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Rescuing a Horse Equals … Helping a Friend

I borrowed this post from another blog, Daily Oats, and it rang so true I felt it was perfect to post this weekend when many are focusing on their spiritual beliefs and celebrating religious holidays. I myself am non-denominational, but the spirit is the same, no matter what your set of rules, and I loved this message.

“Someone you know or your friend knows is going thru a really tough time: losing a loved one, making a tough decision, having major surgery, starting a new job, losing their job, or just feeling all alone. If you see them today give them a hug and let them know you care. If you don’t see them, stop and think about them for a minute and wish them well.”

Taking a moment just to share a hug, a cup of coffee or a meal is what should be in the heart and soul for all of us.

Let’s  say a horse needed help.   I know that everyone who will ever read this would help in a second.  My question is, should our friends that need help deserve any less.

A few years back, one of our horse neighbors, a man who raised quality Belgians,  walked out to the back forty of his property and never came back.  He left his wife a note saying he could just not deal with life any longer.   Sometimes, life can just be harder for a friend, a neighbor, or another horse lover then we can ever imagine.

It is something about the life of a Cowgirl or Cowboy that says we should  not complain, that someone else always has it worse.

I just  found out that some great friends  recently lost their ranch.  The couple  worked their entire life for endless hours at a time,  they  raised their family, worked cattle for nearly 50 years, and now everything is gone but a few head of horses.   I feel as if I should have known.

I should have been ready with some extra hugs, a  big smile and a shoulder if they needed one.

This life is simple:  check on your horses, then check on your family and  friends. Most of all,  share a whinny to anybody that needs one,  no matter what.

I do mean no matter what.

Over the years, I  have been  run over, hurt — a broken leg, a  broken foot, two broken ankles at the same time  and a broken wrist — all  from horses.  I have been  bruised, stepped on and  bitten.  In fact.  I was picked up off the ground when a stallion grabbed me between the shoulder blades.

Most of  us horse lovers wear our horse stories as a code of honor yet we keep coming back for more.

Here is another fact:  most people who piss you off are just hurting themselves, and sometimes they just do not know any other way  to express all the heaped up  pain.  Their pile of manure is just too overwhelming to move anymore.

So for today, no matter what,  share  a hug, a smile or a laugh, even if that Cowboy you know says they don’t need one.  Just head for the barn and check on them anyway.

After all, it is the Cowboy way. Care for the  entire herd, no matter what.

And most important, remember to  share the whinny.


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