Visitations From Our Departed Animals’ Spirits

Have you ever seen or felt the spirit or actual ghost form of any of your animals who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge?

If so, you are not alone. And, contrary to what some skeptics would say, if you think you did, you did.

A recent comment on one of my blog posts prompted me to write on this topic. The author and her daughter had both seen their departed cat in the house a couple of weeks after his passing. Each sighting was very brief — just a mere glimpse out of the corner of an eye. They wondered if they really did see their cat or if they just missed him so much they imagined it.

My opinion is that they surely did. Many clients have reported similar experiences, usually not long after their animal’s passing. Most common is a visual sighting, always brief and unexpected. Sometimes they will feel their animal walk by them, perhaps the tail feathers of their Golden Retriever, or the whiskers of their cat. Smell can be involved as well, as can hearing the animal’s movements in the house in a familiar way.

I won’t say we might not conjure up such impressions out of our devastation and grief, but, as someone whose profession is animal-related and who hears countless stories about these kinds of things, I believe they are far too common and frequent to all be written off as wishful thinking.

So many animals I talk to after their passing tell me that they visit their people regularly. Some even choose to stay there for long periods of time, well aware that they can go to the light, and knowing they will some day, but they simply are not ready to leave their families yet. Is it any wonder that at least a few of these become obvious in some way, shape, or form to family members?

I had my own such experience several years ago, and it took a unique form. My precious black cat, Seka, passed away from a cancerous tumor, so it was a somewhat lengthy and very sad process for all of us. Seka always slept on my bed, on top of the covers, on the right side of my feet. She always hopped up there after I was well settled, had finished reading, and had the lights out.

A few nights after her passing, up she hopped, and went through her usual curling up motions against my right ankle. I could feel her weight when she landed on the bed as well as how she pressed the covers down when she settled up against me.

The first night it felt completely normal to me . . . until I roused enough to remember that Seka was gone. Even though I felt hopeful and excited that it might be her,  I just figured it was one of the other cats (I had two others). I was, however, surprised that they would jump right up in what they knew was Seka’s place so soon after her departure.

After lying there a while I finally had to look, to see who it was. And, of course, no cat.

This continued to happen several nights in a row. I promised myself I would not look again, but would let Seka rest in peace where she always loved to sleep. But about the fourth or fifth night, the sensations were so strong, her weight so heavy and real, that I just couldn’t resist checking one more time. So I did. I raised up and looked, she wasn’t there, and then I felt her spirit just whisk away. She never returned — at least that I perceived — and I was heartsick that I had somehow made her leave by doubting her presence.

So don’t doubt. Just trust and accept. These sightings and sensings always occur when you’re not looking for them to, and hopefully they will bring you feelings of a joyful, if brief, reunion with your loved one.


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  1. 1

    linda said,

    I really am waiting for my Louie to be reincarnated in another beagle and I am goingto speak with him when its time. I am waiting for a sign from him, I was told he is staying with me another 10 days and I love him.

    • 2

      Hi Linda – Thanks for sharing this. I really hope your Louie comes back to you soon, and as another beagle. I’m sure you’ll recognize him! Leta

    • 3

      Forest Ostrander said,

      i am waiting for a sign as well from my two germenshepherds, Bullet #1 and 2, i miss and love them so much. I also want to know if there are any other signs from the others. I only wish i could see them once more instead of occasional visits in dreams

  2. 4

    Beverley Bailey said,

    Hi, i just came across your site,thank you.I had my neapoliton mastiff,Buster put to sleep ,only five weeks ago,i was so sad and the house is so empty without him.I do reading but never tuned in with animals,i thought i might be able to feel him around the house,sadly i have not felt anything.I have had many dogs through out my life but i really felt tuned in with this one.I was told he will come back as a puppy?
    Is there a reason why i can’t feel him around me.?
    Thank you for your time and the beautiful work you do.Kindest Regards.

    • 5

      Hello Beverley,
      Thank you for your nice compliments and for sharing with us about Buster. I am so, so sorry for your loss. There are no words that can ever make it better. If you go the ‘Afterlife’ category of this blog, you will see a couple of other posts about reincarnation where many people have written in and shared their stories, some with questions like you are having. To answer yours, I would say based on the cases I have had, there is probably no one reason why you’ve not felt or “heard from” Buster since his departure. Sometimes animals stay close, sometimes they visit (come and go), and sometimes they just cross the rainbow bridge and go straight to the light. BUT, if he is coming back to you as a puppy, he may already have entered a fetus, which would explain his silence. He may very well be in utero right now! If you intuitively feel this is a possibility, keep your eyes out for litters of dogs and breeds that are interesting to you — he could be born as soon as 3 weeks from now or a little longer. In any case, the main thing is not to worry about how to “find” him (or her, if he chooses to be a girl this time around). When we are meant to reunite with our loved ones, nothing can stop it. And we can’t make it happen by trying to cover all the possible bases, so to speak. I wish you all the best and do hope you will be together with Buster again. Meanwhile, just be gentle with yourself during your grieving process — it is something you have to go through, even though you know Buster’s spirit is alive and well and never-ending. Thank you again for sharing, Leta

  3. 6

    Beverley Bailey said,

    Thank you so much,i now have hope in my heart.I am from England,Dorset,Bournemouth, your place looks wonderful and free.Again thank you.Beverley.

