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Is Your Pet’s Food Making Him Sick? Try Adding Blue-Green Algae.

One Sick Puppy!

One Sick Puppy!

I’m sure no one reading this blog would be guilty of this, but quite a few folks still buy poor quality pet food for their beloved animals. Mainly because it’s cheap. And they would never dream of feeding supplements, much less a super powerful one like blue-green algae.

You would think we would be beyond this uneducated point by now, but I guess when you consider the general level of nutrition among humans themselves it’s not that surprising that they don’t know much about or invest in good food for their pets.

Hopefully the tide is turning and more and more animals will benefit from good nutrition as each year passes. We are extremely fortunate to have growing numbers of high-level nutritional pet foods these days, as well as easy access to finding and procuring them via the Internet. There is also a myriad of fine supplements available, including my favorite, of course, blue-green algae.

People always seem amazed at the number of animals I have and the fact that I spend almost zero on vet bills. Let’s see, I now have 3 horses, 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 7 chickens. And that number is actually down from the 30-something I had 3-4 years ago when I was also raising a few head of cattle in Texas. No vet bills then either.

Aside from the requisite vaccines early in life to protect my brood from  major diseases, and parasite protection as needed, my animals rarely see or sniff, much less ingest, a drug or chemical. This is the polar opposite of many of my clients’ animals who are on regular medication. I have friends and clients who are spending literally thousands of dollars regularly on their animals and still can’t get them healthy! Could this be correlated with the fact that they’re not spending a dime on high quality pet food or supplements like blue-green algae? Alas!

How can this be changed?

Unfortunately, even with good nutrition, once too many chemicals are introduced into the body a rather deadly cycle begins. The more times an animal is on antibiotics and/or steroids or other drugs, and the more they are over-vaccinated (which is still prevalent in our country), the harder it is for their immune system to bounce back after illness. Good nutrition is critical in this scenario, and extra support in the form of supplements like blue-green algae  is usually necessary as well to help the body return to stasis when it has been stressed by drugs on top of illness.

Don’t get me wrong. Modern medicine is one of the greatest blessings in the world, and we should all turn to it when we really need it! I sure do. But the bottom line is: DON’T run to the vet for every sniffle or limp. Instead, beef up your animal’s diet and add micro-nutrients like blue-green algae to it to help your animal’s body fight off the offending bug or injury on its own. Every time it is able to do this without drugs, it only gets stronger. Drugs may calm the symptoms, but the body DOES have to deal with them separately by clearing their attendant side effects via the kidneys and liver — using energy for that process instead of for healing. The liver and kidneys then suffer as well, and they are two of the most important organs for sustaining life.

So what do I feed my animals? The highest quality foods I can find for each species . . . plus — you got it — blue-green algae supplements for everyone. You can find many healthy pet foods these days — online if not locally, so do your homework and learn all about it. For starters, avoid labels with chemical preservatives and “by-products” (a harmless sounding little phrase that can hide a thousand ills). And to make double sure they’re getting everything they need do try adding blue-green algae. You’ll notice a difference and in the long run your pocketbook will too!


Read all about how to feed the algae to your animals HERE, and if you’d like to try some HERE’S how to order it! And you can read about my personal experience with the algae (because, after all, it IS for humans too) at HOW BLUE-GREEN ALGAE HELPED HEAL MY ALLERGIES.



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The Holy Trinity

Jesus ... Ascending to Heaven (as far as I'm concerned!)

Jesus ... Ascending to Heaven (as far as I'm concerned!)

Not to be trite, and certainly not to make light of religion or the construct many in our culture find sacrosanct, but I have my very own “Holy Trinity” these days.

Let me explain.

I’m a single woman living on 40 acres with two houses and lots of animals. And I’m in my 60’s. So, frankly, I need help. With lots of things. And I am blessed to finally have the resources to be able to engage that help from the appropriate sources — my holy trinity, in this case.

