How Do We Really Heal? Grace Tells Us.

How do we really heal? From living a good life? Eating the right foods? Getting enough healthy exercise for our physical bodies? Embracing spirituality? Following the Golden Rule?

There are lots of theories that address this question, and, as you well know if you follow this blog, I myself promote balance through a healthy lifestyle, high quality food and supplements, living your passions, etc. And I do believe in all that, and I try to practice what I preach.

But none of those things is the real answer to the question, “How do we heal?”

If you’ve ever read about multi-personalities, then you are probably familiar with how one personality can exhibit totally different health patterns than the other(s). For instance, one personality might have diabetes, but none of the others do. One might exhibit a serious wound that won’t heal, while this wound does not exist for the other personalities, or heals up so quickly as to be unnoticeable.

This phenomenon is a perfect example of how thought creates matter, or how we create our own reality — with our minds and our spirits. And the same applies to our health.

"Grace," Just Last Week, Living Life To The Fullest!

Yesterday I talked to “Grace,” who was a rescue fairly late in life, and who consequently survived a serious cancer surgery and has long outlived the “time left” she was given by her vets. Grace talked to me from a very high soul level this time (which was not true when I talked to her a few months ago) and astounded me with her wisdom.

Grace and I were reviewing certain symptoms she is having in her physical body, especially at night. Grace’s person wanted to know from Grace if she knew what might be the cause, if certain treatments were helping, etc. At first, Grace’s soul seemed to be showing me that she was not sure what was helping and what was not, which seemed strange, as she had shown so much awareness and wisdom I thought she would have something more consequential to say about all this.

So I asked for more and delved deeper, still with her higher self, and here is what she conveyed to me:

One’s physical health and balance are not really dependent upon medicine, acupuncture, or any other kinds of physical modalities. It is the mind itself, the nature of the spirit, the level of soul-growth and self-awareness, that pretty much “dictate” healing.

Grace went on to impart further pearls of wisdom, including a statement on the divine nature of her bond with her human, whom she called an “angel,” and how connections like these, that are built in true grace and love, are so far reaching and affect so much more than is ever obvious.

Although the animals never fail to amaze me, I was awestruck by Grace’s depth and wisdom, honored to be able to communicate with her, and blessed to be reminded of such important truths about healing and relationships.

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    Anne Allen said,

    That is beautiful Leta! Grace and her human are very special!

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