Can Cats See Ghosts?

cat watching ghostMy vote is ‘yes,’ and other animals can too.

I’ll never forget the first time I noticed this. I was lying on my bed, in an old abandoned Texas farmhouse I had bought and brought up to livable condition. It had been the homestead on a large, old cattle ranch in central Texas and was built in the late 1800’s. In the 60’s the ranch was sold and developed into 5- to 20-acre plots. I had come across the old place, which was nestled on six acres bordering a large spring-fed pool, and fell in love with it. It was very magical.

The place came with lots of spirits, and lots of strange things happened during the 13 years I lived there.

It was that first year, and I was lying on my high, antique, four-poster bed one evening, probably reading. My grey cat Rose hopped up beside me for a little attention. But she was quickly distracted and walked over to the far edge of the bed, very alert, where she sat down and started watching something I couldn’t see. It was clearly up in the air, a little higher than we were, and she sat watching it for about 10 minutes or so. You know how cats move their whole head when they watch something. Well, hers was swinging right and left wildly, going in circles and zig-zags. It was as if an invisible mouse was turning acrobatic flips in the air right in front of her!

It really gave me the heeby-jeebies. At first I didn’t think too much of it. But then I started watching her watching “it” (or “them”), and before too many minutes slowly edged myself out of the bed and into another room. I continued to watch Rose as she observed the invisible spectacle, which she did until it either left or she was satisfied, at which point she turned around, curled up, and went to sleep. Whoever it was, and whatever she’d been watching obviously didn’t bother her at all.

This was about 20 years ago so was around the same time I was beginning my animal communication practice in earnest. As I became more adept at communication over the next couple of years and built up a history of a few hundred cases, I realized that what I had observed was apparently not too uncommon: an animal seeing spirits or ghosts, or perhaps fairies or other kinds of energies. And all kinds of animals reported it, not just cats.

Here is an example of the kind of thing animals have shown and told me over the years. This is from a session I did in 2005 because the subject dog, Maggie, had started acting very strangely – nervous and anxious and barking a lot.

L:   Maggie, I feel that you are anxious about something and a little nervous, expectant? And like that keeps you somewhat upset. Can you tell or show me why?

M:  Maggie shows me there is energy on the property that should not be there. I see it in the backyard, as if through her eyes: wavy energy. The impression she conveys to me is that it has not always been there.

L:   Does it move around?

M:  Yes.

L:   Has it always been there?

M:  No. And sometimes it wants to go in the house.

L:   Can you help me by identifying this energy? Can you tell if it’s from a person or not?

M:  She thinks it is. It is a “visitor.” She feels she needs to try to watch it all the time, though it’s not like she can really “see” it all the time. She feels it more than anything else.

L:   I understand. And this is a new thing?

M:  Yes. It came one night.

L:   All of a sudden?

M:  Yes.

L:   How were you aware of it?

M:  When I went outside it was there (she shows me it was dark then).

The session went on from there, and it took some weeks for Linda to figure out what was going on energetically in her back yard and take care of it. The explanation was a vortex, which seemed to have become a “high-traffic” area for ghosts or spirits. Fortunately, Linda did not doubt what Maggie had told us so immediately enlisted the aid of someone who works with this kind of phenomenon, and the problem was taken care of very quickly. After the vortex was closed, things went back to normal, and Maggie returned to her easy-going self.

Hard to believe? Maybe. But I’ve handled way too many such cases over the years to doubt them any more, and many times the animals have helped solve nebulous, long-existing problems that no one else could explain.

So if you are having odd occurrences and think you may have a ghost or a poltergeist, you might consider asking your dog or cat to check the situation out for you!

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  1. 1

    alex said,

    Yes, i do to believe that animals can see ghosts my dog has seen them. When i was a little girl i could see what i thought was ghosts ……….but nobody believed me. Than one day my dog ‘Shelly’ was just starring at the door i thought that you know oh shes just being a dog and then she started to bark and bark and bark, she would not stop. A couple days went by everything was fine nothing happened, and i was thinking to myself okay everything is going back to normal. i thought too soon. Shelly and I were laying in my bed, once again Shelly was barking at the door, and i look at the door and i see a black figure. I had no idea what it was.i thought i might had been a ghost. Its been about 5 years since that’s happened, nothing has happened since than but i wouldn’t count on it. So there are such things as ghost and even thou humans can’t see them that doesn’t mean animals can’t see them.

    • 2

      Hi Alex,
      Thanks so much for your story. It is helpful to others who may have similar experiences but feel like they are crazy. Ghosts are definitely amongst us, but not everyone can see them (or chooses to). If you are one of those people to whom they do appear more readily than to others, you might seriously consider making sure you are psychically protected, especially when in a situation where you think spirits might be roving about. It sounds like they think you are approachable, and that’s fine, but you don’t want them messing with you. Who knows, maybe it’s your calling to help these spirits who can make themselves evident to you. Maybe they are trapped, maybe not. But maybe you can call in white light and help them pass on over to the other side. In any case, I do appreciate your story and know others will too. Leta

  2. 3

    anastasia said,

    hello everyone ..sry about my english is not so good ..
    i like your stories alot.. i will set my sty about my cat..
    i bye my cat before 2 months.
    in the first day it was acting ok..but in 1 week later everynight but siriusly everynight he running in the house trying to catch something.. he make so crazy that is scary me ..and when we i go to sleep some times his on my bed and look on top of me something that i dont see and he running on the bed and from the bed to the wall… :s its something have in my house and i feeling all the time when my cat start do this crazy things.

