Animal Communication —– Getting the “BIG PICTURE”

this could've been Fanny, giving me and Susan the "big picture."

This could've been Fanny, giving me and Susan the "BIG PICTURE."

Once I had finally decided to set my sites on really and truly becoming an animal communicator, doors started to blow open. If you’ve read previous posts on this blog, you know that I believe that our will and intention are just about our strongest allies for manifesting thoughts into reality. Well …  and focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. That’s super important too.

But back to those doors.

I will never forget the experiences I had in an advanced animal communication class after I had really set my intention to talk to the animals.

Information from the animals comes in many forms. Some of the most common are pictures, sounds, thoughts, words, emotions, and physical feelings. The first three are seen and heard in your mind, the latter two are actually felt in your emotional and physical body.

But there is another, larger, way of receiving information from animals, and that is what I experienced over and over again in the advanced workshop: getting the BIG PICTURE or the “gestalt” of the situation, all in one fell swoop. It’s like getting the whole chapter of a book at once instead of having to read line by line, paragraph by paragraph. It is the be-all-end-all — the whole enchilada.

In this workshop, we were working in pairs doing problem solving with pictures of animals brought by other workshop participants. Each pair didn’t know anything about the background of the animal’s problem, but the person who brought the picture did. The problem was laid out in detail to each pair, and then the pair sat silently with the picture and made their own individual notes about their conversation with the animal.

My partner was Susan, and she and I were working with a donkey, Fanny. I no longer remember the details Fanny showed us because this was soooo many years ago, but when we compared our notes we were dumbstruck because the story we each had gotten from the donkey was identical to the other’s! Needless to say, we were so excited we were about to wet our pants!

This happened over and over in the workshop, for almost every participant. We were all blown away, and our instructor was too. She had rarely seen this kind of sudden and overnight progress in her students. It was a super high, and each time it happened the person who brought the picture was able to confirm the information that had been received.

Wow! We were on our way to becoming real animal communicators!

What was happening in that workshop was that we were all,  for whatever reason, being blessed with the ability to get the big picture — or the gestalt — of the situation at hand. Some say (and I believe this, by the way) that there is an Animal Council of spirits that oversees the work of animal communication, and that its sanction is necessary to really doing a good job in the field. Our teacher that day felt the Council had placed a big rubber stamp on our particular class and blown open the doors for us to share, for the first time, the mind-blowing experience of “just knowing.”

You can label this kind of understanding as a “gestalt” experience or as “just knowing,” but either way it is the absolute best and most incredible way to receive information about any given situation with an animal.

That said, my clients LOVE the blow-by-blow, sentence-by-sentence translation I give them via written transcript of my session with their animal. I love those too. But getting the big picture is really where it’s at in terms of filling in all those blanks about what’s really going on, so if you work with an animal communicator, I hope you get this part of the (big) picture too.

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    Julie Lines said,

    What a fantastic blog! I love the photo too!

    I am so happy to have found your blog today, I have just been writing about animal communication today and about Gestalt too! My description of what happens here (and wow it does feel amazing doesn’t it?) is it is like a Winzip compressed file that just downloads automatically into your mind! As soon as you realise its arrived it just unfolds into a huge amount of information across all of your senses!

    I have also found that when I really commit to something the world supports you in amazing and miraculous ways and being able to communicate with animals and help other people to do the same thing is just a source of such pleasure to me!

    Thanks again for a wonderful read and sending blessings and love to you and the important work you are doing. XXX

    • 2

      Wow, thank you Julie! I am so glad you like the blog, and I loved your description of a gestalt moment being like a Winzip file. Hilarious, and yes, that’s exactly what it’s like. Are you an animal communicator too? where can I read your stuff? Thanks again for reading and for such a fabulous comment. Leta

      • 3

        Julie Lines said,

        Hi Leta, wonderful to hear back from you so soon! Yes I am an animal communicator too in the UK – my website is – would love to hear your feedback on it!

        I notice you live near Santa Fe, my Dad lives in Tularosa, South NM and I just love it there. What a wonderful part of the world to live. Whilst I was visiting in June a few of their friends were asking me to communicate with their animal companions, I was so delighted that so many people were open to this, it really is shifting isn’t it? Thankfully!! Your site is wonderful and your passion and authenticity really shines out from your communications, I’m so happy to have connected up with you. Blessings and golden light to you! XXX

      • 4

        Leta said,

        Julie –

        Thank you for ALL your comments. Your website is fabulous and I’m going to slowly read my way through all of it. I have quite a few UK connections — some for the elephant project — and am glad to add another. Plus my son-in-law is from Bath, and he and my daughter are in the process of moving here as we speak. You must get in touch with me next time you’re going to be in the area. Yes, it is a wonderful place for open hearts for the animals and communication. I love it here! Thanks again, and I look forward to a continued communication between us two animals. Leta

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