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Animal “Walk-Ins” – A Different Kind of Reincarnation

Is this Moose, Merlin, or both?

What’s going on? The number of reincarnation cases I’ve been getting these past few weeks has been mind-boggling. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the fact that more people are believing in the fact that souls reincarnate… including animal souls. Or maybe it’s because more souls are striving to evolve more quickly by existing on our planet (which I have read somewhere). Whatever the reason, many of us are searching like mad for those special animals we have lost, hoping they come back to us SOON, so that we can continue to share this lifetime together.

To say the least, this has been a very interesting time, and one of the aspects of reincarnation that has been coming to the forefront for me lately with the animals is “walk-ins.” Moose/Merlin, to the left is a perfect example.

But first, for those who may not be familiar with the term “walk-in” as it applies to reincarnation, it simply means that one soul trades places with another soul and takes over that soul’s body, with both souls in agreement. Apparently this is more easily done when there has been an accident or a near death experience and the soul previously inhabiting the body is ready to leave. Usually one soul replaces the other, but sometimes both souls “share” the same body–again, by agreement. And, at least as far as my understanding goes, the souls are usually members of the same “soul group.”

I never thought about how this might apply to animals until a few years ago when I had my first walk-in case where a deceased dog entered another dog who was at a rescue sanctuary. The person involved was very drawn to the particular rescue dog in question, so the soul of her deceased companion zipped right in–by agreement–and co-inhabited the body of the rescu’ee, who was four or five years old at the time and was happy to share her body but not ready to leave. This was my first up-close-and-personal insight into this phenomenon and the fact that it occurs with animals as well as humans. In this case, how the departed spirit chose to display her traits and prove who she was to her person was most fascinating and very specific.

But back to Moose/Merlin. I had an inquiry (through this blog, actually) about a kitten who had come to the attention of a woman whose cat, Merlin, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge not long before. Merlin had been a beautiful black cat with great wisdom. The new kitten was black but, well, he had a lot going on. He had obviously been through major trauma and had some injuries, including a broken jaw. He was not even old enough to be weaned but had somehow found his way into our subject’s life and heart. She of course was not looking for a Merlin replacement but took the kitten in to help rehabilitate him.

And so began the story. Shortly after taking him in, she began to realize there was something special about this kitten and the way they had come together, even though he was born before Merlin departed. The kitten also exhibited a few very particular kitten traits that had been predominant in Merlin when he was a wee lad. Too much to ignore. So, while she called him “Moose” starting out, our reader feels sure that Moose is Merlin, and came back to her as a walk-in, in spite of great odds and life-threatening circumstances. And I happen to agree.

This is how it often happens. Seemingly by accident. Not in ways one could predict. If we are meant to be together, we souls have a divine knowing and understanding of how to make that happen. And sometimes, if all else fails, it’s through coming into a body that already exists, trading places, and settling down into the niche we’re meant to be in–with the person who’s waiting for us.

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Animal Reincarnation – A Shar Pei Case History

Punkin, sitting in her favorite place at her lake house -- by a Shar Pei statue of course.

Shortly after Punkin, a beautiful Shar Pei, passed she told us she definitely wanted to return, as another female  Shar Pei, same color, with, of course, the same people. She had a job to do that she had not been able to finish in her previous life due to a premature death from illness.

Punkin called the Shar Pei breed a “race,” and told us it was one of the highest spiritual groups  on this planet, and that the Shar Pei had much to impart and teach. She planned to come back and do her share!

When asked how M.K. and Mike (her folks) would know how to find her,  she rather flippantly let us know not to worry, not to hurry . . . they would all know when, and how. Meanwhile, she was constantly visiting them in the form of  what she called “flyers,” an assortment of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and so forth.

So M.K. and Mike enjoyed some much deserved traveling for a number of months and delighted in Punkin’s “frequent flyer” visitations.

Then, all of a sudden, it was time. Punkin was ready to come back, and M.K. and Mike were more than ready to welcome her. How to proceed?

We took all our cues from Punkin herself.

In this particular case, Punkin showed us she would be seating her soul into a newborn Shar Pei, so M.K.’s job was to watch the breeders and the litters being born, and then to check with Punkin (through yours truly) about whether any of the tiny candidates were “right.”

What was “right,” we wondered? Well . . . it had to do with looks, color, temperament, and integrity. Apparently Punkin had a very clear idea of the exact type of  Shar Pei pup she wanted to be, AND the one who would be able to live up to her expectations.

So the search began. M.K. would send me pictures from breeders of baby Shar Peis, and I would check in with Punkin while viewing them and get the thumbs up or thumbs down. Some were just “too strong” (she actually called one ‘Athena’), some she liked very much but they were too old (4 weeks?!) so already settled with their new soul . . . etc.

An aside:  Apparently, if a soul is to incarnate into an already-born being, the closer to birth, the better. Most souls “seat” themselves into a being before it is born, but often that “seating” does not happen until after birth (and sometimes no soul seats itself at all, in which case the newborn often will die within a few weeks or months).