First there’s Maria. Now I know Mary was not part of the original Trinity:  “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.” But she should have been. We all know by now that women run the world, and that without them we’d all be toast. So, Maria is that blessed individual who comes here every few weeks to help me restore a semblance of civility in my home. When you have as many canines and felines living in your house as I do, civility, much less cleanliness, can be a hard thing to achieve! So 40 Hail Marys to Maria. I will do anything for her!

Next comes Jesus. And HE was definitely one of the original three. In my situation Jesus manages construction of the new bedroom off my casita, and my hat is off to him. And I will wash his feet if given the chance. Jesus is by far the best contractor I’ve ever come across or dealt with personally — ahead of the game every step of the way, efficient, reasonably priced, affable . . . you name it. And Jesus has a heart of gold. He put everything aside this past Friday to help bury a friend’s dog here on my land, and shed tears right along with the rest of us. Glory be to Jesus.

And then there’s Armando. Now I know that name isn’t even in the Biblical lingo, but again, it should be. Armando is God’s gift to the world, and certainly to single women who need help. He can do everything but burp your babies and always with a smile on his face. He is coming once again early tomorrow morning to shore up my chicken yard in order to save my brood from a new maruading nocturnal beast.

So there you have it. My own version of the Holy Trinity. I give thanks to all kinds of beings every day — in fact every hour of every day. I am so blessed and so fortunate. Topping that list is always thanks for those wonderful people in my life who help make everything possible and help me keep things running along smoothly.

Thanks to you Jesus and Mary and . . . Armando.

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Never Assume Anything

Laidback Moses

Laidback Moses

Many years ago, when I was still studying animal communication, I was completing a set of case histories, pro bono, for one of my teachers. I would ask friends if I could talk to their animals, get a few questions from them to ask the subject, proceed with a simple communication, fill out a form, and submit it to my teacher (with feedback from the animal’s person/owner).

One such practice case was right under my nose! My daughter, who was in college at the time, had left her young cat, Moses, with me for a couple of months while she worked out of state one summer. Moses was a large black and white cat with long hair and “tuxedo” markings. He was a charmer, and his coat was so luxuriant there was no indication of what type of body hid beneath it.

I lived in the country with my horses, dogs, and other cats, so was careful to monitor Moses, especially during his first few weeks there, as he had always lived in the city and knew only city ways. He stayed outside all day every day, hiding in tall grasses, watching the wildlife, and pouncing on grasshoppers. It was almost impossible to tear him away from this endless entertainment when it was time to come in at night.

My daughter came home halfway through the summer and, although it is very embarrassing to admit, was alarmed to find Moses way too thin and light. She was worried! I was too, once I realized she was right. He felt like a featherweight — just skin and bone under all that glorious fur. And I had noticed he wasn’t eating much but assumed he was probably killing and eating birds and mice because I had seen him hunting.

We decided immediately that he should be one of my practice cases, and that I should talk to him and see if I could find out what was “wrong.” (Naturally we assumed something was awry; perhaps he was even gravely ill.)

After the appropriate greetings and polite requests for his cooperation, I began quizzing Moses. I won’t quote the entire conversation here, but the important part, about his weight, went something like the following:

“Moses, we notice that you seem to be much lighter than usual.”

Question mark in a bubble coming back from Moses: “What does THAT mean?”

As best I could I showed him how he was a shadow of his former self. “How do you feel, Moses?”

“Great, why?”

“Good. Just asking. Are you getting enough to eat?”

“I’m not interested in eating.”

“Oh my, why?”

“There’s way too much to do out there, and I’m having way too much fun!”

So there it was. The simplest answer possible, plain as the nose on my face. I proceeded to explain in great detail how it was absolutely necessary to eat, plenty, in order to stay in one’s body, and that his beloved (my daughter) would be devastated if he didn’t, and if he allowed himself to float away from not eating.

After puzzling a bit on this, although he didn’t seem to think it was such a big deal, he said he certainly didn’t want to upset her and would start eating. And so he did, the very next day, and regained all his weight — probably 5 lbs. — within just a week or two.

