Do Animal Communicators Eat Meat?

"Yum!" or not yum? You decide.

"Yum!" or not yum? You decide.

Carnivore versus Vegetarian/Vegan:  This is one hot topic indeed. And many seem to think that we animal communicators who do eat meat are hypocritical and should go up in flames . . .  kind of like the steak in this picture.

Every animal communicator has been faced with this question, often in the form of a combative challenge. The scope of the answers given, and the rationales therefor, are as wide and diverse as the individuals who espouse them. In fact, the topic is so controversial, and the stance of animal communicators so varied, that it is the subject for one of the main discussions in the summer issue of Penelope Smith’s quarterly journal, Species Link. If this is an issue that seriously concerns you, you might consider ordering the current issue of this journal.

In a nutshell: the opinions of the animal communicators queried for this article range from “serious meat-eater with no qualms” to “would never eat anything I can talk to.” Actually, “no qualms” isn’t quite right, as I’ve never heard of a meat-eating animal communicator who isn’t terribly conscientious about the type of meat she puts in her body and who doesn’t also bless the animals for their sacrifice.

The question in your mind about right now, of course, is whether I, the animal communicator/author of this post, eat meat or not, right?

The simple answer is yes, I do, and with great blessings and gratefulness and no apologies. I, like many animal communicators surveyed, have Type O blood, for one thing, which is that of the original hunter gatherer amongst our ancient forebears (it was, in fact, the first blood type). But for me, also as for many others, there are health issues involved, including a tendency toward a life-threatening form of anemia.

In my case there are other reasons as well. Meat being one of the more grounding substances on the planet, I find I require it to keep myself from getting too spaced out and ending up wandering around in the ethers all day. Working in the psychic and telepathic realms does tend to make one spacey — some of us more than others, I would suspect. So, for me at least, a few ounces of heavy animal protein really facilitates my work.

But another reason I eat meat, I admit it, is that I plain out love it. I’m of the generation that was raised on it, and it is a serious part of my diet. As when growing up, when at all possible I prefer to eat wild game or family-caught fish, and indeed on the Texas ranch we kept such in our large freezers year-round.  I can attest firsthand how different meat tastes when killed humanely and quickly and with gratefulness than that of animals sent to slaughter. And I try to eat the latter as little as possible.

Lots of people would love to argue this question ad infinitum, which I  have no interest in doing — about anything really. But I leave those of you who adamantly oppose meat-eating with the following thought to ponder.

Plants are also living, breathing, intelligent beings. And it has been proven that they react to inhumane treatment, chaos, and neglect. One can certainly talk to them, and communicating with them in my practice has me and not just a few others convinced they are among, if not the highest form of intelligence on the planet. So next time you put a bite of lettuce in your mouth you might run through the objections you spout to those heartless meat-eaters and see how they apply to your own values and eating habits.

No matter what you eat, enjoy! EATING is one of the great pleasures we earthlings are privileged to indulge in, and I think we should all delight in every moment and aspect of it. And always, always, always bless your food and give thanks for it.


Here is my own brief, personal favorite food blessing and prayer. And if you hold your hands over your plate, palms down, while praying and blessing your food, you will feel living, universal energy flowing through them. I promise.

I give thanks for all the beings who gave of themselves to provide and prepare this food. And I ask that it be raised to the highest vibration level that is conducive to my digestion, assimilation, and elimination.


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  1. 1

    Hi Leta, thanks for sharing this. As an animal communicator myself, sometimes I feel not right eating meat. But like you, I thank the animal who has served us this way. I also agree with you as I can feel very spacey if I totally ban meat from my diet. I eat more white meat than red.
    Yes, plants do talk as much as animals and we cannot ignore this fact. We do need to feed ourselves and be healthy though, so we can keep talking with animals and help them as much as we can.
    It is a bit like a vicious circle in a way. Animals not only provide us with food, but also with so many other items like leather (shoes etc). If we were not eating the flesh, would we still wear anything with leather? or use soap? or would we ban any animal derived products to use plastics and pollute the planet even more? Controversial, isn’t it.
    Lets thank and bless the animals who have chosen to devote their entire species to us, for our survival.

