Animal Reincarnation

Might this frog be a prince after all?

Might this frog be a prince after all?

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Some of the hardest cases I handle are the goodbyes — where an animal has come to the end of his life, or his life has been ended suddenly and unexpectedly, and he and his person must both deal with the grief of physical separation.

In almost all such cases the subject of reincarnation comes up. Not every time, but most of the time. Will we be together again? Does he plan to come back to me? When? How? How will I know him? Have we ever been together before? Many people are so devastated when they lose a beloved animal that they themselves don’t want to go on living. So often the only thread that helps them keep functioning is thinking they will see their animal again, in this lifetime.

To take a look at the multi-faceted possibility of a departed animal spirit being reunited with his or her person through reincarnation, first one must believe in reincarnation in the first place. And, of course, many people do not. Secondly, one must make the leap that animals too can reincarnate, which would then mean that yes, they do have souls – another point of heated argument.

For this blog post, and based on the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with animals about this possibility, ANIMALS DO HAVE SOULS AND THEY CAN AND DO REINCARNATE. If that is simply too much to entertain, then you might quit reading this entry now (and no disrespect to your beliefs is intended).

First, let’s look at animal reincarnation per se. The following is a snippet from a conversation with a horse which had contained enough odd comments earlier in the session – about adapting to his “horse body” — to lead me finally to ask this question:   (I’m “L”; the horse is “M”.)

  • L:   Major, we are wondering if you were ever a horse before?
  • M:  Heavens no!  I would never have considered it!
  • L:   What were you?
  • M:  A person.  (He shows me he was an “ancient,” like a great master spiritualist.)
  • L:   So why did you come back as a horse?
  • M:  To find Suzanne [his person] and work with her on lessons of trust (for both of us).
  • L:   Really?! So have you two been together before?
  • M:  Oh yes, many times.  In many ways.

And the session went on from there, with Major sharing much great wisdom and many insights on the subject of trust with Suzanne, via myself.

Regarding reincarnating and coming back into their person’s lives, many animals express a desire to do so. Some, on the other hand, don’t seem to be aware it’s a possibility (or perhaps they’re simply not interested).

Those who want to return may have some idea about when and how, or may have no idea at all. One Cocker Spaniel I talked to was determined to come back just as soon as possible — as another Cocker Spaniel, and he seemed to have a plan fairly well laid out. His person, Elizabeth, and I spoke with him a few times after he departed so that he could give her directions as to how to find him. He knew when he was coming back and told her to look in the newspaper for Cocker Spaniel litters at a certain point in time. He added details as to what he would look like: male, twice as large as any other pup in the litter, with very curly black and grey hair. He also gave her his new name – Brutus (a name my client NEVER would have chosen!). When she went to inspect the litter, there sat a puppy exactly like the one he had described, and, unbelievably, the family had dubbed him . . . you guessed it . . . Brutus!

This really happened. Exactly as he said it would! It is the only case I’ve ever had that played out in quite this way, and I was as amazed as Elizabeth at the outcome. It certainly was a story with a happy ending.

Every case is different, and most animals who come back tell their person not to look for them, that they, the animal, will find the person when the time is right. But you never can tell what will happen. So if you hope to see your beloved animal again, you very well might, and it seems the best approach to take about that possibility is simply to keep an open mind and heart and to be ready for just about anything.

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    crownedhounds said,

    When a dog reincarnates, is the time span something to consider? For instance, if he transitioned only a month ago, would he reincarnate as a 4 month old dog who was already living when he passed? How does the time frame play out here?


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      Thanks for your comment and question, “Crowned Hounds.” (LOVE that name!) I am certainly not the be-all-end-all authority here, but in my experience a soul’s reincarnation can take just about any form, at just about any time. Which also includes “walking in” to a physical being who is already in body. So yes, a dog who transitioned a month ago could do that with a 4-month-old dog, or even one older, as long as there is permission OR a soul had not f”seated” itself already in the latter. That would be rare, as beings without a soul usually do not live very long. The key here is “permission.” Otherwise a soul coming into an existing body would be a “possession.” Again, to my understanding, the souls involved can agree simply to “trade places,” or there can be a meshing of both (or even more than one). There are some great materials and books available on the “walk-in” phenomenon, so if you think that may have happened with one of your dogs you might want to read up on it. I did have one such client, where the departed dog spirit joined with a rescue dog at a shelter — one who was several years old in fact — and the two co-existed. There was an adjustment period, but basically they did really well together, and their person totally recognized the walk-in spirit of her deceased dog (which is why she called me — she was pretty blown away to think this could have happened). Fascinating, isn’t it?!

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        Jackie said,

        This may sound weird… my male Sheppard died unexpectedly on Wednesday. Thursday after mid nite, a 4 month old kitten showed up meowing at 1:00 in the morning. I set out 2 tiny dog biscuits, milk, and water. A half hour later, this stray kitten came back (1 dog biscuit was missing) I was a little afraid of the kitten because it was breathing gurglely. Wasn’t sure if she was hissing or friendly or not. She was escorted the second time by a big cat from the neighborhood who’s been around a couple of years, I call him t “Tuxedo”. The kitty is staying. I think she is a “Walk In”.
        My sheppard was taken to an emergency animal hospital after his collision with the truck on Wednesday. His lung was punctured, with very slim chance of surviving, and his breathing very bad. I do not regret giving the order to to give him a shot because he was suffering.
        Tomorrow the kitty has an appointment at vet to get treated for upper respiratory infection…Any thoughts on this? My family thinks I am a looney!

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        Hi Jackie – First of all, I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing with us. Your post is very timely, as this theme of “walk-ins” seems to be presenting itself more frequently to me. I was, in fact, getting ready to do a blog post about another walk-iin case so may refer to yours as well. Although I can’t say whether the case with this kitten is a walk-in, it certainly sounds possible and almost too uncanny to dismiss. And no, of course you are not looney–but I know folks who aren’t familiar with these things can sometimes find it very challenging to consider the many variations of “reality” that differ from their personal version. Good for you for welcoming the kitten and taking care of her, and also for letting your boy go when he was suffering – a very hard decision, I know. Now if you could just trap “Tuxedo” and get him neutered and then re-release him to live out his life in a more healthy manner and without siring dozens of unwanted offspring (sigh)……… (Perhaps your community has a ‘community cats’ program for ferals; many do nowadays, and it’s all about “trap/neuter/release” rather than euthanasia. Hmmm… think I will put up a post about that too and help get the word out, as it is proving to be far more effective in controlling feral populations than euthanasia ever does. Good luck with your kitten and thanks again for posting! Leta

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    Jeanmarie said,

    I have received guidance that my birds were reincarnating back to me because we were working together. I have had an exotic bird farm. I have received communications from the beings that have gone on. I was surprised to hear that my daughter, Boo the cockatiel, who had been on another breeding farm had passed on. She told me that she had picked up on my worries about her diet. She loved popcorn and I had felt very bad while I was making popcorn and wanted to share it with her. She told me that my fears and worries were disturbing her and that she had gone on. She told me she remembered me as loving. She remembers the love. I cried for 2 days. I really love all my pets and I send love to them all at night as I fall asleep, whether they are here or passed onward. Needless to say I am very psychic and have had confirmation of this many times! 🙂

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      Dear Jeanmarie,

      Your story is very moving, and I am sure you are right on target with your perceptions with your birds and other animals. It is truly a blessing to be so insightful — and psychic — though yes, sometimes the emotion involved can really be hard to handle. I commend you for caring so deeply, for continuing to care even after they are “gone,” and for holding them in your heart so beautifully.


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    Chantelle said,

    My 12 year old cat Sassy passed away just over 2 months ago. On the 24th of December I found 2 abandond kittens they looked to be about 2 weeks of age and have been bottle feeding them for 4 weeks now. One morning when I was bottle feeding the girl who I named Oreo she looked me in the eyes and felt it was my Sassy that came back to me. She and her brother were both doing great but 2 days ago she didn’t look well and I took her to the vet but she didn’t make it. If this was Sassy coming back to me why would it only be for a month. Her brother is in perfect health.

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      Dear Chantelle,

      Thank you for writing. That’s a heartbreaking story about Oreo, and I wish I had an answer to your question. I think any soul that incarnates always stands a chance of choosing a frail body that can’t make it. I don’t know if this is by choice before coming into the body or not (apparently lots of things are), but I do know it happens. As I was reading your email though, I immediately got the strangest impression — that Sassy had chosen to “split” her soul and reincarnate in both kittens! I know that sounds very bizarre, but I’ve read in many spiritual and metaphysical sources that the soul can exist in more than one physical body and place at the same time. If true, maybe Sassy saw the opportunity, and the two weak kittens that you were about to rescue, evaluated the situation, and jumped into both of them! I don’t know. But whatever, just treasure the little boy you have left — what’s his name? And send us a picture of him if you can. I’d love to blog about this.

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        Chantelle said,

        Thanks for your reply, we named the boy Cosmo. I’ve uploaded a pic of each of them. The pic of Cosmo is the best one I have at the moment as he won’t sit still long enough to take a pic of him looking at the camera.

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        Hi Chantelle,

        Thanks for the pictures! I’ve saved them in case I try to do a blog about this. Do you think you could possibly get another one or two of Cosmo? His is pretty hilarious — I can tell he’s a “mover.” But I’m afraid it’s a bit too blurry for the blog!

        If not, no biggie. And I sure appreciate your efforts and your reading the blog.

        Enjoy Cosmo!


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    Giselle said,

    Hello, I found your blog while looking for dog reincarnation. So, here’s the story of me and my dog-daughter. Her name is Ginger and she passed on January 26th 2010, she was only 13 months and we love each other pretty much. She died in an accident, a car hit her and she died almost instantly but I’m still feeling her, some days more than others. I kind of feel in my heart that she will come back in physical form…I asked her to do so and I think she wants to do so because by the look in her eyes I could tell so many things always and one of those things was that she didn’t want to leave my side, that she still wanted to be with me. I miss our games so much, I’m devastated honestly not only by her death but by the way it happened, not a day goes by without me shedding some or a lot of tears.
    She’s gone now in physical form but I talk to her every day, specially at night. I would really really like to know if there’s a way in which I can know where I can find her. I’m pretty sure she will come back because I don’t think our mission together is finished…I still have so much to learn from Ginger (and maybe she also has things to learn from me…haven’t thought about it) and to love her and be loved by her. I’m kind of afraid that even if she comes back, I won’t find her…Any advice? I would do anything to have Elizabeth’s chance. I asked her to come back as an English Cocker Spaniel female puppy to be born in April…
    Please tell me if you can do something with your abilities.
    Thanks for reading.

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      Hello Giselle, Thanks for your story and I sure hope you and Ginger find one another again some day. I am so sorry your time together was ended prematurely this time around. As far as figuring out if Ginger can come back in April as an English Cocker Spaniel puppy, you might consult with an animal communicator who specializes in this kind of thing. There are two places you could look line to find such a person: (in the animal communicator directory) and Each animal communicator listed should give his or her areas of specialty, so you should be able to find someone who can help. It doesn’t matter where they are located, as they can do the session remotely and don’t need to be near you. I hope this helps, and I hope you are successful! Leta

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      Cornel said,

      I realise your post is over a year old by now. I hope in some way you’ve been able to reconnect with Ginger. It was the part about the look in her eyes that clicked for me. My baby …Princess…also had that look in her eyes and like you I also believe that the lessons to be learnt from each other are still to be finished.

