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Animal “Walk-Ins” – A Different Kind of Reincarnation

Is this Moose, Merlin, or both?

What’s going on? The number of reincarnation cases I’ve been getting these past few weeks has been mind-boggling. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the fact that more people are believing in the fact that souls reincarnate… including animal souls. Or maybe it’s because more souls are striving to evolve more quickly by existing on our planet (which I have read somewhere). Whatever the reason, many of us are searching like mad for those special animals we have lost, hoping they come back to us SOON, so that we can continue to share this lifetime together.

To say the least, this has been a very interesting time, and one of the aspects of reincarnation that has been coming to the forefront for me lately with the animals is “walk-ins.” Moose/Merlin, to the left is a perfect example.

But first, for those who may not be familiar with the term “walk-in” as it applies to reincarnation, it simply means that one soul trades places with another soul and takes over that soul’s body, with both souls in agreement. Apparently this is more easily done when there has been an accident or a near death experience and the soul previously inhabiting the body is ready to leave. Usually one soul replaces the other, but sometimes both souls “share” the same body–again, by agreement. And, at least as far as my understanding goes, the souls are usually members of the same “soul group.”

I never thought about how this might apply to animals until a few years ago when I had my first walk-in case where a deceased dog entered another dog who was at a rescue sanctuary. The person involved was very drawn to the particular rescue dog in question, so the soul of her deceased companion zipped right in–by agreement–and co-inhabited the body of the rescu’ee, who was four or five years old at the time and was happy to share her body but not ready to leave. This was my first up-close-and-personal insight into this phenomenon and the fact that it occurs with animals as well as humans. In this case, how the departed spirit chose to display her traits and prove who she was to her person was most fascinating and very specific.

But back to Moose/Merlin. I had an inquiry (through this blog, actually) about a kitten who had come to the attention of a woman whose cat, Merlin, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge not long before. Merlin had been a beautiful black cat with great wisdom. The new kitten was black but, well, he had a lot going on. He had obviously been through major trauma and had some injuries, including a broken jaw. He was not even old enough to be weaned but had somehow found his way into our subject’s life and heart. She of course was not looking for a Merlin replacement but took the kitten in to help rehabilitate him.

And so began the story. Shortly after taking him in, she began to realize there was something special about this kitten and the way they had come together, even though he was born before Merlin departed. The kitten also exhibited a few very particular kitten traits that had been predominant in Merlin when he was a wee lad. Too much to ignore. So, while she called him “Moose” starting out, our reader feels sure that Moose is Merlin, and came back to her as a walk-in, in spite of great odds and life-threatening circumstances. And I happen to agree.

This is how it often happens. Seemingly by accident. Not in ways one could predict. If we are meant to be together, we souls have a divine knowing and understanding of how to make that happen. And sometimes, if all else fails, it’s through coming into a body that already exists, trading places, and settling down into the niche we’re meant to be in–with the person who’s waiting for us.


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Animal Communication – Can Intention Override Instinct? Hmmmm . . .

horse puppetA lot of people seem to think that if you can talk to an animal then you can make it do anything you want — kind of like a puppet on a string. They want us animal communicators to talk their dog out of eating the cat’s food, or their horse out of being jumpy  on the trail, or their cat who loves to hunt out of killing birds — mice are okay, but no birds.

Stuff like that. Excuse me?

Just because it someone’s intention that their animal’s every move and behavior accommodate their desires and lifestyle 24/7 doesn’t mean that’s gonna happen. Having animals in your household (or barn, or fishbowl, or aviary) is just as untidy at times as having your 2-year-old come blundering into your bedroom just as you and your mate are getting it on. Ouch. (Hope that’s okay to talk about here.)

But really, that’s about how unnerving and messy family life can be at times, be the members 4-footed or 2, right?

So it always beats me when I hear a client express not just a desire, but a directive, to instruct his or her animal to behave in a way that anybody in his right mind would know boils down to overriding an instinctive behavior.

Can’t be done. Well, hardly ever.

I won’t say it might not help. Explaining to the horse that his person is committed to riding only on safe trails and to keeping him safe no matter what MIGHT have some effect — that is, if the horse cares about his human in the first place, or trusts him, or is by nature a fairly calm, thinking horse anyway. There are many horses who, no matter how much they trust and love their human, and how much training they’ve had, are so flighty by nature that they will never lose that reactive tendency when out in, what to them is, “the wild.” After all, a horse is a prey animal, designed to perceive dangers we cannot even imagine, and their instinct to jump to the side or flee from danger is about their only guarantee of continued life.

