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To Geld or Not to Geld – That is the Question

At least it is the question for many horse owners and lovers. Lots of people will want to shoot me for this, but I think there is a case to be made for leaving an animal in tact. But it depends on many things: the breed, the situation, the animal’s health and genetic make-up, and more. Don’t get me wrong. Being as involved with the local animal shelter as I am, and seeing the huge numbers of unwanted dogs, cats, and horses that meet sad ends, I’m all for rounding them up and getting them all “fixed” and then adopted out into perfect homes.

But still, I think there IS a case to be made for the occasional exception.

Tornado (A movie star if I ever saw one!)

Take Tornado, “Nado” for short, a 13-year-old stallion I talked to recently because his owner was in a terrible quandary about whether to geld him or not. Nado is exceptional in many ways: strongly bred, highly intelligent, and extremely skilled — he was a movie star in his younger years and in fact starred in The Legend of Zorro. So, as horses go, Nado is an outstanding example of his species. Yet Mary, Nado’s owner, felt he might have a happier life if gelded, because his management wouldn’t have to be so strict.

Nado talked to me about many things and was highly aware, on what I call a soul level. Our session was detailed and lengthy, and he showed me many past life scenes as well. On the question at hand – gelding – he was adamant in his opinion: ABSOLUTELY NOT! At least not any time soon. And he was very specific and eloquent in his reasoning. I include a part of that conversation here, exactly as it came across, with full permission from Nado and Mary. Nado’s actual words are in quotes, other impressions he sent me are in parentheses:

(He takes his time. He is reflecting and shows me that there are so many nuances to this question, he is simply sorting out the most important aspects and how to put them.) “Well first, I am well acquainted with this practice in the equine industry, and I do understand it.” (He shows me there has been much unreliable and irresponsible breeding of his kind, which is a horrible affront to the species, and for this reason alone gelding can be justified.) “Given that trend, it is of utmost importance that those among us who DO have the proper understanding and genetics to improve the ‘race’ be allowed to do so. It is the only way to preserve the better aspects of the species.” (He shows me then that he has so much to offer, and how this can continue down into time if he is allowed to continue siring offspring.)

This is just a short clip from our conversation, but I think it brings across the integrity and depth of thinking and feeling that many of our animal friends are capable of. As for the outcome with Nado, we worked on possible lifestyle options that would offer Nado more fulfillment, and Mary is going to take things one step at a time. For now, she is honoring Nado’s choice to stay in tact.

I concur. And I’m sure my friend Christina Savitsky, a therapeutic riding instructor, does too, as she recently took one of Nado’s offspring, a 2-year-old mare, to train as her personal ranch and teaching horse, and she reports almost daily how amazing this little filly is!

Christina & "Tiki," Nado's Little Girl

So, still, I do think there is a case to be made, now and again, for allowing certain individuals among ALL species to procreate, not just us humans . . . who often do so as irresponsibly as a puppy mill.


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