The “Doubt” Box

Put your doubt in a box and get on with it!

Put your doubt in a box and get on with it!

Continuing on the theme of my last post: trusting what you get when you’re communicating with an animal — here’s my favorite exercise to help you achieve that. I’ve used it in every workshop I’ve ever taught and not only is it fun and fanciful but works like a charm. It’s called “The Doubt Box,” and I learned it from one of my animal communication teachers many, many years ago and now pass it on to you.

And, the best part, you can use this exercise any time, in any aspect of life, not just when you’re trying to communicate with an animal and find that you’re doubting what you get.

It’s very simple. Here it is.

Hold your hands out in front of you. SEE yourself building a box with your hands. If it helps to visualize an actual box, like maybe a Kleenex box, that’s fine. SEE the box in the air as you begin to “build” it. Use your hands to build the ends, then the top and bottom, then the front and back. And it doesn’t matter what order you do the sides/top/bottom/front/back in. Do this as if the physical box was already there and your hands were simply coming up against the ends, top/bottom, front/back. Mainly, SEE the box.

Set the box beside you, on the floor. Or float it in the air, or do anything you like with it. You can even decorate it if you like. Just keep it handy.

Now . . . when you find yourself thinking something that is the equivalent of doubting yourself, physically reach up with your hand and metaphorically pluck the thought out of your brain and place it in the doubt box. SEE that happening. Thank the thought and your brain and yourself for having that thought, because it is a part of the old you that has helped you survive in this world of unbelievable realities. But tell it you don’t need it right now, place it in the doubt box, and then proceed with whatever it was you were trying to do.

You can place the disbelieving thought in the doubt box as many times as you need to. The main thing here is to keep doing what you were striving to do over and over unti it begins to feel more acceptable and more ‘real’ to you. This is how the brain functions. Through well-worn pathways. So in order to create new ways of thinking/modes of being, you must literally begin firing new neurological pathways in the brain over and over until they too become familiar and well-worn.

In class we all mutually agree that we have permission to say “Put it in the box!” whenever we hear a fellow student doubting herself. It is great fun and relieves a lot of tension and reassures all of us that we are safe to verbalize anything and everything that we need to.

As some old advertisement said:  “Try it! You’ll like it!”


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