The Birth of a Yak

I’ve lived here in the high desert of Northern New Mexico for a little over a year now. It’s an amazing place full of amazing spirits. Without going into detail right now, all I can say is there’s a reason New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. Many, many magical things happen here, not a few of which are unexplainable.

But one thing clearly is. My dear neighbor Annie. Annie lives right down the road from me and made me feel a part of this community months before I even moved here. She is an absolutely amazing person who has her finger in every pie and manages to moderate a huge email group of locals, a group that has been ongoing now for years and years.

Anyone can join and everyone is welcome. It’s like a huge community bulletin board about local events, lost and found animals, washers and dryers for sale, families who need help due to an unforeseen event — you name it. There are literally hundreds of members in this group, and all feel united. All thanks to Annie.

But that’s not all Annie does. Annie is nothing if not the quintessential animal person and has dozens of many different varieties. She is well known for her daily trail rides on her 13+ horses and knows the trails inside out in these parts, having lived here since the early 70’s. Everybody knows: if you want a close up look at the now famous Galisteo Basin in Northern New Mexico, just call Annie and book a trail ride!

One of her latest, and most notable, animal additions has been a family of yaks.  When the small group arrived, Annie immediately had to start bottle feeding the baby of the group because his mother would have nothing to do with him. I don’t remember the whole story — perhaps it was the stress of the move — but I DO know that “Solo,” the now year-old baby, thinks Annie hung the moon and will do anything for her, and she in turn is slowly readying him to ride out in the rugged mountains and hills of the local terrain. This is a couple of years away yet, but she can already sit on him and even take him in local parades. Only Annie!!

But back to the subject at hand. One of Annie’s yak mamas, Princess Leia, recently gave birth to a beautiful, black little girl whom Annie dubbed Tufani. And Annie captured the whole thing on video. So . . . if you’ve never seen a yak being born, just go HERE. This is an awesome and one-of-a-kind video.

And when you hear Annie tearfully say, just a few moments after the birth: “I saw a breath! Oh thank you Lord, I saw a breath!” you will feel that amazement we all love to feel when we are reminded of the miracles that surround us every day.

Tufani & Her Mom, Princess Leia

Thank you, Annie, for all you do for all of us, yak and human alike!

************     TO READ MORE ABOUT YAK, GO HERE ************


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    Cindy said,

    Solo was the STAR of the July 4th parade. You should have seen him struttin’ his stuff Leta. So many of us are in love with him. 🙂
    And we’re ALL in love with Annie!

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