Winning The Lottery! . . . sort of

Years ago, when I worked for Texas Monthly Magazine, we once hired a young girl fresh out of high school as our receptionist. We’ll call her “Tammy.” I was in Human Resources, and my boss and I had interviewed at least 10 candidates, narrowed down from a field of about 100.

T.M. was a highly desirable place to work, so, as usual, all the candidates — except this girl — were overqualified with various degrees and lots of experience. None of them really wanted to be a receptionist; they just wanted a foot in the door. And this was, in truth, the kind of person we usually hired to work anywhere at that magazine. We had the cream of the crop to pick from, always, for any position.

But this time, when it came time to pick a new receptionist, our favorite — hands down — was the fresh faced high school graduate, Tammy!

Why? Because in her interviews she was totally genuine, totally herself, had no ego going about how great she was, and, most important, couldn’t stop smiling and telling us how much she wanted to be the receptionist for Texas Monthly. She really hammered that home — in just the right way — and she really meant it. We knew we’d have a little polishing up to do with this kid, but she had the best attitude and most optimistic and willing outlook of just about anybody we’d ever hired.

Okay, so what does this have to do with the lottery?

Years later — probably 10 or 12 — when that “girl” had advanced way up through the ranks into an extremely responsible position, she came boppin’ in one day after lunch, grinning ear-to-ear, with that same irrepressible spirit she’d always had, and said:

“I just LOVE going to buy my lottery ticket!!!!”

Now, everybody was excited about the lottery, because it had just been legalized in Texas, but we really didn’t understand the nature of Tammy’s comment.

“Why?!” we asked, kinda nonplussed.

“Because while I’m driving back to work after buying it, I see myself spending the whole thing, and that’s just as much fun as actually doing it!”

She was serious! And flying high from her envisioned win and consequent  extravaganzas.

I’ve never forgotten that and never will. THAT is the kind of joy and outlook that can carry us through the darkest of days, not to mention help us manifest our dreams. Wow.

I thought of this today because a friend and I are entering a sweepstakes to win a $2 million home, plus half a mil. in cash, plus an SUV, that is actually located near to us. And my friend emailed me this morning to say she is already living there, savoring it “in the now.”

She is enjoying her “new home” in exactly the same way Tammy enjoyed winning the lottery every week.

I don’t think Tammy ever really won the lottery. But I do know she got a darn lot of pleasure out of it! And her wonderful outlook brought her tremendous success and happiness, both professionally and personally.

I think the same will be true for my friend. Being in your dream is soooooo much fun. And it really does go a long way toward finding happiness. Whether it pans out in exactly the version you envision or not is kind of beside the point. It’s the satisfaction it brings you in the moment that counts. That’s the kind of energy that feeds your future success, joy, and well-being!


Here are two exercises that have to do with manifesting your dreams.They’re written about animal communication, but they apply to everything.




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