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FollowTheLeaderThank you so much for following this blog about animals and animal communication! I wanted to let you know, however, that I have moved the entire blog to my main website and that is where new posts appear. I hope you will hop on over there to catch up and sign up to follow me at that location. And if you have a blog too, please put that in the comments there so I can check it out. Thanks so much! LetaSignature


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Do Animal Communicators Eat Meat?

"Yum!" or not yum? You decide.

"Yum!" or not yum? You decide.

Carnivore versus Vegetarian/Vegan:  This is one hot topic indeed. And many seem to think that we animal communicators who do eat meat are hypocritical and should go up in flames . . .  kind of like the steak in this picture.

Every animal communicator has been faced with this question, often in the form of a combative challenge. The scope of the answers given, and the rationales therefor, are as wide and diverse as the individuals who espouse them. In fact, the topic is so controversial, and the stance of animal communicators so varied, that it is the subject for one of the main discussions in the summer issue of Penelope Smith’s quarterly journal, Species Link. If this is an issue that seriously concerns you, you might consider ordering the current issue of this journal.

In a nutshell: the opinions of the animal communicators queried for this article range from “serious meat-eater with no qualms” to “would never eat anything I can talk to.” Actually, “no qualms” isn’t quite right, as I’ve never heard of a meat-eating animal communicator who isn’t terribly conscientious about the type of meat she puts in her body and who doesn’t also bless the animals for their sacrifice.

The question in your mind about right now, of course, is whether I, the animal communicator/author of this post, eat meat or not, right?

The simple answer is yes, I do, and with great blessings and gratefulness and no apologies. I, like many animal communicators surveyed, have Type O blood, for one thing, which is that of the original hunter gatherer amongst our ancient forebears (it was, in fact, the first blood type). But for me, also as for many others, there are health issues involved, including a tendency toward a life-threatening form of anemia.

In my case there are other reasons as well. Meat being one of the more grounding substances on the planet, I find I require it to keep myself from getting too spaced out and ending up wandering around in the ethers all day. Working in the psychic and telepathic realms does tend to make one spacey — some of us more than others, I would suspect. So, for me at least, a few ounces of heavy animal protein really facilitates my work.

But another reason I eat meat, I admit it, is that I plain out love it. I’m of the generation that was raised on it, and it is a serious part of my diet. As when growing up, when at all possible I prefer to eat wild game or family-caught fish, and indeed on the Texas ranch we kept such in our large freezers year-round.  I can attest firsthand how different meat tastes when killed humanely and quickly and with gratefulness than that of animals sent to slaughter. And I try to eat the latter as little as possible.

Lots of people would love to argue this question ad infinitum, which I  have no interest in doing — about anything really. But I leave those of you who adamantly oppose meat-eating with the following thought to ponder.

Plants are also living, breathing, intelligent beings. And it has been proven that they react to inhumane treatment, chaos, and neglect. One can certainly talk to them, and communicating with them in my practice has me and not just a few others convinced they are among, if not the highest form of intelligence on the planet. So next time you put a bite of lettuce in your mouth you might run through the objections you spout to those heartless meat-eaters and see how they apply to your own values and eating habits.

No matter what you eat, enjoy! EATING is one of the great pleasures we earthlings are privileged to indulge in, and I think we should all delight in every moment and aspect of it. And always, always, always bless your food and give thanks for it.


Here is my own brief, personal favorite food blessing and prayer. And if you hold your hands over your plate, palms down, while praying and blessing your food, you will feel living, universal energy flowing through them. I promise.

I give thanks for all the beings who gave of themselves to provide and prepare this food. And I ask that it be raised to the highest vibration level that is conducive to my digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

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Never Assume Anything

Laidback Moses

Laidback Moses

Many years ago, when I was still studying animal communication, I was completing a set of case histories, pro bono, for one of my teachers. I would ask friends if I could talk to their animals, get a few questions from them to ask the subject, proceed with a simple communication, fill out a form, and submit it to my teacher (with feedback from the animal’s person/owner).

