Animal Communication and Grief – Try The Blue Ribbon Exercise

grief flowerIn my last post I talked about how emotion is one of the factors that can keep an animal communicator from being a clear channel.  I know of no emotion that can do that more suddenly and dramatically than grief. Although grief is an important emotion and certainly has its place, when it hits you in the middle of an animal communication session, it usually hits you really hard, and very suddenly.

Most animal communicators have a high degree of empathic perception. That means they are able to actually feel what their subject is feeling. But it also means that they often feel what anybody around them is feeling, including folks in the grocery store. In fact, if you ever feel totally drained after a shopping experience in a crowded place, it may very well be that you are extremely empathic and have picked up all kinds of emotions and energy that belong to other people. Yuk. You don’t want it. And you don’t need it. And there are ways to protect yourself from being such a psychic sponge. But that is fodder for another blog, perhaps next week.

Early in my animal communication training I was taught the Blue Ribbon Exercise for clearing grief when it overcame me in the middle of a session. It took some practice, but after using it a few times I mastered it and have used it countless times in my a.c. consults. I also teach it to all my advanced students with great success.

This is what my blue ribbon looks like.

This is what my blue ribbon looks like.

Here’s how to do the Blue Ribbon Exercise:

  • When you feel the grief hit, first pause in your communication and put everyone on “hold” for a few moments. Your animal and human clients will be happy to accommodate you.

    Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, exhaling strongly.

    Visualize a blue ribbon coming down from the heavens and in through your crown chakra (the very top of your head).

    Now see the ribbon continuing down and feeding out through your heart chakra, on the front of your body between your breasts.

    Picture the ribbon as a highway for emotions. It has no beginning and no end so it extends into infinity in both directions: above into the heavens, and out in front of your heart toward the horizon.

    Breathing deeply, visualize placing your grief, in whatever form it appears to you, upon the blue ribbon and see it riding the ribbon highway out of your heart chakra.

    Keep seeing the grief ride out of your body until you feel yourself clear of it. You will be able to readily tell when this has occurred because you will feel washed clean and able to get back to your session.

This is truly a wonderful exercise and such a gift when you need it. I hope it helps animal communicators and others as well when they really need to be able to function in the midst of heavy grief.

And, though I haven’t tried using it for this myself, maybe it would help clear other emotions as well, like the kind you might empathically pick up at Walmart!


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    michelle said,

    Hi Leta
    I love this exercise and will definitely try it the next time it happens to me.

    Would you mind if I share this with others?

    Much love
    Michelle xx

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