Well, the deed was done when one breeder sent M.K. pictures of a newborn litter just a few days old. M.K. forwarded me the pictures, I checked in with Punkin, and BINGO! There was no doubt. It was immediate. There was her chosen target for reincarnation, and she flew so fast and so immediately into that puppy that I got no further communication from her for weeks, nor did M.K. and Mike experience any further visitations from “flyers.”

This was the picture Punkin based her choice on. Adorable or what?!

While waiting for Punkin to get old enough to come home, M.K. dreamed her a new name for this lifetime:  Bella (short for Isabella).   Bella is now home and showing her folks that she is indeed the reincarnation of Punkin in many ways. For instance, when it was time to eat on her second day home, Bella went and stood by the closet door where Punkin’s food was always stored.  She might as well have said out loud:  “Mom! I know I’m a baby and don’t know everything. But I DO remember the important stuff!”

Punkin, home once again as Bella, starting a new and happy life.

We will be checking in with Punkin/Bella often to get from her more details about her purpose in life, but meanwhile her joyous presence is lighting up the life of M.K. and Mike, and they have no doubt whatsoever that their Punkin’s soul is back home with them.

All I know is that, having worked with Punkin and M.K. for years, this is going to be a fascinating journey and a wild ride!!! So stay tuned ………


To read more about Punkin, go HERE. And for a little more on animal afterlife just check out “The Afterlife” category to the right. You might also enjoy this post on visitations from our animals in spirit.

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Animal Reincarnation

Might this frog be a prince after all?

Might this frog be a prince after all?

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Some of the hardest cases I handle are the goodbyes — where an animal has come to the end of his life, or his life has been ended suddenly and unexpectedly, and he and his person must both deal with the grief of physical separation.

In almost all such cases the subject of reincarnation comes up. Not every time, but most of the time. Will we be together again? Does he plan to come back to me? When? How? How will I know him? Have we ever been together before? Many people are so devastated when they lose a beloved animal that they themselves don’t want to go on living. So often the only thread that helps them keep functioning is thinking they will see their animal again, in this lifetime.

To take a look at the multi-faceted possibility of a departed animal spirit being reunited with his or her person through reincarnation, first one must believe in reincarnation in the first place. And, of course, many people do not. Secondly, one must make the leap that animals too can reincarnate, which would then mean that yes, they do have souls – another point of heated argument.

For this blog post, and based on the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with animals about this possibility, ANIMALS DO HAVE SOULS AND THEY CAN AND DO REINCARNATE. If that is simply too much to entertain, then you might quit reading this entry now (and no disrespect to your beliefs is intended).

First, let’s look at animal reincarnation per se. The following is a snippet from a conversation with a horse which had contained enough odd comments earlier in the session – about adapting to his “horse body” — to lead me finally to ask this question:   (I’m “L”; the horse is “M”.)

  • L:   Major, we are wondering if you were ever a horse before?
  • M:  Heavens no!  I would never have considered it!
  • L:   What were you?
  • M:  A person.  (He shows me he was an “ancient,” like a great master spiritualist.)
  • L:   So why did you come back as a horse?
  • M:  To find Suzanne [his person] and work with her on lessons of trust (for both of us).
  • L:   Really?! So have you two been together before?
  • M:  Oh yes, many times.  In many ways.

And the session went on from there, with Major sharing much great wisdom and many insights on the subject of trust with Suzanne, via myself.

Regarding reincarnating and coming back into their person’s lives, many animals express a desire to do so. Some, on the other hand, don’t seem to be aware it’s a possibility (or perhaps they’re simply not interested).

Those who want to return may have some idea about when and how, or may have no idea at all. One Cocker Spaniel I talked to was determined to come back just as soon as possible — as another Cocker Spaniel, and he seemed to have a plan fairly well laid out. His person, Elizabeth, and I spoke with him a few times after he departed so that he could give her directions as to how to find him. He knew when he was coming back and told her to look in the newspaper for Cocker Spaniel litters at a certain point in time. He added details as to what he would look like: male, twice as large as any other pup in the litter, with very curly black and grey hair. He also gave her his new name – Brutus (a name my client NEVER would have chosen!). When she went to inspect the litter, there sat a puppy exactly like the one he had described, and, unbelievably, the family had dubbed him . . . you guessed it . . . Brutus!

This really happened. Exactly as he said it would! It is the only case I’ve ever had that played out in quite this way, and I was as amazed as Elizabeth at the outcome. It certainly was a story with a happy ending.

Every case is different, and most animals who come back tell their person not to look for them, that they, the animal, will find the person when the time is right. But you never can tell what will happen. So if you hope to see your beloved animal again, you very well might, and it seems the best approach to take about that possibility is simply to keep an open mind and heart and to be ready for just about anything.

(Please remember, if you’d like to comment on this post, please enter your comment here: I appreciate all comments and try to answer every one. Thank you!)



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