Bessie Has a Guardian Angel (or an orb … or a ghost!)

Bessie & Her Guardian Angel Orb, 6/15/09

Bessie & Her Guardian Angel Orb, 6/15/09

I know I’m blogging a lot about Bessie right now, but when I took her picture a couple of days ago while she was out and about with the horses, I noticed something I’ve noticed before in her pictures: a lovely white orb hovering over her head.

The first time I saw this orb was when I took a Madonna and Child shot of her with her new babies on April 2d of this year. It did not surprise me at all to see an orb keeping her company. Bessie has led a truly charmed life and survived many calamities — it sure seems like someone extra special is looking out for her! Why not an orb?

Guardian "Orb" Sitting on Bessie's Tail! 4/2/09

Guardian "Orb" Sitting on Bessie's Tail! 4/2/09

Here’s what I know about orbs, and to further check out this phenomenon you might visit a site like this one:

I first learned about orbs back in 2003 when visiting a friend who was obsessed with ghosts. Digital photography was still coming into the mainstream at the time, and it had been discovered (by whom I have no idea) that certain forms of plasma that heretofore were uncapturable on the run-of-the-mill 35 mm camera most people owned became visible in digital format. I think this may have been kind of an accidental discovery, not sure, but no matter what it was poo-poo’d (and still is) as being dust particles and all sorts of other what-have-you’s.

My friend had a brand new digital camera, so we decided to go out to an old cemetery one night and see what we could see. It was mid-January, frigid, and windy — perfect conditions for ghosting, right? It was scary as hell!

Well. My friend had read that it was best to kind of protect oneself with prayers before approaching unearthly beings, and then to kindly ask permission from them to photograph them and try to prevail upon them to “show” themselves in the photo. So, in spite of flapping coats, hair whipping around all over the place, and our toes freezing off, we took the time to do all that and then started taking pictures.

Another small detail that is important to know: if you get ghosts in your pictures, they deplete your camera battery much more quickly than normal — like about ten times — so if you go out ghosting be sure and take extra batteries. We did. And our camera batteries went dead after only 5 or 6 shots.

But woo-hoo! We couldn’t believe what we got. In one picture there were probably 20 orbs just standing there, or rather hovering there, over their headstones, just staring at us . . . in an orb sort of way. We got orbs of all sizes and varieties, in every picture.

A few years later I took some shots of two children up in the hay loft of the old barn on my ranch. It was an old, old ranch, a place full of spirits if ever I knew one. I took several shots, all the same, and out of the blue one of them had a bunch of orbs in it! I had forgotten about orbs so was pretty wowed. The kids had not moved to stir up dust, and my camera was clean. And the little girl was so scared by the time I finished shooting that I had to climb up the ladder and carry her down. Count on a kid to dispel your doubts!

Lots of Ghosts Who Came to be Photographed

Lots of Ghosts Who Came to be Photographed


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