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    Nicole said,

    I am losing my precious baby and I’m devastated, My 7 year old border collie Oreo has an incredibly rare tumor in the middle of her brain. It is extremely aggressive and last month she was fine. She was diagnosed three weeks ago after she began limping and than falling over and had an MRI and now she cannot walk, can’t eat or drink without being handfed and given water with a syringe, and cannot even pee unless I manually express her bladder. She is almost totally paralyzed but I can’t give up on her. I drag her from room to room on a folded comforter caring for her like a human child during the day and my mother gets up every hour to check her if I fall asleep at night. Everyone says to euthanize her but I just can’t quit holding out for a miracle, so I spend nearly 24 hours taking care of her, and tried every alternative and holistic remedy I could find, including urine therapy, Budwig, alkalizing her body, an organic freerange alkaline zero sugar, zero carb diet, hydrogen peroxide therapy, but she’s still getting worse. I believe she already came back to us once as a walk-in to her current body after being hit by a car at age three, and I’m terrified maybe she can’t again. I just knew something horrible was wrong when she started limping, just KNEW she’d never be normal again, and I was right. I still have the strangest feeling that I won’t lose her but medically it’s nearly impossible for her to survive. My mother (a big believer in reincarnation) thinks for some reason Oreo wants to come back as a small dog ( I guess so she can accompany us on planes, as we’ll be traveling by air a lot soon)so I found a local papillon breeder who bred dogs that had similar colors to Oreo and showed it to Oreo and told her that if she didn’t make it to please come back to a pup there so I could find her. I know she wouldn’t have to look the same but I guess it would be kind of important to me. Please help-I’m so terrified that she either won’t come back or I’ll take the wrong puppy or not be able to find her and she’s my everything

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    Nicole said,

    Sorry just thought of a couple additional things to add-don’t worry she isn’t in pain or anything like that. She actually generally still enjoys eating and getting attention. And medically she really is just strange She can’t walk anymore, but she can now concentrate her urine again, which she couldn’t before, and her eyes are in a normal position. Till yesterday she ate on her own, and loved it but yesterday she had a really bad day and just couldn’t but hopefully today will be better. Before yesterday had been improving and she had a REALLY good night, eating, able to sit up, actually moving her back legs again, ect. then I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up and she was nearly comatose and not breathing well. She finally took water last night and her breathing has improved tremendously, but I still know how dire her situation is, even if it is so unique. The vets told us it was impossible for anything to improve, so I still have a bit of hope that the alternative treatments are working. Thank you in advance for your help. I’m probably not the first hysterical pet owner that’s come to you

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      Hello Nicole,

      I am so sorry about your precious Oreo and that you are both going through such anguish as this time. Dealing with the inevitable wear and tear and eventual demise of our physical bodies is one of the hardest things we humans have to go through in this life on earth, at least in my opinion.

      Just remember, no matter what happens, you can’t “lose” Oreo. When we are connected in spirit to another being, we are always connected no matter what form we happen to be existing in at any given moment. And if Oreo does decide to come back again, I’m sure she will do everything in her power to make sure the two of you are together. If you stay tuned in, and really listen to your heart, you’ll be given the correct clues and cues to find her. And those Papillon puppies sound like a good place to keep your eye on!

      For Oreo’s sake at this point in her process, try to remember that, when the body is letting go, there is a natural shutting-down process that is not painful and does not cause great distress. The spirit needs peace and quiet to complete its separation from the physical, so providing that with an abundance of love is often the very best and most honorable thing you can do to help a spirit along on its journey. Let Oreo show you what she does and doesn’t want at this point, and if she doesn’t seem to want movement or water or sustenance, let her know you honor her wishes. That is truly the best and highest and most loving thing you can do for her.

      I wish you light and love and many blessings,

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    Peggy said,

    My cat, Buddy, of almost 18 years died about 6 weeks ago. I contacted an animal communicator and was told that he would be coming back to me in December. I constantly question myself as to how I will really know it is him or how we will find each other. I was told he would come to me in a dream as a kitten to show me what he will look like.

    I have dreams about Buddy all the time, but a couple of weeks ago I had a dream about a orange tiger-striped kitten. Buddy was white with tiger-striped spots. I guess I’m confused. I have a strong urge to get another cat before Buddy comes back in December, and even though I’ve always been a one cat person, lately I’ve been thinking about getting two cats instead of one.

    • 19

      Hi Peggy – Thanks for sharing, and I am so sorry about your losing Buddy. My only advice to you would be to follow your heart. Take the cat or kitten who speaks to you, whenever or wherever that may be — and if it’s more than one, great! I have seen animals return to their people in very specific ways and at certain predicted times, but I have also seen miraculous reunions that have come about in ways that never could have been predicted. And, truthfully, sometimes it is hard to recognize your animal in a new body with a new personality. Trust yourself, and Buddy, and all will be well. Good luck! Leta

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    Dennis James said,

    Hi my min. schnauzer Sky was 14 and i was taking care of her 24/7 for the past few months, as she had an eye removed in february then developed kidney disease. about 10days ago my vet, who believes in eastern medicine, showed me her xray that showed her spleen very enlarged. we decided not to operate but make her comfortable. she has been very peaceful over these months, and in fact has always ben an extremeley loving caring and quiet dog. she has had her moments of playing, but mostly very serene. finally friday she was very pale in the gums and i took her to emerg. for a transfusion which the doctor recommended. while we discussed options, they had her in the operating room. i decided to go with just the transfusion, not operating on the spleen. they called me into the room as Sky was breathing heavily and they thought she might not make it. She in fact stopped breathing before they could do cpr. now i am heartbroken and lost. I have another schnazer girl here with me, but i am planning to get another schnauzer and i sure would like Sky to come home. I told her before that i want her to return when its time. Today i saw a male online that is almost a year old, but he is so sweet and has something in his eyes that is calling to me, but is that possible she can be in him? or would i be better off to wait for a litter to be born to a lady i have been talking with who is a breeder who recommened the wonderful vet i am going to now? its hard to know if you are doing the right thing. I would appreciate any impressions you might have. thank you very much

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      Dear Dennis – Thanks for sharing your grief, I am SO sorry for your loss of Sky. It does feel like it was her time. I also get the impression that she wanted to go on and leave now because she was so looking forward to coming back in a young body again. So, in other words, it was almost like leaving now was “part of the plan,” even though it was terribly difficult and sad. As to whether to adopt the year-old dog or wait for a puppy: That’s a hard question. But I have seen cases where one animal’s has joined an older animal (not a baby), by permission, so I don’t doubt that Sky could enter the little year-old guy who is so appealing to you. In that type of scenario there is usually a blending effect, where the previous personality’s soul stays as well, so you have sort of a combination of personalities. Sometimes that is pretty easy, sometimes not so easy. The dog’s young age should make it a little easier on both souls; just don’t expect someone who is exactly like Sky. But then, even if you take a new puppy who is Sky reincarnated, the personality will probably not be exactly the same anyway. I say, take the little guy! And then maybe a puppy later on too. But I’m probably not the best person to take advice from, as I just took my sixth dog, a Great Pyrenees rescue from the local animal shelter. Whichever way you go will be right, so mainly just listen to and follow your heart and don’t doubt yourself. Again, I am so sorry for your loss and wish for all the best with your little Schnauzers in the future. Leta

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        dennis james said,

        Leta, Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel so much better. I was thinking the same thing you were that maybe i should bring “casanova” home and get a puppy later too. i called the lady who has him and she hasn’t called back. also i talked with a very nice lady today who has a litter coming, just bred the dogs and she is going to breed another female later this week. (ready in november probably) she knows my vet, and she sent me pics right away, and the parents look like sky. i am thinking this may be my sign. im keeping an open mind, and maybe the lady who has the 1yr old will call. it is hard for us to just wait and not try to control the situation, perhaps like i read, sky is visiting her old friends for a bit before she is coming back to us. you are such a help to us! thanks so much, dennis

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    Kim S said,

    Hi, i was searching for animal reincarnation when i saw this blog. I spoke via email with a pet psychic who was helping me communicate with my dog and asking him questions. It has given me a great sense of peace but she usually communicates with lost animals not deceased ones. Yesterday i had to put my almost 3 yr old Mini Chocolate sparpei to sleep. He became sick very suddenly and by the time we got him to the vet there was little they could do. He had an abdominal mass and we would have done surgery but his kidneys were failing and the surgery was dangerous to him and expensive. I feel horrible that expense is an issue when i feel like i have lost a child. He would have been 3 on Monday the 8th. He says he is ok now and has no pain or suffering and he was happy when he was with me which is all i can ask for, he says he does not blame me for anything although i blame myself. He won’t talk about his illness just that his soul has passed and he was happy for the short time he was with us. He felt like his passing was a burden on me because i am so sad. He says he is not ready to come back to me yet but he may some day as another dog. I know it is just a way for me to hang on to him and not likely but i would give anything for that to happen. When i asked if i would know it was him she was unable to assist because as i said she deals with living and lost not those that have passed. I simply want to know that i did right by him and that he was happy and if it is possible to come back i want to know how i will know. I don’t want any other soul but his. I went on to the website of the breeder i purchased him from to see if there were any other dogs that “felt” like him, you know looked like he was there in them and of course he was not there. There is a great sadness in all of this he was so young and to us the very best friend, companion and protector. If he can see us or hear us we will keep telling him that over and over.

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      Dear Kim,
      Thank you so much for sharing with us about your precious Shar Pei who has recently departed. My heart goes out to you. It is my understanding that many of this breed can be prone to serious health problems. In fact, one of my clients, a Shar Pei named ‘Punkin’, refers to Shar Peis as a “race,” and she also departed too early, saying she wants to come back as another Shar Pei to help improve the genetics. Perhaps your little guy will do the same. In any case, my wish and prayer for you is that you and he are reunited eventually. If he comes back, I’m sure you will know him. Give him a little time — sometimes the soul needs a little in-between space before returning. Keep an open heart and mind, and hold a positive vision. I know you and he will fulfill whatever your path is together. Thanks again for posting and sharing. Leta

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        Kim S said,

        Thank you Leta. I never knew this would be so painful, even for the few short years we had him he was such a vital part of the family. There is a huge hole. I keep thinking i hear him in the house, i keep looking for him in his favorite spots. I close my eyes and he is always there, sometimes happy and healthy and sometimes as i last saw him. I have always had pets but never the connection we had. Despite the genetics this is my favorite breed, and maybe when the pain subsides we will try again, my hope is it will be him of course, but no matter what he will always be in our hearts.

      • 26

        Kim, if you’d like to read the blog about my Shar Pei client, Punkin, go here: Punkin’s people are now in the process of taking a new puppy we all believe is Punkin reincarnated. If you think talking to or emailing with Punkin’s mom might help I will ask her to contact you (you can email me privately with your contact information through my website, Losing Punkin and finding her again has been an amazing journey for her, one she says she may share in a book some day. She is absolutely as passionate about the Shar Pei “race” as you are, so I know she can relate to your pain. Blessings, Leta

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    Mary Kay said,

    When our Sharpei , Punkin, was in her last days and so very ill I cried almost costantly and was so sad. But when her soul departed, there was lifting of my spirit and even though i missed her presence, she came vividly back to my husband and me the very night of the day she passed as a moth/butterfly. She sat on my shoulder and on his glass. Until our relationship with our previous sharpei , Cuddles, I had not thought too much about animal communicators nor reincarnation. Now i know there is no question. Cuddles gave us very specific directions on her passing and she never intended to come back. Punkin on the other had is a deep soul with more to teach and learn. She not only said she wanted to come back as a Sharpei but same color.
    so after she passed and we greived for a few moths, i started looking at breeders and new pups. A couple of time I almost took one without her permission because they were so cute, but waited. She even named one pup I wanted , Athena, and said her soul was too strong for Punkin to join .
    SO we waited . One breeder I really liked had only boys and Punkin is no question female soul. Three weeks ago a breeder (who normally does not send photos of new borns but did for me) sent photos of new litter. TA DAA even with her eyes closed and new born, I knew. I dreamed I was playing with her and calling to her “Isabella, come Bella” so that is her name. Punkin who was constatly visiting me in “flyers” nver visited after that day and I know she will be there when I pick up Bella in a month. I am so excited and happy that i learned this wisdom and wonder what other learnings are in store.

