Animal Communication – Protecting Your Power

weight lifting dogIf you’re an animal communicator, you’re almost certainly what’s known as an empath. An empath is someone who can pick up empathically the feelings of another. It’s kind of like vicariously experiencing the thoughts or feelings of someone else without having been given any objective information that would have contributed to your experience. Clear as mud, huh. But if you’re empathic, you know what I’m talking about.

In fact you may experience these thoughts and feelings that belong to someone else without even realizing it. And THAT can be a real problem. Especially when trying to remain a clear channel for your animal communication work.

There are many ways to protect yourself from absorbing or taking on energy from others, most of them involving building psychic shields, surrounding oneself with white light, or encasing oneself in something like a spinning, silver bullet. These techniques work, but my favorite protection exercise is all about growing your own energy so big, and projecting it so strongly, that uninvited energy from others  simply can’t “get in.” A proactive approach rather than a defensive one, which I like. I call this the


1.  Find Your Power
Take a few deep breaths, relax and close your eyes. Visualize a shining ball of light in the center of your being that has the power to generate and distribute mental, physical, and spiritual growth energy. This energy center is in the solar plexus, just behind and a little above your navel.

2.  Become One With Your Power
See white or shining yellow light emanating out from your energy center, much like the sun’s rays, moving freely throughout your mental, emotional, and physical bodies, feeding and nurturing every part of you and expanding the energy field that lies outside your physical body as well. This glowing, radiating energy is alive and strong, and nothing unwanted can penetrate its field.

3.  Affirm Your Power
Place the fingertips of both hands over the energy center at your solar plexus. Hold them there and repeat any empowering affirmation of your choice, until you feel tingling life-force energy in your fingertips. You might say something as simple as  “I am now protected and energized, in mind, body, and spirit.”

4. Claim Your Power
Any time you want to claim and activate your power you can do so instantly by repeating step 3. Place your fingers and state your affirmation. The more you use this “cue,” the easier and faster it will be for you to feel your power grow, nurture and protect you.

If you’re like me, whether you’re an animal communicator or not, you often get caught up in life’s daily routines and forget to avail yourself of the tools you have at hand. I must admit I often fail to strengthen or “protect” myself when heading into scenarios, situations, or locations I know might be draining for me.

So ………… I’m really glad I’ve reminded myself of this exercise because Saturday I am participating in a fund-raiser for a worthy local cause where I will be doing non-stop 30-minute animal communication sessions all day long. No telling what kinds of messages, thoughts, feelings, and energies will be flying my way, so you can bet I’ll be using my affirmation and fingertips frequently!

Hope it works for you!


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