The Holy Trinity

Jesus ... Ascending to Heaven (as far as I'm concerned!)

Jesus ... Ascending to Heaven (as far as I'm concerned!)

Not to be trite, and certainly not to make light of religion or the construct many in our culture find sacrosanct, but I have my very own “Holy Trinity” these days.

Let me explain.

I’m a single woman living on 40 acres with two houses and lots of animals. And I’m in my 60’s. So, frankly, I need help. With lots of things. And I am blessed to finally have the resources to be able to engage that help from the appropriate sources — my holy trinity, in this case.

First there’s Maria. Now I know Mary was not part of the original Trinity:  “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.” But she should have been. We all know by now that women run the world, and that without them we’d all be toast. So, Maria is that blessed individual who comes here every few weeks to help me restore a semblance of civility in my home. When you have as many canines and felines living in your house as I do, civility, much less cleanliness, can be a hard thing to achieve! So 40 Hail Marys to Maria. I will do anything for her!

Next comes Jesus. And HE was definitely one of the original three. In my situation Jesus manages construction of the new bedroom off my casita, and my hat is off to him. And I will wash his feet if given the chance. Jesus is by far the best contractor I’ve ever come across or dealt with personally — ahead of the game every step of the way, efficient, reasonably priced, affable . . . you name it. And Jesus has a heart of gold. He put everything aside this past Friday to help bury a friend’s dog here on my land, and shed tears right along with the rest of us. Glory be to Jesus.

And then there’s Armando. Now I know that name isn’t even in the Biblical lingo, but again, it should be. Armando is God’s gift to the world, and certainly to single women who need help. He can do everything but burp your babies and always with a smile on his face. He is coming once again early tomorrow morning to shore up my chicken yard in order to save my brood from a new maruading nocturnal beast.

So there you have it. My own version of the Holy Trinity. I give thanks to all kinds of beings every day — in fact every hour of every day. I am so blessed and so fortunate. Topping that list is always thanks for those wonderful people in my life who help make everything possible and help me keep things running along smoothly.

Thanks to you Jesus and Mary and . . . Armando.


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