One such practice case was right under my nose! My daughter, who was in college at the time, had left her young cat, Moses, with me for a couple of months while she worked out of state one summer. Moses was a large black and white cat with long hair and “tuxedo” markings. He was a charmer, and his coat was so luxuriant there was no indication of what type of body hid beneath it.

I lived in the country with my horses, dogs, and other cats, so was careful to monitor Moses, especially during his first few weeks there, as he had always lived in the city and knew only city ways. He stayed outside all day every day, hiding in tall grasses, watching the wildlife, and pouncing on grasshoppers. It was almost impossible to tear him away from this endless entertainment when it was time to come in at night.

My daughter came home halfway through the summer and, although it is very embarrassing to admit, was alarmed to find Moses way too thin and light. She was worried! I was too, once I realized she was right. He felt like a featherweight — just skin and bone under all that glorious fur. And I had noticed he wasn’t eating much but assumed he was probably killing and eating birds and mice because I had seen him hunting.

We decided immediately that he should be one of my practice cases, and that I should talk to him and see if I could find out what was “wrong.” (Naturally we assumed something was awry; perhaps he was even gravely ill.)

After the appropriate greetings and polite requests for his cooperation, I began quizzing Moses. I won’t quote the entire conversation here, but the important part, about his weight, went something like the following:

“Moses, we notice that you seem to be much lighter than usual.”

Question mark in a bubble coming back from Moses: “What does THAT mean?”

As best I could I showed him how he was a shadow of his former self. “How do you feel, Moses?”

“Great, why?”

“Good. Just asking. Are you getting enough to eat?”

“I’m not interested in eating.”

“Oh my, why?”

“There’s way too much to do out there, and I’m having way too much fun!”

So there it was. The simplest answer possible, plain as the nose on my face. I proceeded to explain in great detail how it was absolutely necessary to eat, plenty, in order to stay in one’s body, and that his beloved (my daughter) would be devastated if he didn’t, and if he allowed himself to float away from not eating.

After puzzling a bit on this, although he didn’t seem to think it was such a big deal, he said he certainly didn’t want to upset her and would start eating. And so he did, the very next day, and regained all his weight — probably 5 lbs. — within just a week or two.

I guess the communication worked because he never lost weight again. And he lived in the country for most of his life thereafter, always and forever the stalker!

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Afterlife as an Afterthought?

What would happen to this little guy's body if you buried it in a matchbox?

What would happen to this little guy's body if you buried it in a matchbox?

You know how, if you ask somebody if they believe in Heaven or an afterlife, they usually say they don’t know? They just don’t know. They haven’t figured it out yet, or haven’t decided yet …  or just don’t believe in anything. This always astounds me because I’ve always been just the opposite.

From a very early age I was always curious about what I know now would have been classified as “spiritual matters.” As well as all things mysterious and metaphysical. So I explored, and I delved, and I experimented, and I studied. And, besides my religious upbringing and Bible study, and later on a consideration of other religions, most of all I relied on my own internal Geiger counter to sort out what was right and true for me and what was not.

My God has always been mine alone and not one that fits well into any formula or format I’ve found thus far. So I NEVER argue about religion with anyone. Because I figure their set of spiritual beliefs is as unique to them as mine is to me. (Not that most of them would agree, but whatever . . .)

BUT, all of that came later.

The earliest experiment I can remember concerned the afterlife. I was about 4 or 5 and in a huge quandary about what happens to us after we die. My goldfish did, and I just knew in my heart his little spirit couldn’t possibly stop there. But my only frame of reference was his small golden body, so I figured if I could find out what happened to it, then I would have an answer to the big picture.

Luckily I found a small empty matchbox, the kind that the inside slides out of, that was the perfect size and would make an ideal coffin for a tiny goldfish. I placed him in it very carefully and then buried him out behind the shed in our back yard.