I guess the communication worked because he never lost weight again. And he lived in the country for most of his life thereafter, always and forever the stalker!

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Life Is All In The Way You Look At It

Frida in Her "Outward Hound" Puppy Pouch

Frida in Her "Outward Hound" Puppy Pouch

Lately I’ve been carting my little baby dog, Frida, around in a puppy pack. She really wants to go with me every time I feed my horses (or go anywhere else, for that matter) and can scoot out the door without my even seeing her. She’s fearless and loves to run around the barn and barnyard while I do my chores. She keeps a constant eye on me and never strays far, so I feel safe about taking her out on foot.

BUT, since feeding the horses involves going in with them, I’ve begun packing Frida in her pouch so she won’t get under their feet, ergo squashed. She seems very content in the pouch, happily bumping along as I walk, those big eyes taking in everything in amazement.

A few days ago I noticed that Frida seemed more timid around the horses than she had before, especially when she was in her pack. In fact one morning, when my mare Bella put her nose a little too close for comfort in order to check Frida out, Frida jumped ship like greased lightning and was on the ground in an instant.

This seemed odd to me, as she had been so curious and fearless before the pouch-riding days. So I thought I’d try to get inside her head a little and see if I could figure out what was going on. What she showed me was a great surprise — totally unexpected!

Frida showed me that her perspective on life was totally different when she was up high, looking out at things from a more-or-less human height. It made everything seem REAL big and REAL close! This was an astounding revelation for me and seemed totally backwards. One would think that a dog that weighs no more than 3 pounds and has to look waaaaaay up at people and large animals would think the world from that angle was the big one. But what do I know. Maybe it is in fact just the opposite — like looking in the wrong end of Scrooge McDuck’s gyroscope where everything looks tiny instead of magnified, therefore far away and non-threatening.

So go figure. All I know is that by carrying Frida, either in my arms or in her puppy pouch, I seem to be reducing her to a much smaller thing than she herself thinks she is. Never having had such a tiny dog before, I see how one can easily fall prey to treating them like a baby, holding them and carting them around constantly. They’re light, they’re mobile, and they seem to love it — but Beverly Hills Chihuahua folk we are not!

For our purposes, in a place where Frida must blend in with a pack of big dogs and learn to be unafraid of horses, it is clear that letting her little legs carry her most of the time is the way to go. No way do I want to stunt her spunky, brave little personality, and I want her to keep on feeling like she’s got the world by the tail.

So, while I know you love cuddling up next to my heart, Dear Frida, it’s back on the ground for you (… except when we’re in with those horsies!).



Chiweenie Love

Chihuahua vs. Chiweenie

Teacup Coyote

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Bessie Has a Guardian Angel (or an orb … or a ghost!)

Bessie & Her Guardian Angel Orb, 6/15/09

Bessie & Her Guardian Angel Orb, 6/15/09

I know I’m blogging a lot about Bessie right now, but when I took her picture a couple of days ago while she was out and about with the horses, I noticed something I’ve noticed before in her pictures: a lovely white orb hovering over her head.

The first time I saw this orb was when I took a Madonna and Child shot of her with her new babies on April 2d of this year. It did not surprise me at all to see an orb keeping her company. Bessie has led a truly charmed life and survived many calamities — it sure seems like someone extra special is looking out for her! Why not an orb?

Guardian "Orb" Sitting on Bessie's Tail! 4/2/09

Guardian "Orb" Sitting on Bessie's Tail! 4/2/09

Here’s what I know about orbs, and to further check out this phenomenon you might visit a site like this one:

I first learned about orbs back in 2003 when visiting a friend who was obsessed with ghosts. Digital photography was still coming into the mainstream at the time, and it had been discovered (by whom I have no idea) that certain forms of plasma that heretofore were uncapturable on the run-of-the-mill 35 mm camera most people owned became visible in digital format. I think this may have been kind of an accidental discovery, not sure, but no matter what it was poo-poo’d (and still is) as being dust particles and all sorts of other what-have-you’s.

