A Heart-to-Heart Meditation to Help You Find Your Lost Animal

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There is nothing sadder than losing an animal. The grief and anguish that accompany this kind of loss are almost unbearable. Unlike death, you don’t know for sure what condition or situation your animal is in, so all kinds of visions and awful scenarios take over your mind.

If you, like most animal lovers, feel you and your animal are connected mentally and emotionally — even psychically — then you will each sense each other’s anguish during this period. It is therefore KEY that you realize this and do everything possible to quieten your panic and keep it at bay while conducting your search. In my experience of doing lost animal work, that one thing is THE most important factor in finding your animal because your emotional state is going to affect his while he is lost, as well as his ability to figure out how to get home. Neither one of you can “think straight” while in a sense of panic.

The following exercise/meditation seems to work miracles — I don’t know how, but I have seen it work time and time again, and in the unlikeliest of ways.

1. Get quiet and centered, take a few deep breaths and be very relaxed so that you can focus. If you feel panic or sadness coming in, see those emotions being funneled off to the side and being caught and contained in a box.

2. When you feel ready, visualize a golden cord of energy coming out of your heart, like a laser beam, and extending to and finding your lost animal and anchoring in his or her heart. Your cord can look like anything you want, or whatever comes to mind. And if it’s pink instead of golden, that’s fine. Go with whatever your visualization presents.

3. Now flow love through the cord to your animal along with reassurance and the message that you are looking for him. Flow this message until you feel it has reached him.

4. Then tell your animal simply to follow the cord and it will help him find his way home to you.

5. Do this as frequently as possible and especially keep sending love and reassurance constantly to your beloved animal.

Don’t count on your animal to literally follow the cord and come walking in your door. Telling him to “follow the cord” is a metaphor for all the things that will happen along the way that will help the two of you get back together.

Expect anything. And follow every lead. I have seen reunions occur after months, so don’t give up hope. Meanwhile, do find a fitting way to honor your grief and concern — just make sure it doesn’t travel through the cord to your friend.

If you have a lost animal my heart goes out to you, and I wish you all the best in re-finding each other once again.


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  1. 1

    Mariel said,

    hELLO I am from caracas Venezuela, i lost my cat a week ago, a was reading your blog and i want to thank for writing it is very conforting. Thank you i´ll do it as you say, i hope the best.

    • 2

      Dear Mariel, Thank you for your sweet comments, and I am so glad the blog post was helpful and comforting to you. I wish you all the best in finding your cat. And remember, it may not happen the way one would expect so be ready for anything! Good luck! Leta

  2. 3

    Lissa said,

    Thank you so much for this, I have not seen my cat but I know he is out there somewhere. I have felt that I am blocking him with my anxiety so will try to keep calm, do the meditation and ‘invite’ him back into a calmer happier environment!

    • 4

      Wonderful! I am so glad if the exercise can help you at all. That’s why I try to put these things up on the blog. Best of luck in finding your boy. He will definitely feel the shift in your energy as you flow loving energy to him, so hang onto that! Thanks for posting. Leta

  3. 5

    Karla said,

    Thank you for this meditation. Our family dog went missing 2 days ago. The meditation helped me stay focused and at ease. Grateful that we got our dog back today!!! It was truly a miracle, considering he had no collar. 🙂

    • 6

      That’s amazing, Karla. I’d love to hear the details, but this is what I mean about how this meditation seems to enhance the chances of a reunion, sometimes in the most unexpected ways! Thanks so much for posting, and I hope your story helps others settle, trust, and focus when they are missing a furry beloved. Leta

  4. 7

    berry said,


    • 8

      Hi Berry,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and glad if you found the meditation helpful. I am sorry to be responding so late but just found your post, as it is on the old site where I kept my blog. If you’d like to follow my blog, and possibly post more comments, I would love for you to do so. It is now located at http://www.herbsandanimals.com/?cat=611 and all the old articles are there too. Many blessings to you, and thanks for posting.

