Animal Communication in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ben and His Shy Rescue, "Bear," 2 of Saturday's Participants

Ben Swan and His Shy Rescue, "Star," Two of Saturday's Participants


That’s what this past Saturday felt like to me — like I was caught up in a maelstrom of rushing energy that was taking me for a joy ride.

Saturday was the day I participated in a multi-pronged fund-raising effort benefiting a Santa Fe organization called Kitchen Angels, a non-profit group that has distributed more than half a million meals to the disadvantaged and ailing in the 17 years it has existed. Quite an amazing feat!!

My contribution to the effort was back-to-back, 30-minute animal communication sessions all day Saturday, with all proceeds going to the Angels.

I was so amazed and impressed by the enthusiasm and interest in the event and in animal communication, and each and every session was noteworthy and gratifying. People brought their animals to find out about everything from how they liked their food to why they have seizures. And the best part was that these folks were open and willing to consider new ideas and out-of-the-ordinary suggestions.

Having moved to the Santa Fe area only a year and a half ago, I continue to be awed by not only its  climate, staggering beauty, and history (S.F. is the oldest city in the U.S.), but by the great spirit of those who live here. There are over 400 non-profit organizations in this city of only 70,000, and many of  those are dedicated to animal welfare. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter itself is cutting edge and has become a model for many other shelters throughout the country.

Frankly, I had no expectations about the future of my animal communication practice when I moved to the Santa Fe area from Texas, where I had lived all my life. It was a major transition so I wasn’t even sure I would keep the practice alive. I viewed the relocation as a time-out phase I would use to pause and take stock of my goals, my passions, and my future while getting settled in my new home.

But as you can imagine, landing in a community that is so open minded and altruistic has caught me up in its own cycle of activities and made it obvious to me that my animal communication work is still at the top of the list in terms of my life work and my personal priorities.

In this new setting I am able to focus more on giving back to the animals and the community and less on a daily, one-on-one consultation practice — an unexpected but refreshing change and one that I hope will have a much greater impact over all. Participating in fund-raisers like Saturday’s, giving talks for other non-profits like Kindred Spirits (that’s next weekend), and even writing this blog, which I began after the move and is intended to impart useful information to animal lovers, have all been inspiring and uplifting new elements in my life.

Of course nothing can substitute for working directly with the animals, so Saturday was a joy. The spirit of the animals, and how they are there for us at every turn, will always be the greatest high and at the same time the firmest anchor for all of us animal lovers. As one little fellow adamantly proclaimed to me, about the couple who brought him:

“I want you to know that these are my people!”

Doesn’t that say it all?

Thank you, Santa Feans, for rising to the occasion and nurturing peace and abundance among all species. I feel very blessed to live in such a magical and welcoming community.


Once I decided to move to the Santa Fe area, the magic began:

Miracles Really DO Happen — at least they do to me . . .

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  1. 1

    Tony said,

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your insight and talents to benefit Kitchen Angels clients. I am also thrilled Bob and I brought Albert for a session! There has been a wonderful shift in our relationship — what a difference a bit of communication makes. I am doubly honored and blessed by your gracious help. Thank you so much!

  2. 2

    Believe me, Tony, the pleasure was all mine. And Albert was such a high point of the day. I love the wise elders, of which he is certainly one. He knows who he is and what he wants — human food and sweet taters! Keep me posted on how he’s doing. He is a treasure. Love to all 3 of you, Leta

  3. 3

    Ben Swan said,

    While Star, formerly known as Bear, has much work left to feel comfortable in her body, I felt a profound shift after our session. She is finally wanting to be a part of our family, instead of a creature who prefers to remain in the shadows. Thank you.

    • 4

      Way to go, Star and Ben! Hurray! I was so happy to hear the name “Star” is sticking, and that she seems to have heard and understood our intentions on Saturday. I feel sure Star will continue to blossom (like a Star Lily) and may end up as a true ambassador for abused rescues. Keep up the good love, Ben. And thanks for your feedback. Leta

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