My plan was to dig up the matchbox each day, slide out his little cardboard bed, and view the body, thus tracking its progress through the hereafter. And dig him up each day I did. Before long he looked not unlike the goldfish in this picture.

One day I dutifully dug down, as usual, to unearth the small sarcophagus, and . . . lo’ and behold . . . when I slid out the inner casing, my goldfish’s body had disappeared entirely!!! This was all the proof I needed that my little friend had ascended into Goldfish Heaven, and I imagine that was the beginning of my belief in an afterlife.

Probably, at some point, I let too many days go by between disinterments. And probably the little guy’s body had decomposed to the point that ants finished off the rest of him during that interlude. But I didn’t know any of that at the time. His disappearance was definitely a miracle in my eyes and confirmed my suspicion that we do indeed go to a higher place after we leave our physical bodies.

I never told anyone what I was doing or what had happened to my goldfish. I didn’t think anyone would believe me and, even as a small child, figured they would think I was nuts.

But this was my first step toward the beyond. It left a big impression and surely primed me for the rest of my spiritual journey. It’s been a fun and fascinating one!

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Trust Yourself – Especially in Reading Your Animals

Not sure what you're getting?

Not sure what you're getting?

The most difficult hurdle when learning animal communication seems to be trusting what you get — for everyone. Almost every student, when reporting on their practice conversations with animals, qualifies her report with, “Well, I don’t know if I just made this up, or . . .(blah blah blah). ”

Trust yourself. First and foremost. You know your animals better than anyone. So if you’re trying to read them, you’re probably doing it pretty darn well. Yes, you can be wrong sometimes, or you may be so emotionally involved that you need an outside opinion, but no doubt you will have good insight and intuition about the situation at hand.

An old client, Sue, contacted me this week because her dog Jack had suddenly become afraid to go outside. Jack was a rescue who came with some issues and has always been a bit high strung and finely tuned, but he’s been quite stable in his behavior for years now. So this change was unexpected and seemed like a reversion to old behavior patterns.

Sue and I went back and forth for a few days, deciding whether she needed a session or not. During that time I never formally tuned into Jack, but each time I took a psychic glance at him and his situation I got the distinct impression there was something new or different about the yard that he was afraid of. I don’t like to bank on such impressions, as I don’t trust psychic hunches without actually talking to the animal and getting their direct input, but often these glimpses can be accurate.

I emailed Sue one last time to see what she wanted to do because I hadn’t heard from her for a few days (her computer was down), and she wrote back saying she had figured out, pretty much for sure, that the problem was the new automatic sprinkler system they had installed in their yard. She didn’t see it happen, but she thought Jack might have been caught offguard and gotten sprayed by it.

See? Once Sue gave it a little thought, she tuned right into what was bothering Jack. And she trusted her feelings enough to go with them, suggesting we hold off on a session until or unless he didn’t snap out of it in a few days. I told her about those “glimpses” I had taken, and that they completely confirmed what she felt was wrong, and she was so proud to have gotten it all by herself!

So, when you’re trying to figure something out with your animal and feel stumped:  sit down, calm down, take some deep breaths, close your eyes if you like, and see what comes. Your intuition and knowledge of your good buddy will probably prevail, and you’ll have a good idea of what’s going on and what to do next.

Trust, trust, trust.

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How to be an Only Cat . . . by Lily Worthington

This is me, "Lily," while dictating this article to Leta.

This is me, "Lily," while dictating this article to Leta.

To all you neophytes out there who suddenly find yourself an “only” cat, just listen to me. I have lots of tips and tricks of the trade to give you.

First, ahem, please excuse today’s blog — Leta obviously did not get down everything I told her, or flubbed up the interview some other way, because what came out early this morning on this page was one sentence only!!!!! How embarrassing!!!!!

Hopefully she will now get it all down in full, and she has promised me she will run this post tomorrow as well since half the day today was a waste, and since it is critical that as many cats as possible have an opportunity to read this important information.