    • 28

      kim s said,

      thank you mary Kay for the hope that there is that possibility. I have not seen any signs or had any dreams or any “communication” with Hamilton at least not on a conscious level. I talk to him every day, say “good morning, good night, i love you.” sometimes carry on conversations with him which always leave me crying, and anyone looking would think i have finally lost my mind!! I even asked him if he knew Punkin, since they are together, but i cannot communicate the way others can. I know i am not ready right now to move on to any other dog and maybe when i am i will get more of a sense that he is ready to come back. I only want a male sharpei, not sure why, and only a sharpei, but it is my understanding they can come back as any breed any type of animal correct? Until i contacted the woman who helped me find my other dog when he was stolen from us, i had never imagined that when animals pass they reincarnate. I think just the possibility that it could happen took a lot of the sorrow of his loss and turned it into positive energy. It still hurts but somehow there is a hope for something else down the road. I am so happy for you that you are once again being reunited with your precious punkin (Bella) i wish you so much love and happiness with her.

  11. 29

    lilo said,


    3 months ago i lost my beautiful baby dog, i took therapy for pet loss , did all the excersises , everything and more but still could not get peace in my heart, until i contacted an animal communicator, the reading turned out to be very sucessful and proved my baby was alive in spirit, so at that moment i stopped crying the way i was doing it, but also she mentioned she will come back to me soon, i am the worst person to find signals or have intuition and i am very afraid she comes and i do not recognize her, she only said i will look for you, but i would like to contact again the animal communicator to ask her for a sign, or something and also would like to know if she would remember me and her house or not, could you please help me, it means the life to me, thanks.

    • 30

      Oh I am so sorry for your loss! I lost a dog once who I cried for months over, and would have vivid dreams about. I don’t think I ever got over it. Each loss is unique too, and for whatever reason, some are just harder than others. I would be happy to help you investigate your dog’s coming back to you — you’d need to go to my website, to the ‘consultations’ page, and contact me that way. How to set up a session is explained in detail there. BUT, that said, it might be wiser to go back to the animal communicator you used last time since that person already knows your dog and the circumstances. My website is, should you choose to work with me, but whatever you do I wish you the best. The important thing to remember is that if you are meant to be together again, you will be. Simple as that. So you don’t have to work too hard to make it happen or worry too much about how or when. Sometimes those things can be relayed to you through an animal communicator, but sometimes not. So trust is a big part of it. Many blessings, Leta

  12. 31

    mary kay davis said,

    My Punkin is back. Some of you may have read about my loss of Punkin , my beloved Shar pei. She visited me in spirit many times and I could sense her through butterflies, moths, dragon flies. She told me she would come back and was very specific about the little girl puppy she wanted. Several times while checking with breeders, my husband and I would find a prcecious one and we kept getting the message that it was not right yet.
    Finaly 7 weeks ago, a special breeder agreed to send early photos of pup without eyes open and new born. No question this time. Punkin flew to her and i have not one time since then seen or felt her spirit or her “flyers” since that day.
    So Sat, I flew up to pick up my puppy. I had not even thought of a name but dreamed I was playing with her in my yard and calling “isabella, Bella” so when I woke up that is her name and she is a “Bella”. I became very nervous the week before I picked her up. What if i am wrong and pick up the wrong pup and Punkin has settled her spirt in another?? I was all of a sudden for the first time -unsure.
    The breeder walked into the room with Bella and there indeed was my Punkin Bella. NO question! She has all puppy attributes but also very confident and dances her way across the room. SHe has the same color of Punkin but also a sort of unusual tip to her ear that curls up. None of her siblings look much like her. She was the unique one of the litter.
    SO we fly home and although she was a littlle unsure of surroundings the first day, but day two she is “flying” across her yard and through the house. She whined for food but instead of going to the bowl like new pup might, she went to storage door and stood there” MOM, here is my food. I’hungry” My husband and I are amazed and blessed to have our Punkin Bella and have zero doubt of this pup.

    • 32

      Thank you, Mary Kay, for posting about this. What fun to hear that Bella (aka Punkin) knew EXACTLY where her dog food was stored! This has been a fascinating and delightful journey to travel with you, Bob, and Punkin, and knowing she achieved exactly the reincarnation she desired is pretty darn astounding! I will write a whole separate blog about this and will include pictures of Baby Bella! Thanks again for posting this story. I hope it will give others hope and confidence that they can indeed be reunited with their beloveds.

    • 33

      Kim S said,

      Oh Mary Kay I am so happy for you and your husband..! Congrats. It gives us all hope that we too may someday be reconnected with our beloved pets. I am still getting use to not having Hammy around – some days are better than others but then i remember his words to me and i feel “better” almost at peace. I cannot wait to see Bellas pics. Please keep us in the loop as she grows, i am sure you are all happy to be back together. YEAH!!!

  13. 34

    Shannon said,

    I lost my beautiful Calico (Madison) on November 20, 2010. I purchased Maddy with my Birthday money at the age of thirteen (I am Thirty one now) and was blessed to have her in my life for eighteen years. Everyone has told me “wow that’s a long time for a cat, you should be happy”, i know i was lucky to have her as long as i did, but i have not been able to wrap my had around her absence … my home doesn’t feel the same without her here. She had an extremly wonderful life with no illness or injury until early October of this year, i took her to the vet because she stopped eating and was looking well, she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. I brought her home (my Vet recommended Euthanisation) and completed treatement (fluids, renal powder and low protien food) and she did well for a little while, unforntunately the excess fluids put too much pressure on her heart, and after an agonizing twenty four hours i had to put her down (she wasn’t breathing well and just looked like she was in a lot of pain). I feel so guilty for doing that to her … even though i know it was the right thing to do. I can’t get the image of her dying inmy arms out of my head. We cremated her and have recently gotten her ashes back, approximately two days after her ashes came home i started to dream about her. I have dreamed that i can hear her, but i’m not able to see her. Does this dream mean she is looking for me? Can animal spirits communicate with us through dreams? what are the chances of her coming back to me? Of course i asked her to, i just love her so much and she has been a part of my life for so long. Is it selfish of me to ask her to come back? or is she better off were she is waiting for me to cross over and meet her there. Sorry about all of the questions .. and thank you for your time.

    • 35

      Hi Shannon, Thanks so much for posting and for sharing your pain. I am so sorry for your loss and truly understand how you are feeling. Without doing an actual communication session with Madison, my impression is that she is not looking for you, but rather is actually staying with you in spirit. And if is often only in the dream time, or when falling asleep or waking up, that we are able to perceive things like this. It feels to me like you need to talk to Madison’s spirit and tell her she can go on. She needs to go to the light so her soul can fully realize its next step and grow spiritually. She may be staying with you because you asked her to come back, but you need to tell her she has to go to the light first, before that can happen. You may feel a difference after you ‘release’ her. In any case, you might consider contacting an animal communicator to do a consult with Madison so you and she can talk through the possibility of her coming back, your respective feelings after her leaving, your guilt over having to put her down, etc. I or any other animal communicator who does this kind of work should be able to help you. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best and many blessings. Leta

  14. 36

    Shannon said,

    Thank you .. i am very interested in speaking with you or another communicator to assist with this process. Whether she comes back or goes on and stays in the spirit world doesn’t matter to me as long as she is happy. She gave me so many years of joy and happiness, i only want the same for her now. If you can let me know how the communication process works, if it can be done over the phone etc that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your response, advice and direction 🙂

    • 37

      Hi Shannon,

      If you would like to check out doing a session with me, just go to my website,, to the “consultation” page and there’s a full explanation there about how it works, how payment is handled, etc. And if this method doesn’t suit you, you might check out the directories of animal communicators on both and There are many communicators who do afterlife work, and everybody works a little differently. So be sure you find someone you feel comfortable with.

      If we work together, I look forward to it. If not, I wish you only the best and I know this will all be resolved and brought to peace.


  15. 38

    RogersJayi said,

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

  16. 39

    Lynn said,

    In August 2010, my little chihuahua Tim was murdered by a neighbourhood boy. He had always been my baby and I grieved for him immensely. I also swore I would never allow myself to get close to another animal again. Exactly 5 weeks to the day of Tim’s death, a feral cat in our neighbourhood literally came to me and then led me to the side of a building. To my amazement there was a single kitten, aprox. 5 weeks old, huddled under a piece of tin. I allowed my husband to bring the kitten to our home but I wanted nothing to do with it. In fact I left the following day and was gone away for work for aprox a week. When I arrived back home the kitten immediately attached herself to me and has been my baby ever since. I have had many cats before and never has one acted like this little girl does. She always has such a regal look about her (I always told Tim he was my little aristocrat), she insists on being held at every opportunity, she burrows in my blankets like Tim did, she sleeps in between my husband and I with her head on our arms, like Tim did, and while she likes our other cats, she prefers to play with our other chihuahua. I miss my little Tim deeply and pray that somehow he has come back to me, but at the very least he knows how much I loved him.

    • 40

      Hi Lynn,
      Oh wow. Your email gave me huge goosebumps all over. I don’t know who that kitten is, or if she is or isn’t Tim, but somebody’s sure looking after you to make sure you don’t shut down your heart. I think closing our heart to love can kill us physically, really – cause heart attacks and such. I went through the same feeling when I lost a special dog to violence many years ago, and it took me months and months to get over it. I’m glad the little one has shown up to help keep you open, and yes, I’m sure Tim is aware and knows how much you love him and how you are feeling. And who knows, maybe he IS the kitten and you should call her Tam! Thank you so much for posting this experience. I know all these stories help others who are going through similar circumstances. Many blessings, Leta

  17. 41

    Katalin Varadi said,

    5 weeks ago I lost my most precious baby cat in a car accident. The most beautiful Siberian forest cat with the most incredible eyes… I am devastated ever since. She lived with us for only a year and she meant the whole world to me. She came out of nowhere when I asked for a cat. She just appeared, and decided to live with us. I spent very much time with her and considered her as a child. We had an undescribeable connection which I feel I will never have again with someone. She was one of a kind. I cannot process the fact that she had to leave so soon, and I am aksing her to give me a sign that she is alright now and waiting for me. Sometimes I do feel that she is in me, and that calms me. But the pain is still unbearable. What should I do, how should I think about this tragedy? If se had to go so young, what are the chances that she would reincarnate and come back to me? It doesn’t make sense…I know I have to understand that this is her journey, it is about her and not me. One last question: Yesterday I visited my grandparents where there is a cat I am on good terms with. Since my baby’s accident I am avoiding all cats, the pain is just too terrible yet. This cat just ran to me like it was an extreme urge, and jumped up the chair and ran up and down so that she would be as close to me as possible, til I would eventually pick her up and pet her. For a moment I had a thought/feeling, that this may be my little beloved. Could it be that she took over the old cat just for a moment and ran to me with the biggest happiness and urge to be with me again? I know it sounds to good the be true but I do believe in miracles and any such thing means a world to me. Thank you in advance for your help, I really do need it.

