Animal Communicators Welcome Your Feedback!

Well … I can’t really make that claim for certain. I mean I haven’t done a poll or anything. But from my own experience and what I’ve heard from other animal communicators, we really DO appreciate your feedback on the work we do for you.

I said a big “Glory Hallelujah” today when I got some feedback from a client I worked for a few days ago. I talked to three different horses for her, with different agendas and questions for each. The feedback she gave me was terrific! And apparently the information I got from the horses and gave to her was as well and is going to help her a lot in going forward in her work with them. Whew!

So why is feedback important and how does it help the animal communicator?

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend where everything you said to each other was misinterpreted or misunderstood? Well, the same thing can happen in a conversation with an animal.  Signals get mixed. Words get misused. Personal agendas get in the way. You know. You’ve been there.

Add to that the other elements present in a telepathic conversation — having to do all this via the ethers. That can bring in a lot of other variables.

Back to my client with three horses. Some of the things I was asked to take a look at were physical issues. Now THAT can be a big can of worms and can truly edge over into the more psychic territory of communication.

Taking a look at another’s body is tricky. And not for the faint of heart. Most animal communicators do it, at one time or another, in one form or another, and each gets his or her information in different ways, but, to my mind, this is always an area that can be prone to misinformation.

Why? Well, for one thing, just trying to interpret what one sees in the body is a loaded gun. I mean, what does a bright red spot that the communicator sees energetically on the leg really mean?

See what I’m talking about?

I won’t go on about that, but the bottom line is, when we communicators do our best to describe what we are seeing, or what the animal shows us is happening in his or her body, and then we get great feedback about it, boy does that give us a big sigh of relief and boost in self-confidence.

And that’s what happened for me today. Glory Hallelujah!

It’s happened a lot in the past too — great and positive feedback. And frankly I count myself as blessed because I have never, in all my years of practice, had a client contact me to tell me I was just plain WRONG in the information I gave them  (in those cases they were probably polite enough not to give me any feedback at all).

The bottom line is, if you are working with an animal communicator and have any feedback you can give him or her, PLEASE do so, especially if it is positive. We animal communicators are just like anybody else and can sometimes doubt ourselves. So confirmation that we have helped you is SO important to us — and it makes us grin ear to ear like that big ole’ hound dog or Labrador Retriever sitting beside you right now!


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    Forest Ostrander said,

    I can talk to animals, I have done a lot of communicating with my cat Cuddles. I would be about to do something stupid and I would hear in my head “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” and I looked at her and said “Oh really? Why then Cuddles? I am bored” and she would answer with a sigh and say “Grandma won’t like it, and it isn’t right” and we would continue on talking. Sometimes in the morning, she could come face to face with me when I can’t hear my alarm clock for school and she would say once again in my head “Mommy, your going to be late” and I would answer sleepily “No I won’t, I have enough time” but she would keep pesturing me until I managed to hear the loud buzzing of the alarm clock and I would have to rush to make it to the bus after yelling a goodbye and a i will be back to Cuddles before closing the door. And when I am in the horse barn with Corkey and Buttons and I’m feeding them apples, I would sayd “You love them don’t you guys” and both of their voices would say “yes, can we have more?” and I would give them more. I can sometimes see into the future with dreams. I would be dreaming of something and then it would change to what was going to happen either tomorrow or sometime in the furure and it would. I even had dreams of where my lost animals were and how to find them or to know what happened to them.

    • 2

      Hi Forest! Wow, thanks for posting such a fascinating report! It sounds like you are very gifted psychically, in many respects. I hope you will continue to trust in yourself and use your abilities as you go on through life. Many people begin shutting down these gifts as they become more and more involved in “real life” pursuits or as they get older, and that is a real shame. So keep it up, and good work!!! Leta

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