Animal Communication – It’s a Blast!!!

Is animal communication fun? You bet it is!

I’ve written a lot of posts about the pitfalls and obstacles encountered by the person on the path to practicing animal communication, the ethics that must be carefully observed, the difficulties involved in maintaining a “clear channel,” and so on. Enough already! Let’s focus on the good stuff!

No two ways about it: animal communication is a barrel of fun. You’re an animal lover, right? If you’re like most of us animal lovers, you probably have at least a few at home, perhaps of several different species. You probably enjoy spending as much time as possible with them and find them to be some of, if not THE, best companions you know.

If you’re an animal lover then it’s probably obvious to you why doing animal communication for a living would be fun. But here are a just a few of my favorite reasons:

1.  You get to meet a lot — and I mean a LOT — of interesting different animals who you’d probably never have an opportunity to meet otherwise.

2.  You get to meet a lot of interesting people too and make lots of new friends!

3.  You learn a lot about how different personalities operate, and this ends up being very helpful in your own life. Plus, it’s just downright fascinating.

4.  You get to help solve lots of problems for animals, which often means their lives become a lot better.

5.  You get lots of praise and thanks from the folks you help — always a good feeling.

6.  You have many opportunities, at animal shelters, etc.,  to do pro bono work and be of service in a unique way — and nothing makes one feel better than reaching out and helping others in need.

7.  As an animal communicator you’re in business for yourself. You can create your own schedule, work from home, and call the shots. Yippee!

8.  Offering the gift of animal communication, whether through a session or a class, often helps open up new horizons for other people, broadening their outlook on the world and enhancing their own understanding.

9.  You can choose your own area of specialty in regard to the kinds of cases you take and can therefore practice what you like to do best, AND what you’re best at doing!

10.  This is not top of the list, but it IS necessary, and yes, it is fun too:  You can make money.

There are lots more things that can be added to this list of why doing animal communication is fun, and I’m sure you can think of several  that are unique to you and your circumstance. Yes, there are lots of things to watch out for if you practice, but you’ll learn those along the way. So if you’re tempted to start an animal communication practice, I’d say go ahead and dive in! You’ll have lots of fun!


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