Help! I’ve Been Relocated!

From here on out, my blog posts will now appear on my main web site: If you’re subscribed or following me, please go there and resubscribe, I beg you! All this is being done by experts who say I should have everything in the same place, etc. for better SEO results… and all that kind of thing. Beats me. At least all former blog posts, with pictures and comments, have transferred over there successfully, so any ‘conversations’ that may be going on right now (like using Crest toothpaste for sarcoids on horses) should be readily available at the new URL address. Thanks for following, and I hope you’ll keep it up. Leta

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    Mary Kay Davis said,


    I have tried again to register on your other website and cannot. I don’t want to lose connection with you.


    Mary Kay Davis, President

    Texas Educational Solutions


    cell: 512-698-4413

    fax: 512-261-9513

    “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a flame.” William Butler Yates

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