Chihuahua vs. Chiweenie

Teacup Chihuahua or Tiny Terror?

Frida - Teacup Chihuahua or Tiny Terror?

“Every profession has something to be thankful for. Ours is that Chihuahuas don’t come in the size of Great Danes.”

Thus proclaimed the veterinarian for whom I worked in my early 20’s as he wrestled with the tiny terror on the table — a teacup Chihuahua —  in order to vaccinate her. If I recall, we had to muzzle her to avoid a nasty bite.

The above is my first Chihuahua puppy, Frida, who at 5-1/2 mos. of age and 4 lbs. is surprising me at every turn. I was clearly deluded when I took her at 7 weeks, thinking she would be ever malleable and mindful of me since she was so small and easy to manhandle. Wrong! While Frida is as devoted to me as any dog I’ve ever had, and watches my every move and stays very close, she is also getting a little big for her britches at this point and thinks she can conquer just about anything. Witness (below) her self-appointed guardianship of our geriatric horse, Copper, the other day when I let her venture out into the big world with me. With her usual dauntless spirit, she parked herself right next to him while he munched away on the lawn.

Me thinks Frida thinks she's bigger than she is!

Me thinks Frida thinks she's bigger than she is!

And she has begun jumping against my leg and bumping me, hard, with her teeth while staring me down when she wants me to pick her up. Hmmm. I guess it’s up to me now to keep this belligerent bump from becoming a baleful bite! Oh dear. She’s so precious, amusing, and loving that I find painful even the thought of having to discipline her. But, she IS a Chihuahua after all and, as everyone knows and as the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua clearly demonstrates, Chihuahuas think they rule the world. Frida sure does, so I guess I’m going to have to work on her king-of-the-mountain attitude a bit to make sure she remains manageable and friendly to all.

Then there’s sweet Tucker man, my 3-year-old, 18-lb.  Chiweenie whom I rescued from the local shelter last fall.

My Sweet Tucker Boy

(A Chiweenie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachscund and has become quite the popular “designer” breed. This fact was unknown to me when I adopted Tucker, but if he is any example of that cross I sure understand why it’s become all the rage.)

Tucker had been at the shelter for three weeks, and on the streets lost and emaciated for who knows how long before that, so he came with a few insecurities and a little emotional baggage. But, while he has become quite the barking protector, he is the essence of sweetness and I don’t believe would ever hurt a flea. He’s extremely playful, friendly, and happy but needs constant reassurance from me as well as lots of holding and hugging. And Tucker, bless his heart, would never act too big for his britches (are you listening, Frida?).

I have three large-breed dogs too, whom I dote on, and Tucker and Frida are my first dalliance in small-dog territory in decades. Why I felt I needed to add them to the family and went the Chihuahua route I’ll never know. But I will say that I now totally understand the charm and popularity of the Chihuahua’esque breeds. These two little ones, as different as they are, really complete my world.

My Darling Duo

My Darling Duo

So if I were to do it all over again, which would I choose: a Chihuahua or a Chiweenie? It would be impossible to say, but I recommend both. So you decide.



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    3 moths ago we rescued a small guy that was listed as a “rare brindle deer chihuahua”. It was Pico’s personality and the fact that he got along well with Gilda, my ACD/BC mix rescue that instantly won me over. I truly believe that we rescued a Chiweenie (and I’m considering DNA testing to find out). I have never had a small dog before and I am a huge fan because of this little 7.5# ball of energy. He is sweet to all people and most other dogs, is highly trainable, and as an added bonus, he is as cute as they come. I so wish I could post a pic for you. Thanks for a great blog!

    • 8

      How much fun!!! He sounds absolutely adorable, no matter what he is! So . . . is an ACD/BC an American Cow Dog/Border Collie? Sounds like a great mix and like your two dogs will get along great. I know my little Tucker plays mercilessly with my big dogs and can just about out-run all of them put together. As he was playing this morning, I was thinking again what a true bundle of joy he is, and I think this is typical of the breed. Have fun with Pico (love that name!) and I’m so glad you like the blog!! Thanks for writing! Leta

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