Can Blue-Green Algae Make an Animal Smarter?

smart poodleThis is a good question. And not to be taken lightly.

As all my animals are on some form of super blue-green algae, I may not be the best source for an opinion, but my guestimate answer is “yes,” blue-green algae can make an animal smarter.

Now “smarter” may not really be smarter per se, as in terms of I.Q. But what I’ve noticed is that my animals who are on this super food, blue-green algae, are more “with it,” more alert, easier for me to tune in to and talk with, and … more reasonable when I need to negotiate with them about something like, ahem, eating s ___ out of the cat box for instance. For lack of a better way to say it, it’s just like they can think better.

And thinking better is a really big deal. At least in my world it is, since I am an animal communicator. The better an animal can think, the better we can talk. Hence, the better we can work through all kinds of problems, be they what kind of food they would like, what kind of behaviors their person would like them to change, or how their physical pain might be ameliorated.

A case in point is the new rescue mare I brought home 10 days ago. We are now calling her Lope, short for Penelope and pronounced LOH-peh. Of course I put her on super blue-green algae immediately. And turned her in with my other three horses on her second day here, largely because I had communicated with them about her plight and because I trusted them to be gentle with her. One nearby horse friend was shocked, saying she never turned a new horse in with her herd for 30 to 90 days. But I knew all would go well, and it certainly has, largely, I feel, because my horses heard my plea. And, of course, I think that’s largely because they can think better, which is assuredly in part because they’ve been on this super powerful brain food, blue-green algae, for years. They understand everything I tell them.

But back to Lope. Obviously she had not been on anything like blue-green algae … ever, as she had been living in a wild-herd situation. But within days of her starting on it I could feel her ‘hearing’ me very well when I would tell her something. And then I began getting messages back from her as well.

For instance, Lope was extremely head shy when I first brought her home. You couldn’t even lift your hand toward her head or face without her quickly jumping away from it. She showed me she had been lassoed in order to be caught so she was scared to death of things coming toward her head. I told her this would never happen again. She got it, quickly. Now I can walk up to her and easily reach up and stroke her or catch her.

Today I started working on her body more, scratching back along her flanks. When I scratched down toward the girth area she freaked out, jumping away again and showing me that she had been girthed up way too tightly there in the past (before her broodmare herd days), AND that she was ticklish!!! What a surprise! I mean, who woulda thought?! So please, she showed me, no scratching in that area, just flat-hand massaging.

This kind of amazing dialog coming from a horse who’s just come in from virtually running wild for years as a brood mare is not the norm. But I swear it’s possible, especially if you do something like start feeding them a powerful nutrient like blue-green algae.  Granted, I’m so accustomed to the miraculous effects of this super food that I can’t even imagine doing things with my animals without it, and yet I am always amazed when I see new proof of its impact on an animal or person who has just begun eating it.

So whether you have a new rescue horse you’re trying to get to know or just want to think better yourself, do yourself and your animals a favor and try some of this amazing stuff. You can read more about it and order it HERE.



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