My friend had a brand new digital camera, so we decided to go out to an old cemetery one night and see what we could see. It was mid-January, frigid, and windy — perfect conditions for ghosting, right? It was scary as hell!

Well. My friend had read that it was best to kind of protect oneself with prayers before approaching unearthly beings, and then to kindly ask permission from them to photograph them and try to prevail upon them to “show” themselves in the photo. So, in spite of flapping coats, hair whipping around all over the place, and our toes freezing off, we took the time to do all that and then started taking pictures.

Another small detail that is important to know: if you get ghosts in your pictures, they deplete your camera battery much more quickly than normal — like about ten times — so if you go out ghosting be sure and take extra batteries. We did. And our camera batteries went dead after only 5 or 6 shots.

But woo-hoo! We couldn’t believe what we got. In one picture there were probably 20 orbs just standing there, or rather hovering there, over their headstones, just staring at us . . . in an orb sort of way. We got orbs of all sizes and varieties, in every picture.

A few years later I took some shots of two children up in the hay loft of the old barn on my ranch. It was an old, old ranch, a place full of spirits if ever I knew one. I took several shots, all the same, and out of the blue one of them had a bunch of orbs in it! I had forgotten about orbs so was pretty wowed. The kids had not moved to stir up dust, and my camera was clean. And the little girl was so scared by the time I finished shooting that I had to climb up the ladder and carry her down. Count on a kid to dispel your doubts!

Lots of Ghosts Who Came to be Photographed

Lots of Ghosts Who Came to be Photographed

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Bessie Flew the Coop!!!

Bessie, Keeping Her Preferred Company

Bessie, Keeping Her Preferred Company, the Horses

As she raced by me and squeezed out the gate like greased lightning, I distinctly heard Bessie say: “I’m done! I’m outta here!”

This was yesterday morning. I was entering the chicken coop. And she was exiting it — and not to be deterred!

It took me a few minutes to realize what had just happened and to register what she had just told me and what it meant. Then I just had to chuckle to myself because Bessie has always had such a knack for self-realization and manifesting her dreams. And she had just done it again.

You may recall from earlier blogs that Bessie is 9 years old, an age few of her feathered friends reach. She has survived foxes and coons in Texas, coyotes and hawks in New Mexico, and several broods of wild crazy babies — the latest being made up of 10 chicks I brought her on April 1st of this year (April Fool’s, Bessie!). Being the gracious maternal spirit she is, she welcomed them warmly and gathered them up under her fluffy self. She even quit moulting in order to deal with her new family.

But “Enough is enough!” she told me yesterday. (These babies are almost her size now, and quite demanding!)

In retrospect, I have noticed in just the past week or so that Bessie has been feeling very fussy with her family, very irritable. If one happens to be standing in a particular spot Bessie doesn’t approve of for instance, she just gives it hell and instantly banishes it to the outer yard. And Lord have mercy should one take a bite of bread she has her eye on! She’s just been in a really bad mood.

I guess Bessie needed a break, just like every mom does sometimes.

As soon as she was out the gate, Bessie heaved a chicken sigh of relief and pleasure and started clucking and eating bugs that one simply cannot find in an enclosed chicken yard. As soon as she had feasted on those a bit, however, she ran over to the barn to dive into her favorite-of-all-time snack: horse manure! She was in Seventh Heaven, chirping and rooting around under Copper’s feet while he ate, happily picking out invisible-to-the-naked-eye fly larvae from his recent poop.

“Ah, this is the life,” she muttered pleasurably.

In Texas my chickens were always at liberty (“free range” in nouvelle cuisine lingo) during the day, safe in their hen house at night. But in New Mexico that doesn’t work so well. There’s just something different about the predators here, even though they are fewer in number and type than we had back at the Texas ranch. Go figure.