  4. 7

    Forest Ostrander said,

    March 2nd, 2010, we have put Buller #2 down from Heart Cancer, she was so ill and I did everything I could to make her better, I fed her, watered her, carried her outside so she would go to the bathroom, I made sure she was comfertable, but there seemed to be nothing that I was doing that was working. The sad part is I knew what was going on because I could feel it. I felt her pain, her fright, her thoughts. I shared her emotions. I was alwats tuned into how my animals are feeling, and I even get the occasional glance in a dream of what happened to them when they come up missing for another animal, one I have never met before comes to me and makes me follow them until they show me my missing loved one. I call out thier names occasionally, sometimes forgetting that they are no longer there to answer my calls. I still think that when i walk in the door I will be greeted by my dogs or the occasional cat. I would bealieve that going into the horse barn, I would see Shadow, King and DJ all there once again eating or sleeping. I hear them sometimes when I go to tend to Buttons and Corkey, and one time I even seen Shadow in the corral. He was grazing and the sun was just setting, I called his name and he looked up at me with the same eyes full of life and love I have missed, then he would nay to me and vanish. This usually happened when the wind was blowing and on the wind I could hear him running and still calling, I would sometimes feel the gentle swish of his tail as if he just ran by me. I can also hear the mews of our cat Tiffany who had ear cancer, and the purring. I can hear Bullet#2 walking through the house, her nails tapping on the tiles or the creeking of the living room floor. When I rake up leaves and jump in them. I hear the other piles around me being rustled when there was no wind as Bullet #1 jumped in with me like he alwaysed did. I’m so intuned with nature that I can sometime hear the ants under the ground scurrying in their dens. And when one of my animals passes, I see them in my dreams, hear their paw steps or hooves galloping, I sometimes even hear the fish comming to the suface as if they were feeding. Sometimes I can even leave my body and go with them from time to time, although I never stay out long for fear of not being able to return to my body once more. I even hold on to Bullet #2’s coller that she left behind and speak to it, and when I was sad or having a hard time, I would clutch it in my hands and instently feel the warmth and love from them all seeping into my body. They were always giving me their strength to continue on with whatever was going on and to never feel sad. My cat cuddles, she is still alive, but when I am in my room crying in my pillow and no one else could hear me, she would instently be there for me and brushing against me. And that was soon followed by the presence of my other babies as they tried to make me feel better. I was once sick with a huge fever and had to stay in bed for three whole days, and as I would lay there, Cuddles curled next to my neck with her tail gently brushing against me, I would feel my dogs Bullet # 1 and 2 and Muffy layd down next to me with a loud thump from DJ, Shadow and King, then I would feel Tiffany and now Gilligen jump up on my bed and curl up beside my head like Cuddles was and purred and I actually felt my fish (wierd, i know) swimming over my head.(Trust me, that doesn’t sound true but It is) and they would stay there until I was fully better and healthy once more before disappearing once again,

  5. 8

    Beverley Bailey said,

    Hi Leta,

    Just to let you know i got a call from the neo mastiff rescue, where my old dog that i lost came from, to ask me if i would be interested in a puppy of twelve weeks,they rarely get pups.same breed as my old boy, i picked him up the end of June.

    The next day he got ill with parvo virus and fought for his life,four nights staying at the vets,his Sister sadly never made it.

    I just want to say he is doing great and very much like Buster, also thank you, too you, for giving me so much encouragement and being so, so right.You have a wonderful gift. Again thank you.

    You are very special Leta.

  6. 10

    Beverley Bailey said,

    I hope they come back too you, i know how painful it feels.Thinking of you.Much love.Beverley.

  7. 11

    brad64 said,

    I was so HAPPY to come across this site. After reading the touching story of the Pug, Pumkin, I knew I was at home on this site. Can you tell me if animals can “walk in” other animals? Meaning, can a soul of my dog walk into the body of another. Just an interesting thing happened that I have to wonder about. As I continue to grieve and miss my Baby Boy, “Poohby Boo”, I had his precious body preserved and is in my bedroom in a baby bed. I keep it covered and when times are bad, I keep a cross that play’s random gospel hymns like “Jesus loves all the little children”. It doesn’t play very often and when it does, it is usually when I am crying or thinking of him. 4 days ago was his Birthday and would have been 6. I lit several candles with a prayer with each memory candle and surrounded his baby bed with this musical cross in the center. It has been several months since the cross played anything. About 12 hours after the candles were lit, I awoke to the sound of the cross playing “amazing grace”. I burst out in tears as I had just lit all the candles and this is the first time the cross has played anything in a very long time. I knew HE was with me. I awoke crying my eyes out telling him “Thank You” for letting me know I was still hurting over him and LOVING HIM. I know beyond doubt that they are/remain with us in some way. This happened after a neighbor gave me a 7 year old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix and who took on Pooh’s ways. I wasn’t ready for another dog so I found him a good home. 2 days after I found him a good home, is when this event happened. I just wonder if Pooh was with me through the other dog and I gave him away or if he moved on when I got him and came back when I gave him away. I don’t know but I do know that HE has been with me. I know their love lives on and they never leave us. I prayed God would send him back to me so I am wondering if HE did through the other little dog and I just couldn’t handle their similar ways. I hope someone has thoughts on this. Thank You for letting me share.

    • 12

      Hello Brad, and thank you so much for posting. Yours is a very interesting report, for sure. I wonder if you would mind re-posting it on my website, which is where I now keep my active blog, so that’s where the latest posts and comments are. That can be found at, and I would love to answer your post there so everyone can see it. Sure would appreciate it! Thanks again, Leta

      • 13

        brad64 said,

        Thank You so much Leta. I will post there quickly. Looking forward to your thoughts so much. Best to you. Brad

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