    • 2

      Thank you, Cass, for such a thoughtful reply. And your mention of widely used items made out of leather, like shoes, is so to the point. I think many who would never eat meat are unconsciously benefiting in other ways from contributions made by the animals. I’m not saying they’re hypocritical, just that there’s a lot to think through here if one really doesn’t want to be participating in what they consider victimization of the animals. Thank you again. I appreciate your reading the blog. Leta

      • 3

        Thanks Leta. I agree with you. There are so many animal derived products we use everyday, that it is near impossible to avoid all of them as most of the time, we don’t even realise there are some animal component in them. I just ask that no one criticises us unless they do not use any of all the other products. We are talking about shampoo, soap, cosmetic, garden products, cookies, ice-cream and the list goes on etc..
        However, we owe to these animals that they are treated humanely from the day they are born until their last day. Bless their little heart.

  2. 4

    Leta said,

    Amen, Cass! The animals thank you.

  3. 5

    Julie Lines said,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post Leta,

    This has been on my mind for some time and I too eat meat and have that internal question over whether it is “right” or not.

    I believe that certain animal secies have a purpose to give of themselves in service, it is a part of their reason for incarnating into the physical realms.

    I agree wholeheartedly that our role as stewards on the planet is to ensure that the animals are given them a quick and painfree passing for all our sakes. I realise that a great deal of the methods we are using currently do anything but this. This deeply concerns me.

    I believe that asking for the highest good in this area is one of the most effective ways of influencing change, especially if enough of us are doing this regularly. I also love the blessing that you have shared, thank you, I will definately be using it from now on.

    Thanking you for your wonderful work. Blessings and love to you. XXX

    • 6

      I love your perspectives and comments, Julie, and I have added your wonderful blog and website to my favorite links on my blog home page. I am so glad to have a “sister” animal communicator in the UK who shares the same sensibilities I do about our work. Carry on with your wonderful adventures, Sister! Heartfelt thanks for your thoughts, Leta

  4. 7

    Debbra said,

    Thank you, Leta, for another thought-provoking post. You inspired me to delve into the topic and examine my own views.

    Keep up the great work!

    • 8

      Thanks for commenting, Debbra. I know not everyone feels the same about this highly controversial topic, and I do totally honor each person’s individual choices. What’s most important to me about the issue is that we don’t condemn one another for our respective personal beliefs. How can we animal lovers bless the members of other species and not each other?

  5. 9

    michelle said,

    Wow Leta
    It is great to hear the different voices on this topic. It is all about choice right back to our physical incarnation. When we judge others we are judging ourselves. Allow others to be as it is none of our business anyway.

    There is also no right or wrong, it is just our thoughts that make it so.

    Thanks you again Leta for allowing us all to come together and share our love for the animals on your blog.
    Much love

    • 10

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your comment on this topic. I love your statement: “There is also no right or wrong, it is just our thoughts that make it so.” I know most would say this can’t possibly apply to everything, but I’ve really always felt it does. We live in a world of “dog eat dog,” so to speak, so every action, no matter how heinous, is simply a step toward soul development. It’s a fascinating journey and very, very hard not to judge.

      Love back,

  6. 11

    jerry said,

    You are a hypocrite.
    Watch this video:

  7. 13

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  8. 14

    Lea said,

    Dear Leta,

    Someone in my immediate family is a strict vegan, and has Type O blood. She is in amazing health. The vegans in my family are all super-conscious regarding diet, and we are all a good weight with busy schedules and active lives. Knowing how sweet natured animals are, especially in spirit, it is no surprise to me that they wish you well despite your consuming them as food. I knew from the instant I saw your site that you were a meat-eater: no vegetarian/vegan would ever have such a picture posted anywhere. The posting of the picture leads me to believe that you consume meat simply because you find it attractive, and are rationalizing.