    • 42

      Hello Katalin – Thank you so much for feeling you could share here about the pain you are experiencing over the loss of your cat. Many people do feel just as you describe, that their connection with a particular animal transcends all other relationships in their life; so the loss is devastating and almost unbearable. I would urge you to either contact an animal communicator to tune into your cat to make sure she is at peace or perhaps to go online and look for a group you can join of like-minded souls who are working through their grief. I do feel your cat probably “visited” you briefly via the older cat at your grandparents’. That phenomenon is absolutely possible, and it feels like it was her way of letting you know how awake and aware she is. I hope you are able to come through this and see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. If you’d like a consult with me just go to my website,, to the consultations page and it will tell you there how to set one up. There is also a wonderful website by Teresa Wagner, an animal communicator who specializes in grief over losing our animals. That site is and you may very well find some comfort there as well. I wish you much peace and many blessings, and am so sorry for your loss. Thank you again for posting. Leta

  18. 43

    Katalin said,

    Dear Leta,

    Thank you so much for you help. I will look into options and see what can help the most. Teresa’s website is amazing indeed so I will keep on reading it, it has helped a great deal already. And the fact that it is absolutely possible for the departed ones to ‘visit’ the ones who are left behind, just changes everything. And also to know that we are not alone in the pain and it is not crazy to love and care for an animal so much.
    Thank you so much for your kind words again. Katalin

  19. 44

    caroline moulds said,

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I lost two dogs last year. One was put to sleep in August and the other died at 4 only one week before christmas with liver cancer. No one knew of this and she was being treated for a fake pregnancy. My husband was offshore when she died and I have a very odd dream that she was spoke to me. she told me she wouldnt leave until my husband was home and everything was ok and that she didnt meant to leave. She then showed me my husband sitting on the couch holding her ashes in a PINK pottery urn. She told me it was completely different to Tizers (his was a blue scatter tube box!). I never told my husband this but did my mother. As events unfolded he was sitting exactly where she placed him, cluching the exact same urn as I had seen in my dream. I was both upset and confused by this. Ive had alot of visions like this before and thought nothing of it. Anyway, we have been looking for a dog for a month now and I finally located on in Ireland. When the man sent a pic I had to get her. She looked almost identical to my dog that died at christmas. I brought her home to Scotland and she is so like my dog (both dogs were very very different). Tonight I looked closely at her and she has an angel white birthmark on her tummy (she is a full red boxer!) it looks like the angel has its back to u and on the left handside of what would be the back is a tiny perfectly formed heart. Do you think this could be my dog back with me? Its all confusing and i would love to find out how we could find this out via a communicator or such like xxx

    • 45

      Dear Caroline,
      Wow, what a story. I feel pretty sure this new dog is your other one reincarnated, but there are many, many animal communicators who could check this out for you. If you research online you can find people’s specialties. Good sites are or to look in the directories of communicators and read about what they do. I could help you as well (go to my website link on the home page of this blog). The other option is just to trust your own innate wisdom and knowingness, and if you think this is the same soul, then it is. I love the angel birthmark with the heart in it! SO wonderful, and what a sign from Heaven! I wish you peace and love and all kinds of blessings on this new leg of your journey. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Leta

  20. 46

    Mechelle said,

    Hi, i want to share my story of my cat/kitten i have, that i believe has come back to me reincarnated. I didnt know that it can happen at all untill i read about it on the internet after getting my new kitten which was determined to let me understand what has happend. I was also desperate for some relieve because i lost my cat Jazzy beginning of December last year. I got Jazzy about 4years ago where i rescued her from being put down at a animal shelter where i was helping out for the day. We connected instantly and from that day she has been with me through thick and thin. She has always been by my side. Almost like she was trying to give back for saving her life that day and giving her a chance to change mine. But beginning of December last year she went missing. We had just moved into a new place and i needed to mop the floor and put her on the balcony, thinking she wouldnt go anywhere, because she usually stays close to where i am. Although there is a place she can go and jump off, which she did. She must have got lost and walked back to the old place. Someone i know saw a cat like her ran over by a car along a high way, which she had to cross getting back to the other place. After her disapearence i put pamflets in most post boxes in the area, no one has contacted me. I cried like a baby missing her so much and had dreams about her almost every night. Then one of my best friends on facebook posted pictures of kittens for adoption. I then saw it minutes after she loaded it, this one kitten got my attention immediately but i let it go not sure if i must get her, being afraid my other cat i have will not like the idea. Two weeks past and she posted them again, so then i decided i must take her. They stay far from me and i dont have a car, but that weekend her sister had to come to my town. I find this all planned out by Jazzy, she has been to my friends place before, when i had a car, she knew i would see the photo’s, which the one of her being the kitten looked strate into the camera. She was only 4 weeks old there, i still have the photo. She looks alot the same and has the same behaviour and personality. So i worked it out that her cat mom must have fallen pregnant the same week my uncle saw “Jazzy” dead on the side of the road. Now the kitten i named Bella, but after reading about animal reincarnation i called her Jazzy again and she responds immediately. I am so releaved, i cant explain how glad i am. She is such a blessing in my life, she makes me laugh when i need it the most and she comforts me when im down. Im so happy to have her back!! We live in a wonderful place. If we only open our hearts, listen to our inner voice, life is magical. All the best to all the animal lovers out there 🙂

    • 47

      Hi Mechelle,
      What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it here, as this seems to be one of the most favorite topics of my readers and they love reading about different people’s experiences with reincarnation. I’m sure this kitten is Jazzy, and the point you bring up about the timing is important. Based on the cases I’ve worked with, the soul usually enters a new body in utero – while the mother is pregnant. So I imagine that is what happened here. If timing is tricky though, entry may be made after birth and even sometimes later in life, where a soul may come in and either swap places with another soul, taking over that soul’s body, OR may end up sharing space – being “roommates” (ha!) – with another soul in one body. There are so many different ways I’ve had this described to me, by the animals themselves, but I’ll bet your little Jazzy got right in there before birth, which is really a perfect time! I hope you have many long and happy years together, and thank you again for sharing. Leta

  21. 48

    Binga said,

    Does anyone know, when an animal return, whether it carries the memory from it former body? Does it have to behave the same way?

    I have an experience with a cockatiel which departed some years back and returned to me in the same form. The day the bird was cremated I told the bird to “return and come back to me”.

    One day out of the blue I heard an inner voice (or thought) which said “go pick me up at the bird shop”. Reluctantly I went to the same shop which I picked up the first tiel and found another tiel with very similar physical appearance sitting there. As that day was almost 6 months after the bird departed, so it wasn’t any thought arise from rush of emotion.

    My wife insisted that it wasn’t the same bird as the former one would let her scratch the back of the neck, the present one definitely showed dislike for such act.

    Please anyone?

    • 49

      Thank you, Binga, for posting this experience and this question. I would love it if any of our readers have thoughts or comments on this. Based on my own experience from handling many reincarnation cases, the answer to your first two questions is: “kind of” and “no.” The new embodiment does carry much memory from former incarnations, but it does not have to behave the same way. It might, but there may also be many differences. I’ve seen cases where the “new” character is almost identical to the old, and other cases where they are almost polar opposites. I believe one major reason this is so is that, just as with us humans, animal souls are constantly evolving, therefore each incarnation addresses issues their soul needs in order to expand and grow. So there will usually be differences. The important thing for us to remember, when we realize we have an animal who has come back to us, is that we must not expect him or her to be a clone of our prior beloved, and that we must strive to understand and appreciate the new “version” for exactly who he or she is, and to learn from what they have to teach us in their new form. Thanks again, and I hope you all enjoy your new little cockatiel immensely! Leta

  22. 50

    Cornel said,

    HI, maybe it was wishful thinking or fate that brought me to this blog. I was googling animal reincarnation and I decided to take a look. I believe in reincarnation and wanted to learn more about the beliefs in animal reincarnation. On Friday last I had to put my baby girl of 8 years, pomeranian/pekinese mix, to sleep. This is where maybe the wishful thinking comes in…Princess touched our lives with her personality and small cute face and as I was laying her to rest the thought popped into my mind that we would be reunited again in this world. She had touched our hearts and souls too much to be just taken away.
    After reading the blog I believe that Princess will return to us again because she knows how much she was loved and is missed.
    Any comments would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    • 51

      I am so, so sorry for your loss. When I put myself in your position and think of losing my smallest dog Frida, I can hardly stand it. So I know you are suffering and grieving. That said, the “flash” of knowledge you had when laying her to rest feels to me like the true essence of a “psychic hit” or “psychic knowing.” As I read it, this didn’t feel like wishful thinking (which would also be totally understandable). If you had that feeling/knowing that strongly, then I am sure it is going to happen. The hard part is that we don’t always know when or where or if we will recognize our friend again. But don’t worry too much, and don’t try to make it happen. These things have a way of coming together, sometimes in ways we would never expect. Meanwhile, blessings to you and yours as you get through your initial grief for Princess. Thanks so much for sharing about this.

      • 52

        Cornel said,

        Thank you for your reply. After reading the stories here, I think your blog brings comfort to those of us who have lost someone very precious to us. I can relate to the emotions felt by the others…expecting to see our friends in their usual place, talking to them, keeping their memory alive. It’s a common thread that has no geographical boundaries. I am in Trinidad in the Caribbean. I go every morning and when I get home from work and say hello to my baby girl as I would usually do. Even though I can’t physically shake her hand or scratch her head or belly, I do it mentally and I believe that her spirit responds as she did in life.
        With sincere thanks

  23. 53

    Elena said,

    In 16 July I got married, but in 9 July my lovely cat Bella was killed by a car, she was just 3 yearls old. I am so devasted, I don`t what to do. I cry everyday, the house is so emty. ..

    • 54

      Dear Elena,
      I am so, so very sorry about your beloved cat Bella and send heartfelt condolences. I hope you are able to feel joy about your marriage, in spite of the contrast in happy and sad, and send congratulations about that. Thank you for sharing with us. I know many feel and share your pain.

  24. 55

    Claire said,

    Hi Leta,

    I have a bit of a strange question to ask. In the last four months, I have tragically lost both of my beloved kitty boys: one was nineteen and I knew his time had finally come, and the other only six years old and very unexpectedly from a heart attack. This has been beyond devastating, as I’m sure you can imagine.

    The strange question is this: do you think animals reincarnate as humans?

    I’ve always believed that my oldest cat and I were bonded beyond space and time. This year I’ve been contemplating getting pregnant for the first time and had always feared that it would interfere with all the attention I give to my kitties. Now that they are both gone, and so suddenly and close together, I can’t help but wonder if they moved on so that they could come back to me as children? Is that crazy or extreme wishful thinking? I’ve just always felt a very strong sense that my time with them both was far from over and I would definitely have them in my life again, but strangely I don’t feel as though I should be looking for any more cats. And that is strange for me because I LOVE cats.

    Thank you for any insight you can give me on this. Your website and this article in particular have been a great comfort.


  25. 56

    David Rogers said,

    I lost my rabbit (9yrs old) named Wookie though we called him “Bunny” He was an indoor Lion head. When we 1st met it was like he chose me and our bond was so strong, he followed me all over the house, and would grunt and buzz around me and stand on is back legs for me to stroke his head. Now he his gone I cry a lot and my heart aches all the time. I cried over his body and promised him I would find him when I also die. I have since been reading up on reincarnation. I am realising that he could find me! Again, and soon. I am thinking of getting a new lionhead male, but how will I know it’s him? Where do I look?

    • 57

      Hi David – Thank you so much for posting, and I am so so sorry for your loss. I love hearing stories about rabbits, because they are less common than those about dogs and cats, but just as meaningful. And I love the name Wookie. As far as knowing how to find him . . . gosh, there is no magic formula. You just need to follow your heart and “watch” for signs about where to go, where to look, etc., and then see how you feel about the new little being you find. And it can definitely be a bit confusing, because reincarnated beings often have many attributes of their previous incarnation but also many NEW attributes and personality traits that may be different. But don’t be daunted. If you heart says ‘yes,’ then go for it. And I wish you blessings and all good “luck” in this re-coming together! Thanks again, Leta

      • 58

        David Rogers said,

        Thank you, so much for your reply. I understand: it’s a subjective personal and meaningful journey. I will look for those subtle signs that only I will know of and understand. It is hard though to listen with your heart strings when they have been so wrenched by loss. To know without knowing why you know I think is the way of love/spirit. He was and I guess still is, a patient wise old boy. I am sure he will find a way, as will I.