So, after losing Bessie’s 3 remaining buddies last fall, all in one fell swoop, I decided it was time for my beloved Bessie to move “indoors.” We had been through way too much together for the past 9 years for her to become one more piece of coyote bait.

Bessie spent the winter all alone, under a heat lamp in a small abode with a small yard attached. True to form, she seemed quite contented until lo and behold one day she had a new, huge hen house and yard plus 10 new chicks to mother, and that was the icing on her cake. She was ecstatic!

Yesterday I allowed Bessie 24 hours of freedom, which she spent in and around the barn and hay room, her favorite place of all, before throwing a big white sheet over her this morning in order to return her to the safety of the hen house.

She resisted just a little, but kind of breathed a big sigh as I set her down amongst her brood. I think she was secretly relieved to be back with the family, and she seemed to be in a much better mood.

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Will the Real Pronghorn Antelope Please Stand Up?

A Herd of Pronghorn Antelope - Hmmmm . . . I wonder which one can we can get to talk to us?

A Herd of Pronghorn Antelope - Hmmm ..... I wonder which one we can get to talk to us?

Animal communicators are sometimes asked to talk to wild animals. Say, mice, or maybe snakes … or fleas, for instance. Although I doubt anyone thinks of  fleas as wild animals, it is fairly obvious why they sometimes might need a talkin-to.

So, what if you DO need to talk to one of these critters, or to one of the antelope in the herd you see above? Gheez, Louise! How does one go about that?! Catching the rapt attention of, much less having a conversation with, an animal on alert in the wild does not sound like a very viable idea, does it?

But maybe you really want to welcome the antelope herd to your neighborhood, or find out what it’s best food is so you can contribute in times of drought. Or maybe you just want to understand pronghorn antelope better. All legitimate reasons to reach out to them.

Wild animals, especially those in herds, tend to act and react from a herd mentality and instinctive behaviors that have been genetically programmed and refined for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Being singled out for a discussion is NOT in their genetics.

But there are other ways. What is known as the “devic realm” provides a pathway for gaining an understanding of, and yes sometimes actually talking to, many other forms of intelligence. This realm has been recognized since ancient times by just about every spiritual and metaphysical sect and sector that has existed. (If you Google for it, you can gorge your head with information about it.)

Basically, the devas are intelligent energy forms that “hold the blueprint” for everything we know and everything that exists. So there are an infinite number of them. AND they can ebb and flow, form and reform, according to need. So, for instance, there is a broccoli deva that holds the exact pattern of what a broccoli looks like, what nutrients it needs, how it grows, etc. But, besides this broccoli generalist, there are also different devas for each different strain of broccoli.

Therefore, in your garden you have numerous devas at work — the carrot, the cauliflower, the onion, the bean, the pea deva, etc. They are all feeding information and the imprint of their particular plant into the growing seedling itself as well as to the little nature spirits who aid in bringing that imprint into physicality. (Nature spirits are also called fairies or sometimes elves, and that is another whole discussion.)

And, besides your gang of vegetable and flower devas who are managing your plants, your garden itself may have what’s called an “overlighting” deva who chose to form up to make a cohesive, co-creative project of your plot.

So devas exist on many levels.

You can invoke them, talk to them, ask them to form up as an “overlighting” entity for certain projects that are in the physical, and what have you.

So to talk to the pronghorn antelope, just call in the pronghorn antelope deva and begin your discussion. It may be that that is as far as you get, and your conversation will be only with her. Or she may facilitate an in-depth chat with one particular member of the herd you are addressing. She will call the shots on this and decide which level of co-mingling is most appropriate.

Sound difficult to believe? Check out Findhorn, a co-creative garden/now expanded community in Scotland that is souly based on working with devas and nature spirits. Or Perelandra, a similar center here in America.

If this is new for you, suspend your disbelief for a while and prepare to be delighted and fascinated. And go welcome the antelope to your neighborhood!

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