Animal Reincarnation – A Shar Pei Case History

Punkin, sitting in her favorite place at her lake house -- by a Shar Pei statue of course.

Shortly after Punkin, a beautiful Shar Pei, passed she told us she definitely wanted to return, as another female  Shar Pei, same color, with, of course, the same people. She had a job to do that she had not been able to finish in her previous life due to a premature death from illness.

Punkin called the Shar Pei breed a “race,” and told us it was one of the highest spiritual groups  on this planet, and that the Shar Pei had much to impart and teach. She planned to come back and do her share!

When asked how M.K. and Mike (her folks) would know how to find her,  she rather flippantly let us know not to worry, not to hurry . . . they would all know when, and how. Meanwhile, she was constantly visiting them in the form of  what she called “flyers,” an assortment of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and so forth.

So M.K. and Mike enjoyed some much deserved traveling for a number of months and delighted in Punkin’s “frequent flyer” visitations.

Then, all of a sudden, it was time. Punkin was ready to come back, and M.K. and Mike were more than ready to welcome her. How to proceed?

We took all our cues from Punkin herself.

In this particular case, Punkin showed us she would be seating her soul into a newborn Shar Pei, so M.K.’s job was to watch the breeders and the litters being born, and then to check with Punkin (through yours truly) about whether any of the tiny candidates were “right.”

What was “right,” we wondered? Well . . . it had to do with looks, color, temperament, and integrity. Apparently Punkin had a very clear idea of the exact type of  Shar Pei pup she wanted to be, AND the one who would be able to live up to her expectations.

So the search began. M.K. would send me pictures from breeders of baby Shar Peis, and I would check in with Punkin while viewing them and get the thumbs up or thumbs down. Some were just “too strong” (she actually called one ‘Athena’), some she liked very much but they were too old (4 weeks?!) so already settled with their new soul . . . etc.

An aside:  Apparently, if a soul is to incarnate into an already-born being, the closer to birth, the better. Most souls “seat” themselves into a being before it is born, but often that “seating” does not happen until after birth (and sometimes no soul seats itself at all, in which case the newborn often will die within a few weeks or months).

Well, the deed was done when one breeder sent M.K. pictures of a newborn litter just a few days old. M.K. forwarded me the pictures, I checked in with Punkin, and BINGO! There was no doubt. It was immediate. There was her chosen target for reincarnation, and she flew so fast and so immediately into that puppy that I got no further communication from her for weeks, nor did M.K. and Mike experience any further visitations from “flyers.”

This was the picture Punkin based her choice on. Adorable or what?!

While waiting for Punkin to get old enough to come home, M.K. dreamed her a new name for this lifetime:  Bella (short for Isabella).   Bella is now home and showing her folks that she is indeed the reincarnation of Punkin in many ways. For instance, when it was time to eat on her second day home, Bella went and stood by the closet door where Punkin’s food was always stored.  She might as well have said out loud:  “Mom! I know I’m a baby and don’t know everything. But I DO remember the important stuff!”

Punkin, home once again as Bella, starting a new and happy life.

We will be checking in with Punkin/Bella often to get from her more details about her purpose in life, but meanwhile her joyous presence is lighting up the life of M.K. and Mike, and they have no doubt whatsoever that their Punkin’s soul is back home with them.

All I know is that, having worked with Punkin and M.K. for years, this is going to be a fascinating journey and a wild ride!!! So stay tuned ………


To read more about Punkin, go HERE. And for a little more on animal afterlife just check out “The Afterlife” category to the right. You might also enjoy this post on visitations from our animals in spirit.


