So You Don’t Believe in Animal Communication

One of My Students Talking (Or Not!?!) With My Dog Sabrina

One of My Students Talking (Or Not, Depending on Your Viewpoint) With My Dog Sabrina

Well you’re not alone. There are many non-believers — just like there are about God and taxes. But wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all believed in exactly the same things and never questioned reality? We may THINK everybody else should share our beliefs, but if they did I’m sure we would quickly create something new to argue with them about.

Every animal communicator meets skeptics along the way. How each deals with them is unique, but I personally never try to convince them of anything. In fact, if they have contacted me about doing a session with their animal but are questioning the process, I try to talk them out of it. I respect their beliefs and opinions and do not feel it is my place to try to convince them of anything.

Take Mary, for example. Mary “won” an animal communication consultation with me at a silent auction many years ago so called me up to schedule an appointment. What ensued instead was a barrage of  hostile demands from Mary for me to explain to her how this could possibly work, especially given that I would not physically be with her animal during our communication.

I related to her as best I could my understanding of “how it works” . . . over and over and over. Nothing I said seemed to satisfy her, so she kept reiterating her question in an increasingly aggressive manner.

I tried to stay respectful and polite, but after 30 minutes or so began to draw the line. I became quite firm and told her it was not my job to convince her of anything, that I certainly had no desire to win her over to any point of view, that if she were interested enough to have bid on an a.c. session perhaps she should do a little more research on the topic before availing herself of it, or that, as an alternative, perhaps she should sell the session to the next highest bidder, who had been very eager for it. In essence, I told her I would not work with her; that I could not work with her given her hostile attitude.

That pretty much brought her up short. She backed off and, “No, no, I really want to do the session . . . ” blah blah blah. By that point I sure didn’t, but we booked it for a few days hence. It was to be 30 minutes long, and I simply accepted the fact that it would probably be a blow-out disaster so I went into it feeling I had nothing to lose. I would give it my best shot and that would be that.

As you might already have surmised, the opposite occurred. The session with Mary and her horse was one of the most revealing and rewarding I’ve ever done, and Mary kept me on the phone for an hour and a half (and happily paid for the overtime). She was so thrilled she referred many of her friends to me during the following years.

So, as they say: “Whatever.” I think I can speak for most of us a.c’ers when I say that it makes no difference to us if you believe in animal communication or not, and we have no desire to change you. We know what we know and take great delight and satisfaction in helping bridge the gap in understanding between the humans and animals who seek our aid.

I would simply suggest that if animal communication makes you scoff and feel testy, but you are still reading this blog, then there is something about it that you might want to delve into more deeply — not only about the practice, but about your own beliefs in general. Who knows, maybe it will be one of those doorways into the spiritual, the unknown, or the afterlife for you. It certainly has been for many others.

There. I have stated my case.        …………..respectfully submitted………………


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