The Devotion of Our Rescues – Including Mine

Me -- trying to write while totally immersed in my devoted rescues.

Me -- trying to write while totally immersed in my devoted rescues.

Just about every animal lover these days has one or more rescues. Be they canine, feline, or equine — and sometimes feathered and finned as well — there are more and more rescued animals being taken into forever homes every day.  Go online and you will find a rescue organization for just about every kind of animal or breed there is. What a confirming and heart-warming trend this is in an age of throwaway-everything.

As an animal communicator, many of my clients are rescues, maybe even most as a matter of fact.  I cannot tell you how many of them proclaim how thankful they are to their people for rescuing them, often saying it actually saved their life, literally. There is no end to their devotion and gratitude, and it is forever.

Out of my own numerous dogs, cats, and horses, all but two are rescues — well, not counting the chickens, who are here at my behest and for their fabulous eggs. The other two exceptions are my Chihuahua puppy, Frida, who was a gift from a friend, and my 8-year-old Mustang mare, Bella, whom I took as a birthday gift to myself when she was four from another dear friend. Besides those two, here is my line-up, oldest to youngest, and you can see from the picture above how their devotion extends to every minute of the day. Frida was not yet born when this picture was taken, and of course the horses can’t come into the living room … or else I’m sure they would have been in the picture as well.

Dscn2232Copper – My 32-year-old Quarter Horse was a throwaway. His owner said, “If you can get him in the trailer, you can have him!” Copper is still ridden lightly by a petite friend whom he adores. He is everyone’s favorite and loves to kiss … yes, kiss.

GabeHead1.jpgGabriel – My 18-year-old Dutch Warmblood. Rescued after his second six-month stint at an equine clinic 10 years ago, Gabriel’s entire body is compromised from performance injuries and he has a bad heart murmur. He probably shouldn’t still be alive, but HE doesn’t know that and he is one happy camper.

DSCN3124Rose – A 12-year-old Border Collie mix, Rose was actually born at my house to a NM stray I had picked up on the road. She was then homed with a woman who turned out to be a maniac so I rescued her back when she was four months old. She is my coy, demure sweetheart, and can’t stand loud noises or voices (probably due to the maniac!).

Hello!.jpgSabrina – I am Sabrina’s 4th home. A 10-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, she was found running wild on the streets of Austin because it is well nigh impossible to contain her. Having climbed, dug, and chewed her way out of just about every conceivable type of fence, she tells me it’s just because she loves to go exploring. Sabrina is our social director and adores visitors. At 10 she is no longer challenging the fence so much, so is safe and sound for her later years.

DSCN2937Charlie – My heart and soul, walks-on-water dog, Charlie is a Golden Retriever/Chow 6-year-old who was found running on a country road at midnight — an unneutered, uncollared 6-month old. He was dumped, clearly, as he is petrified I’m going to do the same with him every time I take him in the car. Otherwise, he goes with me everywhere on foot or horse, and watches me like a hawk. He is my guardian.

DSCN2950Lily – Lily was freezing to death, injured, and emaciated when I grabbed her up as a half-feral, adolescent kitten in Texas. She was the fastest to tame down I’ve ever seen, and is highly motivated by food. She is my only remaining cat and holds her own amidst the chaos of my dog pack — I think she may be part wild cat.

DSCN2675Tucker – My 3-year-old Chiweenie rescue whom I took from the Santa Fe Humane Society last year about this time. Tucker has filled our hearts and home with his gratitude, joy, and playfulness and it is because of his precious little spirit that I decided to take his new heartthrob, Frida.

For news and pictures about the others:  Bella, Frida, and the chickens, there are blog posts galore — I hope you will read about them too!


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    JimmyBean said,

    I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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