The Frida Factor – Join The Frida Fan Club!

The Indomitable Frida

This really isn’t about my Chihuahua puppy Frida.  It’s about those spirits among us whose lives are charmed. Everything goes their way, they enjoy excellent health, and they exude non-stop joy and jubilation.   I call a being like this a “Frida,” and that IS because my Chihuahua puppy by that name is one of them.

I know you probably have a Frida in your life, so I invite you to join the Frida Fan Club and tell us your Frida story. Meanwhile, here’s mine.

My precious, tiny, long-haired Chihuahua, Frida, has,

Frida & Her Surrogate Mother, Charlie

her entire short life (1 yr. at this point), inspired great admiration in everyone who meets her. And for all the right reasons — because she embodies what we’d all like to be full of: love, joy, devotion, exhuberance, and much, much more. Maybe it was no accident I named her for the great Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, whose spirit was indomitable and a legend in her own time. Because Frida is exactly that: an indomitable spirit. (Plus, she has this big eyebrow thing going on like Kahlo did, which is what made me think of that name in the first place.)

Frida & Best Chiweenie Friend, Tucker

Everyone who meets Frida wants an exact replica. And just a few days ago I received a blog comment begging me for information about how to find a Chihuahua puppy just like her.  I must admit I was sorely tempted from the get-go to keep Frida in tact so we could churn out multiple baby Fridas and spread magical Frida energy out into the world. But, alas, we all know there are way too many unwanted puppies already, and I would being doing no service to perpetuate this trend. So Frida is no longer viable as a breeding candidate. Sigh . . .

The big question is: what makes

A candid shot that shows Frida's highly evolved yoga skills

up the Frida spirit? And how do we engender it, nurture it, find it, recognize it? And what can we do to bring it to full fruition in any and all animals that we share our lives with?

My answer is I don’t know, but I don’t think we can make it happen. Frida came by her incredible personality traits seemingly from birth. And her personality is different from that of her four siblings, though all experienced the same

Frida at 5 Weeks

positive early start. When, at five weeks of age, Frida tried to drag my daughter across the room by her thumb, I guess we knew then that she was special and would make her mark in the world. So maybe the Frida Factor is genetic.

Or maybe, if as some believe, we get to choose who we’re going to be in any given lifetime, one can simply make the choice to BE a Frida, to live a charmed and charming existence, spread light, and not have a care in the world. The Buddhists believe that human souls can reincarnate as animals, and I’ve had more than one animal tell me that they have been an ascended master in a past lifetime. If all of this is true, then I feel doubly blessed, because I am quite sure Buddha himself chose to come spend a stint here on Earth in the body and spirit of my little Frida. Wow! How did I get so lucky?

Frida, 1 yr. old today, Feb. 20, 2010. Happy Birthday Frida!

I know you have, or have had at some point, a Frida in your life. So I hope you’ll join the Frida Fan Club and send in your story, and I’ll make sure it gets put out in blogdom to help spread Frida light and joy! Meanwhile, if you have a Frida in your midst right now, just hang onto your hat and enjoy the ride!



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