English or Western? Baptist or Buddhist?

Does it really matter? Well, yes . . . if you’re involved in a particular equine discipline that requires one style or another. But not really . . .  if you’re not. Just go with whatever makes you comfortable — whatever blows your skirt up.

And I won’t even touch on religious differences.

I think most of us horse folks these days have reached a point where we don’t thumb our noses at each other for our respective styles of riding, training, and horsekeeping. At least I hope not.

But, unfortunately, many of us do still tend to think we are ‘better than’ (fill in the blank) in matters of politics, religion, and . . . animal communication.

I got my first negative blog comment just a few days ago, from a fellow named Toby, and felt it a good opportunity to once again address skepticism when it comes to my chosen profession of animal communication. Here’s Toby’s comment (I actually found it rather entertaining — and all misspellings and grammatical errors are his, by the way — I’m a virtual witch when it comes to good editing). And I quote:

Wow! This is the most absurd story that i have ever wasted my time reading!! It is obvious that the the horse owner that needs a “communicator” doesn’t know enough about horses to even own one. A horse’s brain is so small they are not capable of reason and for someone to lead people to believe that horses tell them what they want cracks me up!! It sounds like a lucrative career to trick people into paying for your horses thoughts and opinions. The first thing that comes to mind reading this are those preachers that scam people out of thousands of dollars. Many good trainers can help you with your horse problems that require no tarrot cards! All animals are basic creatures that have to be controled and it is required by humans to gain respect otherwise the animal will take advantage of them. Just like when you have multiple horses in a pasture, at feeding time one horse is “boss” and takes the first feed bucket. Sounds like these people have been defeated by an animal and the only one making any progress out of this deal is a communicator that is padding a pocketbook! But I admit, Mr. Ed told millions every week what he wanted!

I was happy to publish and respond to Toby’s comment because I really do believe that we are all entitled to our own beliefs and the expression of same. (Plus, he didn’t cuss me out or use any bad words.) I just look forward to a time where we, individually and en masse (CERTAINLY including the media) don’t spend our time and precious energy putting the other side down, whoever or whatever “the other side” may be at the moment. When we do so, how much time and energy do we have left over for focusing on the things we really enjoy, or for nurturing those we love? So here was my answer to Toby:

Woo-hoo! You go for it Toby! Yours is the first response of this ilk I’ve ever had. And I say: You and yours believe whatever you want; Me and mine will believe whatever we want! It just boils down to the same ole, same ole about politics and religion — lots of different belief systems, and who’s to say which one is right and which one is wrong. I’m just happy you took the time to read the entire post!

So there, Toby.

No, really. Treasure your beliefs and live by them. But don’t shore yourself up by putting down those who don’t share them.

Whether you ride English or Western, just enjoy your ride . . . and let others enjoy theirs. And, as a friend of mine once said when we were engaged in a philosophical discussion about judging others: “Wouldn’t this earth be a boring place to live if we were all alike?!” Amen


If you’d like to read the blog post Toby was referring to, it’s the one just before this one: DO YOU HAVE THE WRONG HORSE …  FOR YOU?

And if you’d like to read a few more thoughts on whether to believe in animal communication or not:  SO YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ANIMAL COMMUNICATION


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    Hi! I too am an animal communicator – raised Baptist and now committed to a spiritual path rather than religion. Your comments are right on from my perspective. I am writing a book about my experiences with animals, and I’ve had to deal with my fears of writers just like Toby. Thanks for this post!

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