  26. 59

    David Rogers said,

    I have just got a new lionhead rabbit 6mths. He has a big White W on his nose, eg My last lionhead I lost was names – Wookie. It’s all I needed. My wife named him (just because she likes the name)….Boo! How funny is that!

  27. 60

    David Rogers said,

    I have just got a new lionhead rabbit 6mths. He has a big White W on his nose, eg My last lionhead I lost was named – Wookie. It’s all I needed. My wife named him (just because she likes the name)….Boo! How funny is that!

  28. 61

    Eilan said,

    I’ve been reading and trying to find some healing on your Animal Reincarnation post..
    I just lost (30-12-2011) my 9 yrs old cat Mike who has been in our family since he was 4months old. Since the very beginning that the lady who gave us Mike, said that cats usually pick up a person in houses with more than 1people. It was pretty clear he picked me. He would sleep over and rub absolutely anything it was mine like small card boxes, computer case, ( even on my computer!), papers from college and school, all my clothes.. my bed, sofa, pillows, desk, even my shoes!…
    We had a great connection from what i used to think cats could have with humans.. I remember he would come down stairs (i live on 2nd floor of a flat) every time i was home and come upstairs together, or if he didn’t, he was waiting at apartment’s entrance, i picked him up to my lap and ask him for a kiss, and he licked my face all over like a dog! He used to do that too to my arms when he was on my lap. Maybe he thought i needed a bath or something!(lol)
    My mother used to be very jealous about his attitude, since he only acted like this with me.
    About 3 months ago, he “suddenly” went blind and was diagnosed severe hypertension(about 20). Doctors couldn’t find the hypertension reason soon enough to save him. At start they pointed for a kidney infection, then for a peritonitis, and after the surgery, found out he had an huge kidney tumor (sized of an egg) that already spread to the other kidney and surrounding parts including aorta. After the operation, he had a respiratory arrest which made him last 3hrs breathing with an oxygen mask.
    I remember him at the hospital cage, when i came to visit, trying to climb to my shoulders and lap, like saying “Please take me out of here!”.. He was still so brave for someone with such an huge tumor…
    So what i’m here trying to find out… from what i have read… can he come back to me?
    Can you help me ? Can you relieve my pain? Can you guide me? I want him back so much.. I never told him i would want him back because i never thought he would be gone so quick 😦 I have been a a reincarnation believer for almost 10yrs since my uncle passed away too young with lung cancer, and to me that would be the only way to “have him back”..
    Thank you for your time.
    Mike is my everything!

    • 62

      Dear Monica,

      I am so, so sorry for your loss of Mike. I can really feel your pain as I read your message. It is quite possible Mike might come back to you, but it’s hard to predict these things – how or when they will happen. Since he passed so recently, he will probably need a little time to “stabilize” and make the transition out of his body. Later, if you decide you would like me to tune into him and see what I can find out — and make sure he’s okay, of course, which is the most important thing — just follow the instructions on the “consultations” page at my website, We could arrange a session with him that way. Whether an animal comes back or not is really up to the animal, and sometimes they decide to just stay present with their person, in spirit form, instead of reincarnating. Many things are possible. I do hope you can find some peace. Allow the grief but then also meditate while feeling pure love for Mike and sending it to his heart from your heart. He will feel it! Many blessings to you, and let me hear from you later if you would like to try to contact him. Leta

      • 63

        Eilan said,

        Hello again Leta,
        Thank you for your kind and quick answer. It was comforting and very insightful. I would be surely looking for a later on consultation, maybe around Spring would be better?

        But amazingly and it even makes me to believe even more, my mum was told by a coworker (without knowing about animal reincarnation), a story that happened to her and her dog that passed away. Her coworker was very sad and not even willing to accept more animals at her place, and a few months later (around May), her husband came with a lil puppy she said she could just not tell him to get ride of it. She felt such a connection, so strong full of love and compassion. And nowadays her dog behaves and acts exactly like her old dog used to, in a way that sometimes “scares” her.

        My mum was at same time stunned and happy and told her coworker about our conversation about Animal Reincarnation and she was pretty amazed. Sometimes we are pretty septic people, and had an hard time “seeing” more than meets the eye, but maybe someday we will remember what we forgotten long time ago.

        PS: Excuse me for my English, its not my first language. Thank you again for your time.

  29. 64

    Hope said,

    This week is the one year anniversary of my loss of my soul mate, Riley. He was a 13 year old Himalayan Kitty. I have been looking on the internet today for some uplifting stories about reincarnation and I found your blog. I realized that my story may be of benefit to some, because I think that Riley has reincarnated. I was so lost without my little friend that I started asking about reincarnation the week he passed. I was so anxious to get him back. I will have to tell you what happened from there. First, I was thinking about Riley in heaven and the only people that have passed that were close to me were my grandparents. That upset me, because my grandmother hated cats. I was asking for a sign that Riley was happy in heaven. That day my 10 year old daughter came home with ORANGE carnations. My grandmother’s favorite flower was carnations and Riley was Orange or a Flame Himalayan. My daughter had never bought me flowers and I asked her why and she said she just wanted to. (Sign 1). Then, I was sitting in rush hour traffic in Atlanta with thousands of cars. I was questioning whether or not I would recognize Riley when he came back. How would I be sure? I was torturing myself. At that moment, I looked at the car next to me and a stuffed penguin was hanging from the rear view mirror that looked just like Riley’s favorite toy. (Sign 2) It was crazy. The penguin Riley had was not a cat toy. It was actually a penguin that came with a Huggums doll that my daughter received when she was born. He stole it out of the crib. I still wasn’t convinced he was coming back, so I dug deeper. I found a prayer that said, I would like to see if the soul of Riley is going to reincarnate, please give me 3 clear signs in the next three days if he is coming back, Amen. After that I really forgot about it and on the third day I called a Himalayan breeder in NY. During the conversation I sent her a picture of Riley. She said OMG, he looks just like her Boy Breeder Cat’s first born male SKITTLES, this is the name of one of my other kitties. (Sign 3). Then she sent me a picture of him as a kitten and it did look exactly like Riley (Sign 4) Lastly, she sent me a picture of him as an adult and in the picture he was sitting with another kitty that looked just like my other cat, Bradley, Riley’s best friend on earth (Sign 5). There were the 3 signs I was asking for. She wasn’t going to breed anytime soon, but after that she said she would. The litter was born on 5/6/2011. The night before I woke up at 4 AM and the TV screen went white and it looked like there was a bouncing ball of happy energy. It was so weird. I then realized the only time this had happened before was the night Riley passed at 4 AM. (Sign 6 and 7). I went to pick up my baby 10 weeks later. Still I was not convinced and I was asking for signs. When I woke up the next day, I heard Riley Cooper of the NFL . I couldn’t believe it. I had named the new baby Cooper a few days earlier. (Sign 8) Now this was extremely funny, because my husband is an FSU Seminole and apparently Riley Cooper was a Florida Gator. I laughed and asked him how he could let me name a kitten that looked just like Riley …Cooper. Sign 9, Cooper looks AMAZINGLY like Riley. The only difference is Riley was cross-eyed and Coopers eyes are actually farther apart than usual. It almost looks like God put his eyes back in the wrong direction. Well that is my crazy story. I know I should be 100% convinced that Cooper is Riley, but on the anniversary of his death. I am still questioning. Cooper seems more like Riley every day. He seemed very scared at first, which is not like Riley at all. I have read the sooner they come back the more scared they will seems. He does all of the same things and he feels like Riley to me. I just don’t want to lose the memory of my Best Friend. I hope someone posts and tells me I am crazy and that this was an amazing story and Cooper is indeed Riley. I’d love to post pictures of both, but I don’t see how.Blessings!!

    • 65

      Hello Hope – This is a WONDERFUL story and I think will benefit many. I myself believe “signs” are often all around us, for all kinds of reasons . . . we just have to keep our eyes and hearts open in order to see them. What you describe about doubting that Cooper is Riley is completely normal, as, in my experience, each incarnation of the same soul does have unique characteristics so will not be exactly the same as previous incarnations. And it is important to allow this individuality. Whatever part of Riley’s soul is now being expressed through Cooper is because that is how this soul needs to manifest this time in order to evolve/learn/grow. So no, I for one surely will not tell you you’re crazy, and I do believe, from all you say, that Cooper is Riley – that they are both unique extensions of that soul. Trust your heart, not your head. And thank you again so very much for sharing this beautiful story. Oh – if you send me your pictures, preferably of both Riley and Cooper, to my email address, I will write a separate blog about your story and include the pictures. I think this would be a great story to post, if you give me permission. Send to worthington @ herbsandanials . com (without all the spaces, of course). Thanks, Hope!! Leta

  30. 66

    Tereza said,

    Have a nice day Leta,

    I am happy that I found your site and I found some information about the reincarnation of animals. Please excuse my English, but I’m from the Czech Republic and my English is not much good. In our country I have not found anyone who would be able to communicate with animals. Unfortunately … I am troubled and unhappy, because I lost 3.1.2012 my wonderful friend, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bucci. He fought bravely throughout the 7 months with hemangyoma sarcom. I do not describe how amazing it was a dog and although he was given to our family in two and a half years, we understand everything without saying a word. Vet said for me painful information, that surgery is not possible and he has ahead 14 days-month life. Just because I loved him very much, I decided to not wake him from anesthesia (for MRI). I did not want to prolong his suffering and pain. He left when he was happy, when smiling, when eaten, when he drank, when he ran, when he played and when he still had not so much pain. But I am afraid, that he did not take my decision as a betrayal … When I said goodbye to him, I begged him to let me back again to me, give me a sign, let him know. I do not have it closed in myself, and certainly I do not want another dog than my Bucci. I still hope and I please, he want to return. And still, every day, thanks for that, he was my friend …
    Since you have a lot of experience and I have to ask anyone in the Czech Republic, I wanted ask you- for how long the animals are returning back to earth? A week? A month? For half a year? A year?
    Because a week after Bucci left, it was born in the friend´s kennel puppy (male), which are so much like coloring as my Bucci (the more- my Bucci is his great-grandfather) and was named Bucephalus (because of its appearance). I thought it might be him … BUT 14 days after, in my sister´s kennel began “have a period” bitch Any Hany (this is Bucci’s daughter), she was mated with King on January 23, 2012, the second contact (for sure) was scheduled for January 25, 2012, but on January 24, 2012, my sister found open cage at King, which opened the cage at Any Hany and joined together yourself, on January 24, 2012- the day is birthday my Bucci. Is it a coincidence?
    So my question is clear- it is possible to return the dog after such a short time? And if so, how do I know that the puppy that was born January 10, 2012 can be Bucci and not to be born in my sister´s kennel?
    How it works reincarnation- the soul or spirit is already “in the fetus”, the unborn child or enters in the body through childbirth? That helped me a lot …

    I am desperate, because life is hard and empty without Bucci and I’m afraid, that I not know when he will be return (if so) and that gets into the family of someone else. That I not know the sign… : (

    Please help me, any information is for me help…

    Thank you so very, very, very much. And thank you for your work also.


