Animal Communication: Telepathic or Psychic Phenomenon?

Many people approach us animal communicators as if we can see the future. Read a crystal ball. Tell them if their animal is going to get well or not.

Whoa! Wait a minute! Madame Zuzu  we are not!

No discredit to those who truly ARE psychic, like Sylvia Browne and John Edward, to name just two who are quite famous. But talking to the animals, aka animal communication, is not about seeing all there is to be seen or knowing all there is to be known.

Animal communication is about having a conversation. Just like you would with a person. Asking questions, listening carefully to the answers, and basically having a two-way dialogue that is give and take, share and share alike.

TELEPATHY is defined by as communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means. Okay, granted. That’s woo-woo enough. But nothing like the definition of  ‘psychic.’

PSYCHIC, according to sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.

When a psychic is looking for information, s/he doesn’t ask the subject to tell  about or describe it. S/he just ‘gets’ it . . . psychically. Possibly including background information and future prognostications.

When an animal communicator is looking for information, on the other hand, s/he opens an animal communication conversation by inviting the subject to talk and then proceeds to ask specific questions based on the client’s request.

True, conducting a conversation through “extrasensory means” is certainly enough outside the norm as to be somewhat remarkable. But if you think about it, we all to some degree possess an ability to communicate without the spoken word. Intuition plays a part, but also lots of other receptive abilities we may have lost during our evolution. Your dog knows when you are mad, right? And it’s not because he has mastered your language. Those same instinctive ways of perceiving are still innate within us humans. And those subtle receptive abilities are all plugged in during animal communication.

In my animal communication practice I am often asked by the client to quiz their animal on matters that go far beyond the conversational level. “Will another surgery (the third) finally cure this cancer?” is a question I had just this week from someone whose horse faces possible euthanasia due to a years-long, chronic, and malignant eye condition. This was a question the horse was supposed to be able to answer.

In such a scenario I am compelled to explain to the client that the horse (or other subject) is not psychic (well . . . maybe some of them are, but in general we can’t expect them to be) and that he would no more know the answer to this question than the person herself does. And I certainly do not claim to be able to look at the horse and just know, psychically, the answer to this question myself.

Oh. Aha. They get it now. We are really just conversing, not divining. And their animal is not a psychic medium. We are having an animal communication session, not a psychic reading.

Now . . . all of the above said . . . there are many, many animal communicators who do possess psychic skills to one degree or another. And those skills do often kick in during an animal communication session.

So if what you want is a psychic dimension added to your animal communication consultations, then search for an animal communicator who touts herself as possessing such. But, as always, ask for references and know what you’re getting.

Otherwise you might end up with a Madame Zuzu after all.



Talk to Your Animals. Here’s How.


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    This blog is extraordinary. Never talk to an animal before. Gotta give it a try.

    • 2

      Wow, thanks!!! That’s the first time anybody has used the word “extraordinary” in relation to my blog, and it makes me real excited and inspires me to keep it up. Thanks so much! Leta

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