  5. 9

    sujata said,

    thnx for the meditation.my pet tomy got lost from close to my home.he is 10 month old dog nd usually fights with 2 groups of street dogs.i always guard him from those dogs.but as he got lost for 7 days . i was starting to loose hope to get him back.i live in the busiest part of the city so chances were dim.thts when i found this meditation nd i did abt 3 times nd wow my tomy came back to me safe and sound.this meditation really works like miracle

    • 10

      Hi. Thank you so much for posting. I’m sorry to be answering so late but just found your message, as it was posted on my old blog site. I loved your message and sent it to some friends who were in the process of looking for a lost dog. I hope it helped! If you would like to follow more of my blog posts, please do so at the new location: http://www.herbsandanimals.com/?cat=611. All the old blogs are there too should you like to repost this comment about the heart-to-heart meditation there. I think it’s very helpful for people to hear confirmation that it can help, so thank you again for posting!

  6. 11

    Meng Chong said,

    Thanks. It is comforting to do this meditation exercise. My 15-year old kitty wandered off 2 days ago. I am doing my best to remain calm, so that she is not adversely affected by my emotional state. I shall try this exercise until she returns.

  7. 15

    Love this meditation, Leta. I’m going to cut and paste it so I can have it if such a thing happens with my animals, or loved ones!

    • 16

      So glad you like it. Another person used it and just re-posted saying her 15-year-old cat did come home after being gone a week! Helped her stay calm and centered, which does help the missing animal, as they pick up our energy. Pass it on!

  8. 17

    Terri said,

    Hello, my little dacshund, Charlie, escaped out the front door while I was gone on April 7, 2014. He got out when my husband came home for lunch and he did not see him go out and assumed he was in his bed, hiding, which is what he does when I am not home. I am trying very hard to not panic and to meditate using the golden cord, and it does seem to help temporarily, but then somehing inside me makes all my emotions well up to the surface and I break into tears. We are trying every conceivable way we can to find him, but have had only had 2 leads, which wound up not being him. I’m having a difficult time staying centered and I know that is not good for Charlie or I. Do you have any suggestions to help me gain my focus and keep it. I have an incredibly strong bond with him and I feel like I’m just as lost as he is.

    • 18

      Oh my gosh, Terri, that is the absolute worst situation in the world. And it is very difficult to control emotions under these circumstances so don’t feel guilty when you fall apart. Then, when you’re NOT falling apart, use your focus and the golden cord to try to send Charlie love from your heart and tell him to follow the cord and it will help bring him home! Otherwise, have you put up signs? Put them everywhere! And notify all the local vets and pet stores. If you have a local network of animal lovers, send out an email blast, and you could do the same on Facebook or social media, asking all your local friends to spread the word. Where I live, we are blessed to have an active “lost animal” network where people can post a picture and information about where an animal was lost, etc., and it is absolutely amazing to me how often the animal is found, simply because so many saw the notification (the woman who runs the service, for free, always sends a follow-up email out when an animal is found, bless her). I believe most animal shelters are now hooked up to a “lost animal” website too, where they can post pictures about animals that they pick up or that are brought in, so be sure and check with local shelters too. I so hope you find Charlie, and do keep working with the energy cord. But really plaster the surrounding area with signs in case someone picked him up and might be holding him, thinking he was a stray and they don’t want to have to turn him in to a shelter. All the best, Terri!

    • 19

      Meng Chong said,

      Hi Terri. Please calm yourself before you start on the meditation. It worked for me when my cat disappeared for 8 days last year. The main challenge was pushing aside my fears and emotions, but I knew I had to. Also, you can post a request to the Facebook page “Prayers for Pets”; this site has many lovely people praying for our furkids. It’ll all work out, Terri. Stay calm and connect with Charlie. All the best.

  9. 20

    my cat has been missing 5 days now-i feel someone has her in their house,its so hard to concentrate,to stay focused,i cant tell right now if its wishful thinking or am i really working it!!! the house feels empty,i feel empty…

    • 21

      Hi Elena – Trust your gut and do whatever feels right. The heart-to-heart connection is a great tool, so set that up and maintain it, sending love to your cat as often as you can and showing her that that energy “highway” will help get the two of you reunited. But also follow all the rules about a lost animal: posters EVERYHERE, alerting local vets and shelters, etc. I wish you the best. Don’t give up. Finding lost animals can happen weeks or even months after they go missing! Thanks for posting. Leta

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