The cat? Well, we all know how, if you have a cat who is a dedicated hunter, there is little you can do to direct their activities or prevail upon them to limit their victims to this, that, or the other species. A cat is a cat is a cat, and cats have their own mind so will do whatever they darn well please.

So please. Honor your animals by not expecting them to override their basic instincts just because it is your intention that they “shape up.” And please make life easier for us animal communicators by not asking us to either.

"Lily," Respector of All That is Avian

"Lily," Respector of All That is Avian

Now that I’ve stated my case I must tell you a story about Lily, one of my cats.  Lily did in fact quit killing birds when I asked her to. I don’t remember the exact rationale I presented with this particular request, or how I presented it, and I did sanction her continuing with the mice if they came inside the house, and, amazingly, it worked! Lily hasn’t touched a bird since that time, well over a year ago, even though she can sit and watch them eat and play at the birdfeeder all day long if she so chooses. The downside is that she usually finds her “house mice” victims at night and proudly brings them into my bedroom to announce her mighty feat, awakening everyone in the household. Groan……  I guess everything is a trade-off.

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Can Cats See Ghosts?

cat watching ghostMy vote is ‘yes,’ and other animals can too.

I’ll never forget the first time I noticed this. I was lying on my bed, in an old abandoned Texas farmhouse I had bought and brought up to livable condition. It had been the homestead on a large, old cattle ranch in central Texas and was built in the late 1800’s. In the 60’s the ranch was sold and developed into 5- to 20-acre plots. I had come across the old place, which was nestled on six acres bordering a large spring-fed pool, and fell in love with it. It was very magical.

The place came with lots of spirits, and lots of strange things happened during the 13 years I lived there.

It was that first year, and I was lying on my high, antique, four-poster bed one evening, probably reading. My grey cat Rose hopped up beside me for a little attention. But she was quickly distracted and walked over to the far edge of the bed, very alert, where she sat down and started watching something I couldn’t see. It was clearly up in the air, a little higher than we were, and she sat watching it for about 10 minutes or so. You know how cats move their whole head when they watch something. Well, hers was swinging right and left wildly, going in circles and zig-zags. It was as if an invisible mouse was turning acrobatic flips in the air right in front of her!

It really gave me the heeby-jeebies. At first I didn’t think too much of it. But then I started watching her watching “it” (or “them”), and before too many minutes slowly edged myself out of the bed and into another room. I continued to watch Rose as she observed the invisible spectacle, which she did until it either left or she was satisfied, at which point she turned around, curled up, and went to sleep. Whoever it was, and whatever she’d been watching obviously didn’t bother her at all.

This was about 20 years ago so was around the same time I was beginning my animal communication practice in earnest. As I became more adept at communication over the next couple of years and built up a history of a few hundred cases, I realized that what I had observed was apparently not too uncommon: an animal seeing spirits or ghosts, or perhaps fairies or other kinds of energies. And all kinds of animals reported it, not just cats.

Here is an example of the kind of thing animals have shown and told me over the years. This is from a session I did in 2005 because the subject dog, Maggie, had started acting very strangely – nervous and anxious and barking a lot.

L:   Maggie, I feel that you are anxious about something and a little nervous, expectant? And like that keeps you somewhat upset. Can you tell or show me why?

M:  Maggie shows me there is energy on the property that should not be there. I see it in the backyard, as if through her eyes: wavy energy. The impression she conveys to me is that it has not always been there.

L:   Does it move around?

M:  Yes.

L:   Has it always been there?

M:  No. And sometimes it wants to go in the house.

L:   Can you help me by identifying this energy? Can you tell if it’s from a person or not?

M:  She thinks it is. It is a “visitor.” She feels she needs to try to watch it all the time, though it’s not like she can really “see” it all the time. She feels it more than anything else.

L:   I understand. And this is a new thing?

M:  Yes. It came one night.

L:   All of a sudden?

M:  Yes.

L:   How were you aware of it?

M:  When I went outside it was there (she shows me it was dark then).

The session went on from there, and it took some weeks for Linda to figure out what was going on energetically in her back yard and take care of it. The explanation was a vortex, which seemed to have become a “high-traffic” area for ghosts or spirits. Fortunately, Linda did not doubt what Maggie had told us so immediately enlisted the aid of someone who works with this kind of phenomenon, and the problem was taken care of very quickly. After the vortex was closed, things went back to normal, and Maggie returned to her easy-going self.

Hard to believe? Maybe. But I’ve handled way too many such cases over the years to doubt them any more, and many times the animals have helped solve nebulous, long-existing problems that no one else could explain.

So if you are having odd occurrences and think you may have a ghost or a poltergeist, you might consider asking your dog or cat to check the situation out for you!

