Will the Real Pronghorn Antelope Please Stand Up?

A Herd of Pronghorn Antelope - Hmmmm . . . I wonder which one can we can get to talk to us?

A Herd of Pronghorn Antelope - Hmmm ..... I wonder which one we can get to talk to us?

Animal communicators are sometimes asked to talk to wild animals. Say, mice, or maybe snakes … or fleas, for instance. Although I doubt anyone thinks of  fleas as wild animals, it is fairly obvious why they sometimes might need a talkin-to.

So, what if you DO need to talk to one of these critters, or to one of the antelope in the herd you see above? Gheez, Louise! How does one go about that?! Catching the rapt attention of, much less having a conversation with, an animal on alert in the wild does not sound like a very viable idea, does it?

But maybe you really want to welcome the antelope herd to your neighborhood, or find out what it’s best food is so you can contribute in times of drought. Or maybe you just want to understand pronghorn antelope better. All legitimate reasons to reach out to them.

Wild animals, especially those in herds, tend to act and react from a herd mentality and instinctive behaviors that have been genetically programmed and refined for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Being singled out for a discussion is NOT in their genetics.

But there are other ways. What is known as the “devic realm” provides a pathway for gaining an understanding of, and yes sometimes actually talking to, many other forms of intelligence. This realm has been recognized since ancient times by just about every spiritual and metaphysical sect and sector that has existed. (If you Google for it, you can gorge your head with information about it.)

Basically, the devas are intelligent energy forms that “hold the blueprint” for everything we know and everything that exists. So there are an infinite number of them. AND they can ebb and flow, form and reform, according to need. So, for instance, there is a broccoli deva that holds the exact pattern of what a broccoli looks like, what nutrients it needs, how it grows, etc. But, besides this broccoli generalist, there are also different devas for each different strain of broccoli.

Therefore, in your garden you have numerous devas at work — the carrot, the cauliflower, the onion, the bean, the pea deva, etc. They are all feeding information and the imprint of their particular plant into the growing seedling itself as well as to the little nature spirits who aid in bringing that imprint into physicality. (Nature spirits are also called fairies or sometimes elves, and that is another whole discussion.)

And, besides your gang of vegetable and flower devas who are managing your plants, your garden itself may have what’s called an “overlighting” deva who chose to form up to make a cohesive, co-creative project of your plot.

So devas exist on many levels.

You can invoke them, talk to them, ask them to form up as an “overlighting” entity for certain projects that are in the physical, and what have you.

So to talk to the pronghorn antelope, just call in the pronghorn antelope deva and begin your discussion. It may be that that is as far as you get, and your conversation will be only with her. Or she may facilitate an in-depth chat with one particular member of the herd you are addressing. She will call the shots on this and decide which level of co-mingling is most appropriate.

Sound difficult to believe? Check out Findhorn, a co-creative garden/now expanded community in Scotland that is souly based on working with devas and nature spirits. Or Perelandra, a similar center here in America.

If this is new for you, suspend your disbelief for a while and prepare to be delighted and fascinated. And go welcome the antelope to your neighborhood!

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