    • 67

      Dear Tereza,
      Thank you so, so much for sharing your story and your pain. My heart goes out to you for your loss. As for those puppies and possibilities for reincarnation, Bucci could certainly have come back that quickly, and in the puppy that was born on the 10th. Sometimes the soul seats in the fetus before birth, sometimes at birth, and sometimes even after birth (not as desirable apparently). But it is also possible that he is coming through one of the puppies at your sister’s. You will have to follow your heart on this, and if you think that first puppy is Bucci, I’m sure you will be right. He might even know his name if you talk to him when he is about four weeks old and use the name to him and watch his reaction. Trust yourself. And do remember that, even when Bucci comes back, there will almost certainly be some individual differences, because each incarnation is a growth step so there are traits and personality changes that may need to occur to help his soul grow. Again, just TRUST YOURSELF AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART. You can’t go wrong that way.
      Many blessigs to you,

      • 68

        Tereza said,

        thank you for your quick reply. I appreciate it… Really. I hope, that my writing will not bother for you… Your opinion helped me and apparently is really necessary emotion, feel it, feel him. Unfortunately, I saw first puppy (born January 10, 2012) only thanks photos. Yes, has a color as Bucci, but now opened his eyes and look maybe a little different. Although how know him now, when I know him only as an adult dog and adult expression is already signed by the experience? My sister says that if a return Bucci, so only into her kennel, to her, despite her dogs. But how do I know in advance? What if I will wait for the puppies after Any Hany, there will be not my Bucci and the puppy from 10.1. will have a different family? I am desperate … It’s obviously very fresh. And just because of my hope of returning Bucci, only thanks my hope, I´m not crying every day and I do not realize that I lost him forever. In the eyes of many people look I like crazy girl, but I’m very glad, that I found you in the world and I can write you my concerns here and be not to convicted. I hope that my Bucci will return… just really I´m afraid really of my bad step which changes the fate of the return Bucci… :_(

        Thank you. I can not really say how much.


  31. 69

    vicki said,

    hello, my dog died last week, and obviously i am very upset, however i seem to have a strange feeling that i will see him again and that he his coming back and i will know him when i see him, am i going crazy or what
    many thanx x

    • 70

      Hi Vicki, You are not going crazy AT ALL! Don’t think too hard about it, and just trust your intuition and instincts. I love your positivity and sureness and thank you so much for sharing this. Leta

      • 71

        vicki said,

        thank you leta for replying so quick, i am glad to know i am not going crazy, so far i have heard him bark in the house since he died, i have seen him out of the corner of my eye, felt him brush on me and i have smelled dog poo in my house and he is the only one who used to have accidents in my house lol,

        just out of curiosity how do i go about finding him once he has come back?

        thanx vicki x

  32. 72

    Rashmi said,

    Hi Leta, My darling Salony passed away on the 15th of January2012. She was a Lhasa Apso and was 16 years and 5 months old. I really dont know how to live without her. She came into my life serendipitiously and filled it with so much joy. Ive never loved anything more in this whole world. She wasnt even sick for a long time or anything..she had just been slowing down because she was old. ON the 11th of Jan she looked really listless and unwell and I took her to the vet who said she was sinking!! her body temperature had dropped and she would probably not last more than 24 hours. I was really shocked and distraught. I begged God to give me some more time with my baby and tried everything possible, went to different vets but they all said that there was no hope and her body was shutting down. I dont know how I could have missed the signs when I loved my baby so much. I held her and for three days and three nights neither of us could sleep. She was awake throughout and all she did was look at my face. She passed away peacefully in my arms and I kept telling her how much I love her and promised her I would see her soon. I wished her all the happiness and a wonderful journey.I wished her more love than one can even dream of and health and protection wherever she was going.
    Today, is exactly one month to the day that my Salony fell seriously ill and my whole world crashed. Ive heard that time heals but for me it only gets worse waking up and seeing her bed empty every morning..I smell her blanket and shes still there!! I talk to her all the time and keep telling her Im so sorry for not seeing the signs sooner that she was dying. I pray to God every night to atleast let me dream of her so I can touch her in my dream. She was my whole world and now shes gone. I cant live without her Leta.Will my Salony come back to me ever? IS she waiting for me in a place where she is happy? will I ever be with my core soulmate again?? PLease help. I just dont know what to do.

    • 73

      Dear Rashmi,
      I felt your pain intensely when reading your message, and I am so sorry for your loss. I know there are no words that can comfort you. As you can tell from the posts here, your feelings are not uncommon – there are many of us who lose an animal who is a soul mate, and there is no way to explain the pain of that to anyone. I’m not sure your baby has passed on to the light – she may be hovering near you just to stay close – so talk to her and tell her to go to the light, and that after she’s done that she can still come visit you any time. It is important that she “let go” long enough to do that and make a complete transition so she can truly be “free.” As for her reincarnating with you, I just don’t know. It depends on the animal and their soul’s journey, and I can’t get a sense of that without tuning into them. I do know that if you are meant to be together again in physical bodies, then that will happen, and you don’t have to worry about how to find each other. If you want me to check in with her, see where she is and how she is and if she plans on coming back, you can go to my website at, to the ‘consultations’ page, and set up a consultation. It doesn’t matter where you live – I work remotely. If you think this would be of any help, I would be happy to talk to her. You might also check out Teresa Wagner’s website, Teresa specializes in grief and has much to offer. I wish you well and send you healing energy, and I do hope that time will slowly help buffer the pain you are feeling. Thank you for sharing, and many blessings to you, my dear. Leta

  33. 74

    Courtney said,

    Hi, my cat has died and I have to admit I am still in shock. He died last month and I have him in all my recent dreams. In the morning I feel like he is here in the morning then when I realize he’s gone I feel maybe he wants to come back but how will I know how to find him?

    • 75

      Hi Courtney – In my experience and that of many clients and family members, our departed animals are able to come to us and touch us while we’re asleep. We are much more “open” to recognizing their presence then. So it is my thought that your dear cat is “visiting” you in the dream time to let you know he is still around and loves you. This may change as time goes on, especially if you send him the message and tell him it’s okay for him to go on to the light. At some point he will need to, so that his little soul can continue on its evolutionary journey. But for now, just take delight and solace in the fact that he is visiting. It’s a rare gift. And I so hope your grief and sorrow abate and that you find some peace before long. Leta

  34. 76

    Tereza said,

    Have a nice day, I´m again I, Tereza, who wrote above about my deceased dog Bucci. I need advice. I was visiting a puppy that was born January 10, 2012 and all of me did not seem interested. Did not come even when I called him, smacked. He suffered through my side, but then fled again. This means that it is not “my Bucci number two”? 😦


    • 77

      Hi T – If you did not feel anything for that puppy, then you are probably correct. It is probably not your Bucci. Keep looking, and just remember to trust your heart. You’ll know when you “feel” something right. Good luck!

  35. 78

    Tereza said,

    Thank you, Leta. If I find my Bucci, I write you… Thank you for your message. Really, thank you…


  36. 79

    Tereza said,

    I hope, that I find my Bucci… I hope… Tereza

  37. 81

    Susan said,

    Hi, 3 years ago I had to have my cat Del put to sleep. He was 18 years old, and very poorly. I still miss him. He was more like a dog, played with the children whenever they were in the garden, and I felt a massive connection to him. I realised that I studied his mannerisms more than I thought I had. In August last year his sister sadly was taken away from us, and in October I decided to get 2 more kittens. After looking and looking I found someone fairly local who had some kittens. We chose 2, and arranged to pick them up 2 days later. During my sleep I was told that I had to take a 3rd kitten, this woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep this dream was so vivid, it was a black and white kitten the same as Del! When we picked up the kittens to bring home we brought home 3. It was unbelievable that he had the same mannerisms exactly as Del. we called him Dobbie. In my heart I knew I wouldn’t have him long he liked to play over the fence too much near the road. Sadly yesterday, at 9 months old he was killed by a car hitting him. I never considered reincarnation before, just a pure coincidence, but there are too many coincidences with Dobbie. He was different on the morning he died, as if he knew what was about to happen to him, he was a creature of habit, he never after eating his breakfast went out to the fence, but it was if he was drawn to it, but he completely broke with his habits yesterday morning and never came to any of the family in the morning. I only ever saw him in the garden but not to touch. Once Dobbie was brought back to us to bury, I touced him and I commented on how much older he looked, not like a kitten. I now realise it was Del that I was looking at!

    • 82

      Hi Susan,
      Wow. Your story gave me goosebumps. It’s almost as if Del came back in Dobbie to prove to you that animal reincarnation does happen and is ‘for real.’ It is also interesting that you didn’t really have to look for him to find him–you were led to him. And of course the dream was so important. Thank you so much for posting this. I think it will comfort many who hope that their animals may return to them. Leta

  38. 83

    Denise said,

    I have heard that humans can reincarnate to animals if they weren’t good ppl. like if you were human and died and moved up you would go to heaven. and vice versa, if you were really bad you would go to hell. sometimes i think the animal kingdom is a form of hell or some kind of punishment, bc ive seen horrible things like animals getting eaten alive by other animals. is this form of existence a form of hell for beings that were once humans and were bad?

    • 84

      Interesting comment, Denise, and thank you for posting. Actually, the Buddhist religion (for one) believes that humans can choose to come back as an animal. I’ve had more than one animal tell me they have been human, and did choose to come back as an animal. So I do believe there is choice involved and no particular formula for who goes where. On the other hand, “what goes around comes around,” and actions do have equal and opposite reactions, so karma can play a large part in what happens to us, both in the physical and in the afterlife. As far as animals eating each other; we humans do that too, at least metaphorically, and we certainly eat animals. Unfortunately this is a part of the dualistic planet we live on, where we are given free choice. There is a lot of material available on this topic these days, so I’m sure if you just Google the right words you’ll find lots of information as well as opposing views. Thanks again for posting!

  39. 85

    Tina Ramirez said,

    Hi my name is Tina, my dog pinto (morkie) was killed by a car on 4/24/12 a day before my daughter’s birthday. I ve never been so heart broken in my life until pinto was killed. I miss him soo much. I cry every day and just wish he was here. I started looking into reincarnation and was wondering if pinto wll come back to me. I didnt tell my 10 yr old that he died I told her that he was missing maybe someone picked him up. There is not a day that goes by that my daughter asks about him and wonders if hes coming back. I know that i need to move on but for some reason I feel that pinto is coming back, how and when i dont know. Ive been looking at morkie pups and there is a lady that has 1 male and he will not be ready until 4 – 6 weeks. Should i wait or continue looking. I ve heard pinto bark in the house as he was the only pet in the house and felt his little steps on my legs as i was sleeping. Am i losing my mind or is he still here. Im crying as im typing and i know pinto knows that he was loved very much and missed very much. What do I do now, patiently waiting for pinto’s return….

    • 86

      Hi Tina, and thanks for posting. I am so, so sorry for your loss! So many of us understand what you are going through, as there are those special animals in our lives who mean more to us than anything or anyone else. As to whether Pinto is coming back to you, that’s hard to tell without tuning into him and having a talk. Lots of animal communicators do this kind of work and you can find directories online. I would be happy to do it too, if you like. Just go to the ‘consultations’ page on my website,, and follow the directions given there to set up a consultation. Either way, I do hope you and Pinto are reunited and that you find some peace and happiness. Thanks again, Leta

  40. 87

    I lost my black lab Roxie on April 30th. I have been torn ever since. I myself am a psychic/spiritualist. I had been having dreams before she passed away that I lost her (she ran away) and I had the police help me find her. In one dream I found her playing with my son who has moved away 3 years ago now and in the other dream I saw her crossing the street with another dog that looked exactly like her.I called her and she looked at me but then turned her head and continued crossing the street with the other dog. I realized that she was telling me she missed my son and wanted to see him again and in the other dream she was at a crossroad between life and death. It didnt dawn on me that she was going to die. She was sick and I had been nursing her. She died at home. I was very upset. She looked at me in an apologetic way as she took her last breath. I am so heartbroken. I know that Roxie will come back. I set up a memorial for her. I told her that I will look for her. Before she died..she kept winking at me. I told her I will look for her to wink so that I will know that it is her. I told her I will look for a brown dog and name her Foxy. It will be like she upgraded her body. I found Roxie in a park. She was very sick and we nursed her back to health. She turned out to be the sweetest dog I ever met in my life. I always told her she was the best doggie in the whole wide world. I just don’t quite know when or where I should start looking for her. I found your blog trying to find literature about how long it takes for a dog to reincarnate.