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How to be an Only Cat . . . by Lily Worthington

This is me, "Lily," while dictating this article to Leta.

This is me, "Lily," while dictating this article to Leta.

To all you neophytes out there who suddenly find yourself an “only” cat, just listen to me. I have lots of tips and tricks of the trade to give you.

First, ahem, please excuse today’s blog — Leta obviously did not get down everything I told her, or flubbed up the interview some other way, because what came out early this morning on this page was one sentence only!!!!! How embarrassing!!!!!

Hopefully she will now get it all down in full, and she has promised me she will run this post tomorrow as well since half the day today was a waste, and since it is critical that as many cats as possible have an opportunity to read this important information.

So, to reconstruct what I told her yesterday, here are your helpful tips:

1. If there are any other animals in the family, play like you like at least one, even if you don’t. It will earn you lots of points. For me that would be Tucker, our Chiweenie, because I love to lick his ears and he lets me do that. As for the teeny-weeny one who is called by the silliest name you ever heard, Frida, I can take her or leave her. Though, truth be told, I am beginning to like her a little bit because she listens to me and respects me. So, rule number uno, act friendly, at least sometimes, even if you don’t feel that way.

2. Always try to sleep on your person at night, and that means on their body. The best places to get are the ones that are the sorest or most tender. You can find those by noticing carefully how your person reacts when you step on certain spots. This is very beneficial and healing for them, even if they don’t seem to think so (sometimes Leta wakes up in the middle of the night and ejects me suddenly as if I were a dead rat — I think she just doesn’t realize what a favor I am doing for her, or she is perhaps in a fog from a bad dream). Sometimes, your person may be so averse to your healing touch that you have to wait until they go to sleep and then creep up onto their body step by slow step. Very stealthily. Persevere. You are doing a great service here.

3. Every day or two bring a mouse or rat into the house, preferably at night, that your person will be sure to find the next morning. This will prove that you are doing what cats are supposed to do: keeping the property rid of such pests. It is best to chase and play with said pest for a while so your person wakes up and notices what you are doing, and then, no matter how much you want to, DON’T eat the whole thing. Always leave a part of the mouse, maybe even two or three pieces, or else you owner may not even know you did this for her. If you’re not allowed outside (horrors) then go through this procedure with a large bug or spider that you can hopefully find in the house somewhere. You will get the same strong reaction, proving that your actions are not only major events but also noteworthy.

Obviously, if there are other cats in the house they can take up some of the slack on these activities, but if you’re an only cat you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and perform them all by yourself.

Good luck!

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“Beam Me Up, Scottie . . . but please keep me safe!”

Heading Out Into Other Dimensions

Heading Out Into Other Dimensions

When you start traveling outside your body, while awake or asleep, you want to be careful. This includes extending your consciousness to communicate with an animal telepathically.  There’s all kinds of stuff floating around on certain planes you may traverse, plus there are other forms of intelligence that can cause a wreck on your journey. Really.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably familiar with and into this kind of thing, but if you don’t believe me about this astral traffic jam, just ask your cat. If you have one I’m sure you have had the experience of observing her while she sits calmly on the side of your bed and watches something moving around in the room that you can’t see. Usually up in the air, as if it flies or floats. Creepy, huh?

So you don’t want to wander around in the ethers without protection. Things can bump into you or stick on you and cause problems later. They can also influence your good intentions and skew your psychic perceptions. Think of it this way:  you wouldn’t go out in a thunderstorm without an umbrella or a raincoat, so don’t go cruising off into outer space without your protective garb.

All you basically have to do to protect yourself is intention it using some form of protective, meditative visualization or prayer (to whatever power you believe in).  You can go online and google for ideas (try “protective meditation” — I just did, and got thousands of results). Use whatever appeals to you and feels right.

Doing the same thing when you go out into crowds — even if you’re just shopping at Walmart (ESPECIALLY if you’re just shopping at Walmart!) — is very beneficial as well, especially if you’re an empathic individual who feels what others around you feel. You don’t want to take on energy from anyone, really, and certainly not from people you don’t know.

If you have ever felt totally drained and exhausted after grocery shopping then you know what I’m talking about. You probably went in feeling great and totally open, so lots of other folks’ energy got all over you and depleted you. Here’s an easy thing to do if that happens:


Hop in the shower, suds up and get clean the way you usually do. Then take a big handful of Epsom salts or sea salt, plop it on top of your head, and stand under the shower for a few minutes while the water pressure sluices the salt all down and around your body. Salt is magnetic and absorptive and is wonderful for clearing unwanted energies.

And next time you see your cat watching invisible beings, try asking her to show you what she is seeing. You might just be surprised!

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