So, to reconstruct what I told her yesterday, here are your helpful tips:

1. If there are any other animals in the family, play like you like at least one, even if you don’t. It will earn you lots of points. For me that would be Tucker, our Chiweenie, because I love to lick his ears and he lets me do that. As for the teeny-weeny one who is called by the silliest name you ever heard, Frida, I can take her or leave her. Though, truth be told, I am beginning to like her a little bit because she listens to me and respects me. So, rule number uno, act friendly, at least sometimes, even if you don’t feel that way.

2. Always try to sleep on your person at night, and that means on their body. The best places to get are the ones that are the sorest or most tender. You can find those by noticing carefully how your person reacts when you step on certain spots. This is very beneficial and healing for them, even if they don’t seem to think so (sometimes Leta wakes up in the middle of the night and ejects me suddenly as if I were a dead rat — I think she just doesn’t realize what a favor I am doing for her, or she is perhaps in a fog from a bad dream). Sometimes, your person may be so averse to your healing touch that you have to wait until they go to sleep and then creep up onto their body step by slow step. Very stealthily. Persevere. You are doing a great service here.

3. Every day or two bring a mouse or rat into the house, preferably at night, that your person will be sure to find the next morning. This will prove that you are doing what cats are supposed to do: keeping the property rid of such pests. It is best to chase and play with said pest for a while so your person wakes up and notices what you are doing, and then, no matter how much you want to, DON’T eat the whole thing. Always leave a part of the mouse, maybe even two or three pieces, or else you owner may not even know you did this for her. If you’re not allowed outside (horrors) then go through this procedure with a large bug or spider that you can hopefully find in the house somewhere. You will get the same strong reaction, proving that your actions are not only major events but also noteworthy.

Obviously, if there are other cats in the house they can take up some of the slack on these activities, but if you’re an only cat you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and perform them all by yourself.

Good luck!

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“Beam Me Up, Scottie . . . but please keep me safe!”

Heading Out Into Other Dimensions

Heading Out Into Other Dimensions

When you start traveling outside your body, while awake or asleep, you want to be careful. This includes extending your consciousness to communicate with an animal telepathically.  There’s all kinds of stuff floating around on certain planes you may traverse, plus there are other forms of intelligence that can cause a wreck on your journey. Really.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably familiar with and into this kind of thing, but if you don’t believe me about this astral traffic jam, just ask your cat. If you have one I’m sure you have had the experience of observing her while she sits calmly on the side of your bed and watches something moving around in the room that you can’t see. Usually up in the air, as if it flies or floats. Creepy, huh?

So you don’t want to wander around in the ethers without protection. Things can bump into you or stick on you and cause problems later. They can also influence your good intentions and skew your psychic perceptions. Think of it this way:  you wouldn’t go out in a thunderstorm without an umbrella or a raincoat, so don’t go cruising off into outer space without your protective garb.

All you basically have to do to protect yourself is intention it using some form of protective, meditative visualization or prayer (to whatever power you believe in).  You can go online and google for ideas (try “protective meditation” — I just did, and got thousands of results). Use whatever appeals to you and feels right.

Doing the same thing when you go out into crowds — even if you’re just shopping at Walmart (ESPECIALLY if you’re just shopping at Walmart!) — is very beneficial as well, especially if you’re an empathic individual who feels what others around you feel. You don’t want to take on energy from anyone, really, and certainly not from people you don’t know.

If you have ever felt totally drained and exhausted after grocery shopping then you know what I’m talking about. You probably went in feeling great and totally open, so lots of other folks’ energy got all over you and depleted you. Here’s an easy thing to do if that happens:


Hop in the shower, suds up and get clean the way you usually do. Then take a big handful of Epsom salts or sea salt, plop it on top of your head, and stand under the shower for a few minutes while the water pressure sluices the salt all down and around your body. Salt is magnetic and absorptive and is wonderful for clearing unwanted energies.

And next time you see your cat watching invisible beings, try asking her to show you what she is seeing. You might just be surprised!

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