Talk To Your Animals. Here’s How.

Your animals really want you to talk to them. They want to know — anything and everything.

Your animals are members of your family. They are your best friends. If you’ve had them for a while they can read you like a book and are often your first source of love and support when you’re in a pinch. They not only welcome but want you to pour your heart out to them. They want to understand things.

There are lots of reasons to talk to your animals:

  1. In case I haven’t said it enough: THEY WANT YOU TO. They really do. They want to know stuff.
  2. You can clarify situations that might be confusing to them (like a move, a new partner, a job change schedule, a vacation, etc.).
  3. It will greatly enrich your relationship.

“So how?” you may be asking. “I’m not an animal communicator.” You don’t need to be. If it doesn’t feel easy to you, calm down, take a deep breath, and try these few simple steps.

  1. Get in mind what you want to tell your animal. If it is a complex message, break it down into several short parts. List these in writing if that will help.
  2. See the message in pictures. If there’s a progression, form a series of pictures in your mind.
  3. Focus and then silently project the initial thought to your animal. A short, simple sentence or thought form is best.
  4. At the same time see and send a picture that matches it.
  5. Progress through your entire message in steps, using this technique each step of the way.

Here’s a quick example of what it might be like to send a simple communique to your dog about the fact that you will be moving to a new house soon. First, to get your dog’s attention, just say his name silently a few times and picture it being thrown to him in a water balloon and landing on his neck. That usually gets their attention if nothing else will!

Samson, we love our house (show picture of current house).

It will soon be time to leave it (show a picture of the family happily vacating the house).

This will happen in two weeks (show a picture of something that gives an impression of two weeks — pages of a calendar are good [and yes, animals can get time]).

We will be going to a new house (show a picture of the new house).

It will take 4 days to get to the new house (again show a picture that conveys the time span involved).

We will be living there a long time and will be very happy (show a picture of your family there, settled and happy).

That’s basically it. It can be that simple. But there’s room for a lot more, and you can flesh out the conversation with as many details as you like. Or you may get a whine and sense that Samson needs reassurance or is feeling insecure about this, so you would then begin telling him and showing him how safe you will keep him, how he will always be with you, how all of his toys and dog dishes and bed will have a special place in the new house, etc.

If you sense things are getting complicated or there’s a big problem brewing, call an animal communicator, by all means. But you’ll be amazed at what you can convey on your own, with no training or experience whatsoever. Just start simple,  always keep it positive (not we have to move, but we are looking forward to a big change in our life), and, most importantly,  constantly reassure your animal about how much you love him.

And don’t be surprised if, when the movers arrive, Samson is waiting by the front door with his bags packed and his bowl in his mouth!


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    Mary Kay said,

    I love this information and have shared with little Bella. I tend to get complex and she looks at me puzzled s trying to keep it simple. 🙂

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