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    linda said,

    i to lost my best friend of 18 last june 1 he was a pom black n white and for a while after i was visted many times every where by a black and white butterfly
    near the end of june my grief was un barable i would cry out his name
    Mr Bucko remember i had him since birth and didnt know life without him
    there was an ad online for pups they were shi sue mix i went to look i think for comfort as i turned into the backyard out came two pups one male one female the male came out and looked at me i was there for awhile then i told the llady i would need time to think about it i felt guilty and drove away in my heart something just felt right about this little pup so i drove back the owners understood my feelings and didnt try to push this little fellow on me
    to make this short i took him it just felt right i feel Mr BUCKO lives on in Mr Bowman thats what i called him i feel Mr Bucko body was just to old and in pain so he lives on in my new guy Mr BUCKO use to have a reverse sneaze well that is one think that Bow has and when i hear that i hear Bucko i do think im right about this what do you think?

    • 4

      Hi Linda! I think you must be absolutely right! I’m sure this is Mr. Bucko returned, and I love your post because it points out so clearly how, if we are supposed to be reunited with a loved one who has reincarnated, we don’t have to go searching very hard — the reunion will happen! We just have to trust and follow our heart and let the steps lead us in the right direction. Thank you so much for sharing, and I am so happy Mr. Bowman is with you now. All the best, Leta

  4. 5

    Robert and annie said,

    Hello my name is rob. I just recently lost my 7 month old chihuahua mix due to one anonymous driver going way too fast down the street. Me and my girlfriend were on our last day of moving to a new home. We had just packed up the last batch along with my three dogs,hunter,chico and the little black and white baby Mawlee. As the last dog was getting into the car, mawlee decided to dash out into the busy street! She made it across but then she saw me running after her so she started running back to me, thats when we were one lane apart from eachother, I could already feel her safe in my arms again. at the last second before reaching eachother I looked to the left to see a little grey car going too fast with no plan of stopping. It took my baby away from me there and then:,( I picked her up as quickly as possible but she was already gone. Mawlee was the brightest light in my life, all my friends could agree that the universe made us into the perfect family. I thought we’d live happy away from the traffic in our new home but she never made it. I couldn’t bear the thought of living with a hole in my soul from then on. I opened my mind to all the happiness I could create and an idea or epiphany hit me. Ive always known about reincarnation, I have been able to trace my self back a couple lives. So I know that she can come back to me but I want to be sure that she can find her way home. Just yesterday my uncle came to talk to me about a pregnant pitbull that he’d love me to take in while she has her litter. I feel that this is a perfect opportunity for mawlee but we need guidance! Please help us, any advice would help, thank you.

    • 6

      Hi Rob – Thank you so much for posting this. I was especially inspired to hear that the accident, if it was one, almost immediately opened you up to what you call an epiphany. There are those moments in life where something is handed to us that just cracks us wide open, or expands us in some way, even though sometimes the “gift” is not a happy one at the time. So I really, really loved reading this. As to whether Mawlee wants to come back, and how and when, I’m not sure what to say except to either follow your own guidance or perhaps have an animal communicator check in with her. Wish I could see a picture of the little one; it sounds like she was such a special spirit and important part of your life. I do feel sure she will return to you, sooner or later, in one form or another. Thank you again for writing, and I am so so for this loss. Leta

  5. 7

    Precious said,

    I recently lost my baby, a 12 yrs lab, jut trying to recover, but its so hard,i read ur posts and i am praying day n night that Precious is united with me immdiatly. I believe in reincrnation n i am waiting precious to tell me where to find him…

    • 8

      Hi There. Thank you so much for posting a comment, and I am so sorry to be answering so late. I just now found your post because it is on my old blog site, which I don’t keep up with much. The new site is at and all previous blogs are there too, should you like to follow along on these topics. Meanwhile, try to stay open, relaxed, and aware of any and all messages that come to you, from any source, and surely it will lead you back to your baby. I wish you many prayers and blessings and hope you find one another again soon. Thanks again for posting.

  6. 9

    Dina Latham said,

    I just lost my Casey 3 weeks ago . I am devastated . The bond we shared was that if a mother n her baby . My best friend in the world . I think I am receiving signs to go to this breeder to find my baby . It is a completely different breed n one I’ve never heard of . Is this my Casey coming back to me ? I am scared to be wrong as I miss him so . I am sure one minute n doubtful the next . But when it happened unexpectedly I had to follow ….

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