    • 15

      Thank you for your comments, Lea, and I certainly honor and respect your decisions and those of your family about your personal diet. Like religion, I feel we humans need to respect each other’s choices in such things. This is a highly controversial topic, and I don’t expect to gain followers from folks who believe eating meat is unconscionable or ‘wrong’ in any sense . . . but that’s how our planet is: very conflicted in many areas and still very polarized on soooo many subjects and beliefs. I wish you well, and I do appreciate your commenting and sharing your views here on this forum. Cheers! Leta

  9. 16

    SY said,

    I am type O and have almost a vegan diet. We can continue to eat well if not better without causing further suffering to animals. Even if it is the fate of those animals to die in a slaughterhouse if there is no demand there will be no supply. The desire to eat flesh is strong I understand so all the more we need to develop the empathy to overcome it. I used to be a total carnivore but can barely tolerate the smell of cooked flesh now so take heart that we can change and I hope you will one day, as I know we all love animals.

  10. 17

    SY said,

    The reason why I replied to this post is because as animal communicators, you are the bridge between human and animals, and if you endorse eating meat then others may use this as an excuse to justify the eating of meat as “beneficial” to animals, which is really hard to understand if anyone has ever witnessed an animal being slaughtered. No amount of gratitude on the part of the person eating the flesh can offset the pain and suffering that animal endured, so it is still best not to eat at all. At least you were being honest that you just enjoy the taste of it.

    • 18

      Hello Sy – Thank you for posting both your notes, and I totally respect and honor your position and your points. May God bless us all in spite of all our differences. Leta

  11. 19

    I would like to update my post as it was back in 2009 and share my story. Since then, I am now a vegetarian, however, it wasn’t by choice. It just happened. One day I was eating a steak and I couldn’t finish it. That was it for me. And since only few months ago, I can’t drink milk any more. It is like my body decided I had to change my diet. It is true that I feel more in tune with the animals since then and I do my best to avoid buying any animal products (sometimes there is no other choice – i.e. medication). When I can’t do any other way then I thank the animal(s) for their gift to us and bless their spirit.

  12. 22

    Tracy said,

    Eating dead flesh is the lowest vibrational energy there is. There is no humane slaughter. Animals kick, fight and scream all the way to the end. Obviously animals have a higher sentience than plants! They want to nurture their babies that are taken from them at birth. Cows go into deep depression and bellow for their calves for weeks after they are taken away. I knew when I was 5 that was a dead animal on my plate and I didn’t want to eat it. I have always been intuitively connected to animals- all animals not just pets. They do not want to be eaten they want to live. We do not have the right to take their lives. You cannot raise the vibration of torture and fear with blessings or Reiki, etc. in my opinion. Just stop eating it. Most of the vegans I know thrive on this diet and we have all been vegan for decades. Many diseases are caused by meat and dairy. Start small. Don’t worry if you still have leather shoes and purse. Do what you can. Just don’t eat it. Watch the videos and educate yourselves on Factory Farming. That alone would get anyone to stop. It’s horrific!

    • 23

      SY said,

      Agree. I do not have any unusual connection to animals, but it’s my observation that even the smallest ant struggles to live when its life is threatened. We have all used animal products at some point but it’s never too late to stop. I think compassion has the highest vibrational energy :)!!

  13. 24

    Louise - the vegan vet nurse said,

    So wonderful to read the follow-up post by Cass. Something many people forget is that the issue of eating “meat” is not about food – it is simply about violence. I can’t take any animal communicator seriously if they are advocating violence towards animals for their own personal enjoyment of “eating”.

    • 25

      Thanks Louise. We are all evolving and yes, it’s about the way animals are treated. My unconscious mind has definitely taken over and it’s the easiest diet I’ve ever done in my entire life!! I just have to think about the animals and there is no way I would ever eat meat again!! 🙂

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