    • 88

      Hi Jennifer,

      First, please know how much I feel your pain and grief. And I think all the readers on this topic feel the same way. There are just so very special animals that, when they leave us, leave behind a hole in the heart, or a gap in life, that can be filled by no one else. I do so much of this kind of work, and see so many people in deep pain, that I am in fact working on a reincarnation book now that will be based on all the information the animals who have transitioned have given me through the years. Many people share the same questions and are searching for help.
      In that regard, I am so glad you asked this question: when to start looking, where to start looking, how long it takes for a dog to reincarnate, etc.

      Here’s the frustrating part: there is no single answer to those questions. Every case is different, and dogs (or others) may reincarnate at any time after leaving–or even “walk in” to an existing body (which I am about to blog about). So, since you are psychic, I’d suggest giving Roxie a couple of weeks to “rest up” after her passing, and then try to tune into her and talk to her about what her intentions are. Does she want to come back, if so in what form. When, how should you look for her, etc.? This is the kind of conversation I have for clients with their animals, after they’ve passed, if the client wants to find out those things. Some want to just enjoy the freedom from their bodies for a while. Others want to turn right around and return immediately. Some have a very specific form they would like to inhabit–sometimes even a name. Others aren’t so picky. So it can be fun and useful to have a conversation with an animal’s soul about these things. But it isn’t really necessary. If the two of you are meant to come back together, you will. You just may not recognize that it’s happening immediately. And/or the animal may be older, or even a different species.

      I hope that is at least a tiny bit of information to help get you started on processing through this and figuring out what to do. And I am always available to talk to these dear souls if you should want (just go to my web site ‘consultations’ page and it tells you how to set it up). But mainly, trust yourself! If you follow your heart and your knowingness, you will attain your goal.

      Love and Blessings,

  41. 89

    Lorraine said,

    my story is about Quiver, my precious boy I lost Labor Day at 2 Am actually the vet killed him. I have been so guilty, depressed, and don’t feel I want to go on. He was 13 and for 13 he was pretty good health. Blood work in April showed all excellent. I had taken him to the vet Friday and they misdiagnoised him as constipation and sent me home with mere lubricant. They had taken more blood test only- but showed good except maybe inflamed pancreous.
    Sunday morning he had not used the sand box and I called the vet who merely said “increase his dose” Later Sunday I called and said he is getting weak and this is not working, something is wrong. The first thing out of her mouth was “You know its higher charges on the weekend”. I said I don’t care, he is fading. She met me there, did xray and found a blockage. She operated immediately and called me (I should have stayed) she said he is groggy but coming around. I said should I come get him because I don’t want him alone. She said to leave him to get fluids. BIG MISTAKE. I did not know she was going to leave him right away and just come back in 2 hours to check on him. He had not fully came out of the surgery. He had also vomitted on Friday and they gave him meds. He has a history of vomiting. So she left him and he vomitted. She called me and said I am worred he is having problem breathing and not doing good. I rushed there 15 minutes later but she met me and said he passed away! He had no lung problems, no heart problems, good for a 13 year old. I think he vomitted because she did not put anti nausea meds in with the anesthesia and he was took weak to stand to get it out and it went into his lungs. After giving me 13 years of exception love he died alone sick in a cage! I think he was pretty close to death when he finally came back to check him 2 hours later.
    Quiver was found in 2000 in Phoenix wandering the streets for days with an arrow shot through him. They saved him and put him up for adoption. I got him but he took to my 75 yr old mother and for 5 years were inseparatable.
    She passed away in 2005. I have seen her in my home now where i live in Idaho. Quiver saw her too, many times. I think she was coming around to get him. I always begged him everynight not to leave me.
    Yesterday as I sat on the floor sobbing and looking at photos, I had asked them earlier to show me a sign that Quiver was with her and was ok.
    As I sobbed over the photos, a stack of books across the room that had been there over a month fell over. It startled me but I said “Thank you” Thank you!
    Do animals reincarnate if they are with someone on the other side they adored in life? If so how will I know its him?
    I feel so bad and guilty. Is it possible he may not want to come back because I left him with this incompetent vet? I thought I was giving him the best of care.
    Animal Planet was going to do a show on him but 2 days before, mom got cancer.
    How can I know when he comes back? I am so sad and alone. I am almost 70 heartbroken, and alone now. silent world, silent walls.
    Do they leave the ones they love on the other side? I know he is torn between both of us and he mourned deeply for her.

    • 90

      Hi Lorraine – Thank you so much for posting, and I really feel your pain. What an amazing story about Quiver, and what an incredibly sad ending. It is probably too early to tell what Quiver’s soul might have planned. But I would pray and trust that he is at rest for now and will be going through whatever processes his soul needs to undergo in the near future in order to stay on its path. There are so many “unknowns” for those of us left behind, and it seems so unfair. and of course I know there are no words of any kind that can bring comfort at this stage. All I can suggest right now is to allow your grief and try to hold on and trust, trust, trust that things will get “righter” again somehow. I am so, so sorry and sad for you and send you and Quiver my own prayers for healing. You might also look at Teresa Wagner’s website (I think it’s She specializes in grief and has helped many people who feel just as you describe. Thank you again for sharing, Leta

    • 91

      P.S. Lorraine – My blog has been “moved,” to my main web site (I’m just letting the experts direct these things; I don’t really understand it), so I am going to try to copy and move your comment and my reply to that location. I think your comment and Quiver’s story are very important, for many reasons, so I really want them to show up on this reincarnation blog post. There are so many people who are in the same emotional place you are–one of indescribable loss and grief–so the more “conversation” we can have about it together, the better. If you would like to follow more comments on this topic, or just my blog in general, the URL address for the new location is If you bookmark that, or subscribe, you should then be able to follow whatever comes up (though you may have to also “follow” a particular post, if you are especially interested in that topic–like the animal reincarnation one). I know this is probably totally confusing, but I wanted you to know about this “relocation” of this blog, in case you want to follow this reincarnation conversation. Blessings, Leta

  42. 92

    A. said,

    Two weeks ago today my beloved girl had to be put down because her cancer had gotten so extensive. But I want to back up, 14 years ago I leased a horse when I was a teenager. The horse was (unknown to me) a terror to everyone and the stable owner was trying to take advantage when this was the horse he leased me. The horse immediately took to me, my parents said they hadn’t witnessed anything similar. He ran across fields to find me when I pulled up to the farm and was the perfect boy for me. For my family, he was still aggressive and unruly. Near the end of my month lease (which I planned to renew) a woman bought him out from under me because she saw how well he behaved for me. His behavior did not work for her and she found out he would go lame if he gained any weight so she put an end to his life. A week later, my mother walked by her co-worker holding a tiny bottle. She asked what it was for and was told they found a 2 day old kitten in the middle of the road, did she want it. She said no. A few hours later, she called back requesting the kitten remembering I had asked her for one, but someone had already laid claim. Near the end of the day, she received a call, the other person cancelled, did my mom want her. My mom brought her home that day (and later found out the other person asked for her again right after my mom agreed). Upon laying eyes on her, I knew her name, and it wasn’t the name I had previously planned for a cat, it was one that just came to me. I bottlefed her and was her mom, watched her open her eyes and spent every minute with her. I knew she was supposed to be with me, I felt like it was the same soul. When I left the house, she would go lay down, like clockwork, 10 min before I got home, she would come out and wait by the front door. I wasn’t on a schedule, she just knew and no one could figure out why. We had an amazing bond. 14 years we had been together when she got such a fast growing cancer that it was the size of a grapefruit 6 weeks after diagnosis. I am still in such a large amount of pain, but I truly believe we are meant to be together and she will come back to me. I worry that I am hurting so much without her and want to see her that I am looking too hard…when I was at the pet store today they were doing a adoption fair for animal control and there was a kitten who caught my eye. She is 8 or 9 weeks old and after holding her for 20 min, I put her down, not wanting to be in a rush and thinking, she passed 2 weeks ago, being 8 or 9 weeks is impossible. I’m worried I will talk myself out of it when it IS her, how can I stop the pain and be confident I will know?

    • 93

      Hi, and thank you so much for posting. I can only imagine how much pain you are feeling, and I do hope you find some peace and tranquility as the next few weeks go by. I am smiling a bit too, because your story reflects how animals and humans who are meant to be together find one another–without any great “search” or effort. Both the horse and the kitten are great examples. So my advice would be to try to honor this grieving period and let it have whatever energy it needs for a while, and to relax about feeling you need to find this soul again. If the two of you have plans to come back together, it will happen. And you won’t need to try too hard. It is such a mystery–how these things happen. And I wish I could tell you I’ve noticed, from my cases over the years, some particular way of making sure we recognize another kindred spirit soul, but that is simply not the case. It seems to happen in all kinds of ways, and we don’t even always know for sure which reincarnated spirit is in an animal who we feel has returned to us. They are all individual, just as we are, and take on new bodies and personalities not only to be with us, but to help them in their chosen soul path and spiritual growth. I am so sorry for your loss, and send blessings and prayers to you for your healing. Thank you again for sharing with us. Leta

  43. 94

    It’s been a month since I lost my beautiful daughter, my Maltese. I can’t cope without her and there’s more – I am not entirely convinced about her passing away. She missed her 4th birthday by a month. They way she came into my life was beautiful and was destined – she truly found me! I got the opportunity to dog sit for a week and the minute we laid eyes one each other life changed from mundane to beautiful. I never treated her like a dog – she had the best of everything and she loved me like a child. I had a regression session once where I saw her as my child that I lost and then found again. My life started falling apart from the 27th of July – I called off my engagement to my long term lover of 6 years – which was also quite strange. The same evening MAlti started limping and then it all began – every day her condition deteriorated. Vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. a few days before passing away she was detected with a rare autoimmune condition – SLE. On 25th September she did everything normally – ate, walked, played with us although she looked very distant as if her soul had left her body and this we felt many times during those 2 months (July – Sept). She suddenly started feeling uncomfortable and bleeding, I took her in the car to rush her to the vet and she got a heart attack and left. It all seemed to quick and sudden that I couldn’t get a grip of it all. It almost felt like she couldn’t cope with my grief. I am not convinced she was ready to leave and I cant let go. I want her back. I know she is around me or was at least until a week back when I asked her to go …. dogs reacted very strangely towards me – they either got scared or barked and tried to attack me! On her 1 month on passing away, a cat followed my brother into my apartment. It kept meowing and walking around the living area as if trying to talk. I gave it some milk to drink and at one point she got scared and started looking up – as if something invisible was telling her off. She looked scared! We took her back out of the house. Do you think she will come back for me? How will I know? Thanks, Sid

  44. 95

    T Rex said,

    Hi. A few days ago I had to have my beloved cat put to sleep due to kidney failure. He was only 3 and a half and it has broken my heart. I held him while he went and begged him to come back to me – I need him.

    When I held him for the first time he scratched me on the nose. He had been bought up by a loving person who had big dogs and, although she did her best, he had been terrorised by those dogs and consequently was always quite jumpy and skittish and very untrusting. With time he trusted me and would come running to me when he was scared. I told him the nose scratch was our signal – remember to scratch my nose when we found each other again so I would know it was him.

    I have a second cat, a lovely calm female cat. Since my sweethearts passing I noticed she has been acting a little odd. I put it down to her mourning for him. Yesterday I noticed she was twitching the end of her tail like a rattlesnake, just like my Bax did. I had never seen her do this before. I went up to her and leant down, quietly said “Bax, are you in there with Dru?” She promptly reached up and scratched my nose. This is very unlike her, normally she would stick her face in mine and try to lick me.

