depend on what you want to talk about. That other soul can always shut the door any time it wants to during your discussion.

So go ahead. Start talking. Ask questions. Wait for answers. You should get them very clearly. This is a stunningly simple and clear exercise — you just have to trust what you get and go with it. Jot notes down if you think you’ll forget what is said.

The main thing to know is that, if the other soul does not want to talk to you, you will know this immediately. You’ll be shut out, and you will feel it. You may even see something, like the person or animal turning his back on you. And if you doubt his ‘no’ and try to start talking, you won’t be able to get anything back. So if you get stonewalled, respect that, thank the other soul, and lower your periscope.

Seriously, this can be a very enlightening experience and can be used any time you want to, say, clarify a given situation with a friend or relative. I did this with my alienated father a few months before he died, and it gave me more insight into him and our relationship than anything else had in my entire life. It helped me realize he had done the best he could, and it washed away any and all bad feelings I had ever had for him and ushered in tremendous forgiveness.

There. Now you know something very personal about me. I hope it helps inspire you to try this exercise for your own benefit.

And don’t forget to pray for protection before doing it. THAT’S another whole topic so I guess I will blog about that tomorrow. Gosh, it’s hard to stay ahead of the game here!

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