    • 4

      Your cat may be seeing ghosts! I had a cat once who definitely did (see my blog “Can Cats See Ghosts?”). I don’t know where you live, but you might want to find someone who can check your property and clear any unwanted spirits. Good luck! And thanks for posting. Leta

  3. 5

    zoomkit said,

    my cat sometimes walks into another room and i hear her do a really unusual deep soulful miaow, at the same time i get tingles down my spine like there is some new energy around. i wonder if she is seeing something?

    • 6

      No doubt! Especially if you feel something and get tingles down your spine. I think you’re right on with your instincts. Wonder who it is?! (Thanks for commenting!) Leta

  4. 7

    Payton said,

    I need help! I actually have been seeing things. So has my cat, I think. One day when we first moved into my house, my mom was in this room, she saw this black man standing in the doorway.Later on, I saw it in the corner of my eye. Then, my grandmother came over, she saw it, same room, same place. About a week later. I was looking into my mirror. I saw this black blur go racing past behind me. Now a month went by, and my cat in the middle of the night, would be meowing making strange sounds. Nobody lived in the house before me, what could it be?

    • 8

      Wow, Payton! I don’t know, but it does sound like a ghost. And maybe it’s someone who lived on the land where your house was built (since no one lived in the house before you). You can try to tell this spirit that you mean no harm, and let it know it can leave and go to the light. If it does in fact start causing difficulties — in the vein one hears of related to poltergeists — then you may need to get a specialist to help you clear it. Pretty interesting, and thanks for sharing! Leta

      • 9

        Payton said,

        Thanks for the help. Just a few minutes ago (when I was reading) my cat was climbing up the walls chasing something on the ceiling! I got so scared. I don’t feel comfortable talking to a…ghost! It’s scary, and I am really worried. It’s a good thing I’m moving. This house has a sinkhole. Maybe it’s bothering the spirit? Reply soon!

  5. 10

    diana said,

    recently for a few weeks now my cat Ember keeps on staring up the stair for prolonged periods of time. Today i heard him meowing away. I went to see what was wrong with him and found him at the bottom of the stairs staring at his usual spot looking quite happy and almost chatting ‘in cat’. I thaught that maybee lucky my other cat was up ther but when i returned to the sitting room found that lucky was asleep on the windowsil. Ither we have a frequent visitor or Ember has an imaginary friend :). I’ve seen a ghost before, i was staying at my sisters house in Edinburgh. I got up one morning and found a lady walking down the corridor, she looked solid and i thaught she was my sister, she walked into the sitting room and i followed then she was just gone. There’s only one door in and out???

    • 11

      Hi Diana – I love your stories, both of them! Do you by any chance live in Scotland, maybe in an old place? I do think ghosts and poltergeists are more common in structures that are old – just makes sense. There are ghosts here in America – lots of them – but many are out on battle fields or in our oldest houses. But our old houses are nearly as old as those in “the old country.” So I was just curious about that. I’m sure your cat’s “friend” is also a frequent visitor, maybe even a resident . . . and probably a cat lover – perhaps a child? The energy around this feels playful and well-intended, not like a spirit who is malevolent. Thanks for sharing!

  6. 13

    diana said,

    i live in the north east of england near durham city, my house is only around 50years old and was previously lived in 4 times but as far as i’m aware there are no recorded deaths. Whatever it is Ember certinly finds it entertaining he has his little chat and then comes and joins the rest of the family in the sitting room 🙂 he’s very happy go lucky anyway, he’d play with anyone. Or anything including items like loo roll, plugs, and finds the toilet facinating 😀 my sisters house however was fairly old and as far as i’m aware was once a railway station converted into four apartments, lots of strange things happend when i was there, my sister saw the same person that i did but just as she walked past the kitchen door, she thaught it was me 🙂 and her fire alarms both went off at 4am one morning for no reason. However there was a nasty feeling in my neices room. Very unsettling. She has moved since then though.

  7. 14

    Imogen said,

    Hello! Umm, my mum told me that, my cousin was in my grandfathers house cleaning the windows, she had left the spraying can on the window sill, with it turned off. But when she went back to clean, it was on, my grandfather was there but he had been in the farm. Another story that my other cousin told me, was that he has got a great gran which she has got a really old house from the early 1800’s with 3 floors. He told me that his cousin (3years old) went in an upper room (maybe a bedroom) and was staring at something. Same thing happened to his dog, which was sitting in the same room (different day) looking at the sealing for a while. He told me aswell, that his great gran rang an exorcist to help. And which had noticed that there where 13 spirits in that house, on the staircase. Which she had cleared 7 away but there are still 6 spirits there. A bit spooky, I never want to go there.

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