The True Meaning of the Word “Cocky”

Mr. Pants, Inventor of the Word "Cocky"

Mr. Pants, Inventor of the Word "Cocky"

At the risk of inviting thousands of blog hits by folks searching for pornography (I should be so lucky – with the hits, I mean, not the porno freaks), I just today really grokked to the true essence of the word “cocky” and from whence it most assuredly must have come.

Mr. Pants, this very morning, began learning to crow. It sounded like someone trying to learn to play the washboard – sorta. It was really beyond description. And believe me, any being brave enough to emit that kind of sound out loud has definitely got to have balls enough to be called cocky! And of course, as you all know if you’ve delved back into the bowels of this blog, Mr. Pants is just that — a young cock.

Born April 1st, he is just coming on 2-1/2 months of age and, true to his history is continuing to perform quite precociously in all respects. You may recall that he’s the one who, within days of his birth, learned to simply “leave the building” through the wire mesh fence and go on long forays outside the safe chicken yard. We knew then he was a rooster, and a smart one at that, thus he was dubbed “Mr. Smarty Pants” by my friend April — “Mr. Pants” for short.

A couple of weeks later, when his siblings who had followed a more normal developmental rate began catching up with him, he showed several of them how to leave the premises as well. Alas, he lost one of his followers to a quick coyote one early morning, and a 2′ chicken wire barrier was quickly erected around the entire pen to prevent further escapades.

All of this is by way of saying that Mr. Pants = cocky, hence my new definition:

. . .the primary trait of a being who is so totally sure of themselves they will perform in an exhibitionist manner and will unabashedly pursue whatever their cocky little heart desires, destroying all in their path . . .

The Webster’s definition of cocky as someone who is boldly or brashly self-confidant/jaunty doesn’t begin to capture the true meaning of the word and is indeed quite frivolous and trivial in my opinion.

And I would venture a guess that whoever came up with that definition had never raised a rooster. And they had certainly never met Mr. Pants!

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