Trust Yourself – Especially in Reading Your Animals

Not sure what you're getting?

Not sure what you're getting?

The most difficult hurdle when learning animal communication seems to be trusting what you get — for everyone. Almost every student, when reporting on their practice conversations with animals, qualifies her report with, “Well, I don’t know if I just made this up, or . . .(blah blah blah). ”

Trust yourself. First and foremost. You know your animals better than anyone. So if you’re trying to read them, you’re probably doing it pretty darn well. Yes, you can be wrong sometimes, or you may be so emotionally involved that you need an outside opinion, but no doubt you will have good insight and intuition about the situation at hand.

An old client, Sue, contacted me this week because her dog Jack had suddenly become afraid to go outside. Jack was a rescue who came with some issues and has always been a bit high strung and finely tuned, but he’s been quite stable in his behavior for years now. So this change was unexpected and seemed like a reversion to old behavior patterns.

Sue and I went back and forth for a few days, deciding whether she needed a session or not. During that time I never formally tuned into Jack, but each time I took a psychic glance at him and his situation I got the distinct impression there was something new or different about the yard that he was afraid of. I don’t like to bank on such impressions, as I don’t trust psychic hunches without actually talking to the animal and getting their direct input, but often these glimpses can be accurate.

I emailed Sue one last time to see what she wanted to do because I hadn’t heard from her for a few days (her computer was down), and she wrote back saying she had figured out, pretty much for sure, that the problem was the new automatic sprinkler system they had installed in their yard. She didn’t see it happen, but she thought Jack might have been caught offguard and gotten sprayed by it.

See? Once Sue gave it a little thought, she tuned right into what was bothering Jack. And she trusted her feelings enough to go with them, suggesting we hold off on a session until or unless he didn’t snap out of it in a few days. I told her about those “glimpses” I had taken, and that they completely confirmed what she felt was wrong, and she was so proud to have gotten it all by herself!

So, when you’re trying to figure something out with your animal and feel stumped:  sit down, calm down, take some deep breaths, close your eyes if you like, and see what comes. Your intuition and knowledge of your good buddy will probably prevail, and you’ll have a good idea of what’s going on and what to do next.

Trust, trust, trust.


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    Karen Kuester said,

    Hi Leta,

    Just a quick observation to share. I found it interesting that you don’t trust your “psychic glances” without a formal communication. My strongest, truest means of getting information – at least for the last some years – has been exactly that. I call it my “woo woo” knowledge. When I get one, I definitely know that’s what it is and trust the information implicitly.

    As you know, I have placed barriers or shields fairly snugly around myself for protection from other things. Of course this interferes with any of my communications. So if one of my animals, or another animal, makes it past those barriers, it’s clear to me it was work for them and I better snap to and pay attention. Of course, I do and I investigate and take appropriate action or inaction.

    My point is, I believe we all communicate in different ways. There is no right or wrong way as long as love and respect are always present.

    • 2

      Well said, Karen. And thanks for visiting and posting. I definitely agree with all you say. I have simply found that, in my practice, I often get something quite different from the animal him/herself, once I really “tune in” carefully, than whatever the first psychic “hit” about their situation might have come to me. And that hit might be an important aspect too, but hearing exactly what they have to convey is really my first priority because it’s what’s on their mind. So really, I think both are important, and it is definitely equally meaningful to listen to both – or to ALL levels of communication one receives. I just don’t like to report on the animal or make decisions until I hear their first-hand communication. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again!

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