    My heart leapt and I laughed. I have no idea what is going on, maybe he is residing in there with her to help me through his passing and waiting for a new body? Maybe they have swapped, though I doubt it as her personality is still very very prominent. I see little snippets of Bax from time to time, but it’s mostly her. This morning she was lying on the bed with me, at the foot of the bed. I was feeling miserable. I looked at her and said “Bax I miss you so much”. She meowed and ran to me for a pat. Then after a few seconds went to lie back down again. I’m confused.

    I hope he is in there sharing with her until its time for him to move into a new body and be home with me again. I love him so much, I miss him so much, we need each other. Please come home to me.

    • 96

      Oh wow. What an amazing report – thank you so much for writing about it! I get a very clear feeling that Bax is (was?) using your female cat to “visit” you and show you that his spirit is alive and well. I see that you posted this a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t know if this is still going on, but I feel sure that is the explanation (and I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner!) It doesn’t feel to me like this is a “walk-in” situation, where Bax has taken over your female cat, and they have traded places, but rather that they are close enough and she is strong enough to allow him to inhabit her from time to time so you’ll know he’s present. I do feel he will come back to you, but don’t have a feeling as to when or in exactly what form. It sounds like he is very aware so I would suspect that he is going to choose carefully. But I’ll bet you know him when you meet him, because of that nose scratch thing! Thanks again for posting, and if you’d like to stay in touch with this blog, you can follow it at (I’ve moved my entire blog to my main web site). That link, in fact, is to an article about “walk-ins,” so you might find it interesting. Thanks again! Leta

  45. 97

    Moreleane said,

    I lost a puppy to a car accident on 9th November 2012. He was my first puppy and of the breed I always adored when I was a child, my heart and soul puppy because he was the one who chose me when I visited his breeder. I loved (and still love him) to bits. He was like a child to me. When he was alive, I showered him with love and toys and I gave him everything he needed. He died 3 weeks before his first birthday. I was devastated and cried loads (even now I do).

    I revisited the site where my first puppy died 7 days after the accident and laid down some of his favorite treats nearby. I believe that if his spirit was still lingering in the area, it will show him that I love him and hopefully follow me home. I seldom use that road again after that because the memory of the accident is just too painful to bear.

    My husband loved the puppy as well and he too was devastated. To lose him was so painful that we went out and got another puppy within 3 days of my first puppy’s death. I know some will criticize me for that. However, we felt compelled to fill the vacant spot that my first puppy left us. We are happy with the new puppy who is 15 weeks old when we got him. I shower him with loads of love. This new puppy had to be re-homed because the owner’s new landlord refused to agree that they could keep the puppy.

    The new puppy was a different character when I first got him: He was like a little crocodile snapping away play biting all the time. Within a matter of 10 days or less, he completely changed and stopped play biting. He learned the command ‘stay’ so quickly it was unbelievable for a pup that age. He did a ‘high five’ without even being taught it which my first puppy loved to do to get us to give him treats.

    Despite this, I cannot help but feel that my relationship with my first puppy was taken away so quickly and suddenly and it is an unfinished love story. I always thought I would have a long relationship with him and I did not foresee that my journey with him was so short-lived.

    I wonder has my first puppy reincarnated in my new pup? it is not easy to believe that it is so because the new pup was born 15 weeks before. I just hope I can find some answers but I still pine for my first puppy and hope to see him someday soon.

    • 98

      Thank you so much for posting this story. I am so sad for you, and I too feel you and that first puppy are not “finished” and that you will be together again. I seriously doubt your new puppy is a reincarnated version–though sometimes there are indeed what’s called “walk-ins” (please see this post if you are interested in reading more about that: I for one, congratulate you and your husband on getting the new puppy. I know many people think it dishonors the previous lost loved one, but I don’t think that’s the point. Each and every new soul that comes into our lives, no matter what species, deepens our own life experience and growth, so if you have the energy and love to give right away, then getting another puppy is ideal. It’s just important to remember that each one is unique, with his or her own set of personality traits and needs. I’m glad you were able to understand this and are loving this puppy for just who he is and not comparing him too much to your other puppy. Thanks again so much for posting, and if you’d like to follow the blog, you can subscribe to it at that link above. (I have moved my entire blog to my main web site.) Thanks! Leta

  46. 99

    Anna said,

    Thank you very much for your deep in sights. On 12/12/12 I lost my 20 month old spoodle called Daisy to a car accident and it hurts so much to keep reminding myself that she is truly gone. Being a mum of a demanding baby, recently I couldn’t give Daisy enough attention as before and pondered on whether I should find her a good family that could give her a better lifestyle. In the end, I decided to keep her with intentions to make it up to her to the best of my ability. Little did I know that my next fun walk with her was the last. I can’t stop feeling guilty of what I did and so many ‘should haves’ wrapping around my head that it’s eating me away. She was such a calm, smart, considerate and beautiful creature…I can’t believe that she left so soon and it feels like it’s an unfinished mission that I need to continue. Not long ago I saw a psychic who was SPOT ON with all my readings, she mentioned to expect another pregnancy in 6months and that this child is an ‘old soul’ and whatever I wish for will be granted. I had no idea what my wish was back then. After losing Daisy, I suddenly feel so compelled to wish for Daisy to reincarnate to my child so that I could have another chance to treat her right. My question is, is it possible for this to happen? If this is to occur in 6 months…can she wait around this long? I’m aware that my questions are difficult but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I miss Daisy terribly and I hope that she’s ok.
    Thank you for your time


    • 100

      Hi Anna – Ooh, this is a painful one. I so feel for you. To answer your question, yes, animal souls do incarnate as humans… and vice versa. Investigate some of the Buddhist tenets and literature and perhaps you will find some solace on this topic. Who knows, perhaps your little Daisy left when she did so that she would be available and COULD come back as your next child. These mysteries are beyond us, but the best thing to do is to trust, trust, trust–that things will go exactly as they should for all concerned. These lifetimes–births and deaths and all the experiences in between–make up the lessons our souls need in order to expand and grow. So try to accept that what happened was for a reason, and I feel sure you will see Daisy again, whether as another animal in your life or a child. I’m so sorry I haven’t answered your post sooner, and I greatly appreciate your sharing your story with us. If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, please do so at My entire blog has been moved to my main web site, so that is where all posts now appear, as they are written. Thanks again. Leta

  47. 101

    Leah said,

    Thank you for sharing your experience Anna. I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. I’m not sure what I believe but in astounds and comforts me to know that I share the same thoughts as some people. I lost my beloved cat Bella on Thursday night, she was run over by a car, my neighbour found her on the road and kindly knocked at the door to let me know her lifeless little body was out there. The pain is unbelievable, so much that I feel physical symptoms in my heart like a brick is laying on it. I too feel guilty Anna as Bella had developed a habit of meowing loudly about 9 months ago, its so loud and I didnt know a cat was even capable of making such an enormous noise. She used to wake me, and interupt my thoughts when I was studying and I used to get angry with her, but then of course love her at the same time. In the last month or so I softened and didnt tell her to shutup as my Aunties beloved dog passed away and it struck me that I need to be more tolerant. But I still feel guilty because the night she died I remember being tired and seeing her at my feet and thinking “She should be inside tonight” But I said to her “Did you want to go out Bella?” Why did I do that? If only I listened to my little voice, and I also heard her loud meow again like she does and thought “I wonder if I should bring her in bed?” But I didnt. the guilt I feel is unbelievable she also had fleas which I thought I’d just fixed but her dead body had fleas jumping off it. I should have known, I feel very irresponsible. Anna I hope you you see Daisy again and I hope you feel peace by now. I even thought the same about my cat Bella recincarnating as a baby, which I thought I was the only person who could think like that. I am too old to have a baby at almost 45 but would if I could. This blog has helped me understand that I am not the only one to grieve and love my pet soooooo much. thank you. I’m sorry I didnt know how to reply to the blog on your new site.

    • 102

      Thank you, Leah, for sharing your guilt and pain with us. I think sometimes we just have to trust that every experience with an animal teaches us some lesson we need to learn. I had a horrible loss of a dog in my early 20’s that was totally my fault, and to this day I can barely stand to think about it. My grief was so huge that I woke myself up in the middle of the night for years, bawling from some dream I had had of him. I’m still not sure what the lesson there was, but I’m sure he has returned to me in different forms plus I have slowly learned better and better how to keep my animals safe from harm… at least as much as is possible to do so. Thank you again, and no worries about posting here. I will, however, copy your message and paste it into the other site as well, so others who read there can see it. Leta

  48. 103

    Gabrielle said,

    A couple years ago I went to visit my grandfather in Michigan (I live in California, but go back home to MI every summer). He has a large farm and about 16 horses at any given time. He always picks out one for me to ride. That year, I got to ride Riunite. She was a gorgeous chestnut Quarab mare and HOT (even though she’d be about 21 now). She was perfect for me though. I cannot explain how much I love her. I feel like we have a bond..such a strong one. Nothing in particular was done to make me feel this way, I guess we just connected. She made me a better rider, and helped me grow in so many ways. I still cry about her and not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. But, after the summer ended I went back to California to school. I offered to buy her from my grandfather, but he said no… And just 2 months after I left he sold her at auction. I look at sale ads sometimes..trying to find my girl. But nothing. I’m still so crushed. And people think it’s ridiculous. But I have never felt that way about an animal before, and I miss her with all my heart. Anyway, I’m going to look at a horse for sale tomorrow. She’s a chestnut, just like Riunite. I was wodering if it was possible Riunite may have passed on since I last saw her and possibly is this horse (this mare is 13, though)..? I’ve looked at a lot of horses for sale.. But something comes up, they get sold, I don’t like them for some reason, etc. I also tend to compare horses to my dear Riunite. I know it isn’t right..and I don’t even have a reason for it… I just miss my girl. All I have left of her is her halter, memories, and some blurry pictures..

    • 104

      Hi Gabrielle,

      This sounds like a very painful experience indeed, and I am so sorry Riunite did not end up with you. But no, I seriously doubt she would be the mare who is 13. Sometimes a spirit does “walk in,” or trade places with a soul that is in a body, so I suppose that is possible. Or they combine. But a walk-in (an entire “switch”) usually occurs when one soul is about to leave the body anyway, so unless this 13-year-old mare was at death’s door recently, AND Reunite has passed over, then no, I would suppose not. I hope you can find a good equine companion who is a good match for you, perhaps in a different but meaningful way. You might visit Dr. Madalyn Ward’s website called Horse Harmony and look at the different personality types of horses to see which type would be right for you. It may give you an insight into Reunite’s personality type as well. Dr. Ward is a holistic equine vet and has developed a very fascinating personality-typing system based on Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, so it is very valid. Good luck in your search and thanks for sharing this with us! Leta

  49. 105

    Ben said,

    Hi, me and my partner lost our rabbit on the 13th of this month his passing was sudden and a shock, it’s left us broken hearted and a massive gap in our lives, we would do anything to see him again, or to just let him know we love him and miss him, I’m just wanting to know if I will ever see my friend again?

    • 106

      Hi Ben, Thank you for posting, and I am so, so sorry for your loss. It seems rabbits often leave very suddenly–perhaps easier for them, but harder for us humans who are left behind. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether you will ever see this soul again, but I do know you can still let him know how much you love and miss him. Just get quiet and meditate on him, focus on love for him, and just send it to him–in whatever form or picture occurs to you. He will get it. You may also feel enveloped by his love washing over you. If you go into the meditation without any particular hope or expectation, just the intention of sending pure love to your friend, then all kinds of surprising things may happen. I wish you the best, and I think you’ll know if this soul does come back into your life. Trust your heart! Thanks again for sharing this. Leta

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